Hail Our New Over Lords EG7 Everyone lets give them Ideas

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ions, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. Ions Journeyman

    Hail new overlords we are your simple minions!!! The players of everquest the following is a list of things that have not been given to us and a list of things we would like to see. Don't forget to remove Kronos *replace them with Cronos* and no you cant transfer over your Kronos to Cronos.

    First necro dot revamp lets just start with that

    Classic-TSS Class Rebalance From charm pets to melee gods in OOW a hard long rework of class balance through the eras this will require a separate thread and a ton of legit good feed back

    Free Trade for loot going forward thats something you can market! This will allow players to play past POP because they will be able to farm items that sell for Cronos . If you dont understand this as a solid fact going in your wrong that is why people enjoy Classic-pop Easy to level easy to gear easy to sell! "its so fun in sitting in guk 100 hours killing frogs just amazing" it was the first time. Also remove level requirements and proc requirements for items levels 1-70 or in general market this game as the ultimate twink game! I member SOD / Frost Bringer proc at level one it was fun and were trying to have fun!

    All Dungeons need to have instances that have respawn able mobs along with names if this zone had raid targets there should be instances of the zone one for farming one for raiding! Do you want new players for your investment? People are not going to understand how EQ works nor will they want to even give it a try I KNOW LETS SIT IN A ZONE WHERE PEOPLE CAN TRAIN YOU AND TAKE YOUR NAMED this does not appeal to the average gamer these days nor the people playing well some! *they forget to play/race on phinny*

    Remove Flagging for raiding zones Classic-pop Minus elemental planes at this point its time consuming and an utter pain an prime example of out dated game mechanics. Flagging in latter expansions is not as bad compared to VP,VT and flagging for elementals.

    Revamp of all Group/raid loot. Simple if you look at items from classic-TSS (and even past that id guess i made it to the level 80 block) We as a playerbase can go through each zone and you give items that need to stay and items that flat out need a rework and retoon. Also adding some new items would be fun and not telling us would add to the excitement of clearing Plane of growth for the 1000th time or TOV or other zones in other expansions also you could add currency as a bonus to raiding to the eras that dont have currency so people can buy raid loot they actually want besides DKP or alt night?

    Finishing quests that have never been finished and give an item for those quests and the item will fit the era of the quest

    Yall got one of those fancy lad art teams because lets be honest the last graphics overhaul we have had was like luclin which was 15ish years ago. We need an injection of art and graphics to revamp everything to make it loot pretty and nice but still have that EQ feel or dont redraw everything and actually use some dope art either way send help.

    PS About that Sleeper Tomb 1.0 AOC so people can farm that stuff when ever and what ever era , Rift Seekers AOC , Something about a shawl being KSed Also give them lemming a PVP server your here for the cash might as well take those 500-1500 Subs

    Love a Very Special Ogre Angered
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  2. Febb Augur

    There. Maybe people will actually read what you posted now that I stripped out all the formatting.
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  3. Bowdeen Lorekeeper

    #1 Request: ignore everything that this child posts.

    Thanks new owners!
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  4. The_Kras_Man New Member

    TY Febb.

    My piece: Give me nimbus of frost on rizlona.

    Thanks EG7
  5. Ions Journeyman

    why? do they want to make money off this product or are you one of those Krono / RMT players that loves his classic-pop for the feelz and the memories ROFL! Everything i stated is what the game needs what game did you or are you playing? Whats your grand idea for getting new players and improving the game??????? How do you get new age gamers and an over all interest in this game??????? I added some feed back? Your gonna be mad if we dont have to flag for some terrible zones? Mad because we can twink toons? mad because we got some new loots quests fixed and over all QOL??? Like damn the gavee us a new art style that sucks i love looking at pixels from 1999????? Legit what is so wrong with it minus the fact your retirement might be in kronos and selling RMT toons?
  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Fv tlp?
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  7. Jbur New Member

    That was terrible and gave me a headache. And that was just the colors and formatting. The ideas presented were almost universally horrible too.

    What they need is content and increased marketing. If even a fraction of the 178 million registered accounts reactivated it'd be huge
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  8. Bowdeen Lorekeeper

    Aight kid, let's go ahead and tear apart your statements here. First of all: I love content that's AFTER PoP, when the game actually gets much better and more involved than just "sit, wait for CH, click" or "attack, kick, hit disc, repeat".

    No, everything you stated is what YOU think the game needs.

    By banning entitled brats who don't want to actually play the game, and just want stuff handed to them. I'm sure that more people would come flocking to the game if individuals like you weren't around. No, I'm not serious about it attracting more people, but it would certainly please the community not having to read more of your ridiculous posts.

    What terrible zones are you referring to here? All of the flags in Planes of Power are required for elemental access, and all have raid content behind them. Simple. And because I know you're going to come back with "well, what about VT and VP???????" That's even easier: VP sucks, don't do the key. VT is worth it, do the key. They're not hard, especially given the million of guides out there.

    You already can twink toons bud. Careful, your level on the spectrum is showing.

    So, you want them to do a complete overhaul of loot from classic through TSS.. In other words, you want them to spend countless hours for a portion of their playerbase, changing stuff that has been around for decades, just so you feel like you don't waste time when you get some crummy item. Got it.

    Yeah.. we can go ahead and keep ignoring your requests.

    P.S. Grammarly has a free browser extension that'll let you autocorrect and not sound like a 4th grade dropout.
  9. Aegir Augur

    EG7 will be adding the following:

    - A baking recipe for Surströmming.

    - From now on, Brewing products such as Beer, Wine and other finished brewing products are only available at Vendors inside a Systembolaget store. You may find these in most major cities across Norrath. Please note, only open from 10am till 6pm, no discounts or special deals!

    - Housing Revamp. All products for housing are no longer sold as placeable objects. Now, all items are sold from EG7 Aeki warehouses individually as a kit, including the items you need for your desired object. Please follow the manual carefully for correct Sub - and Final combines in your Aeki Kit.
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  10. Nolrog Augur

    The amount of work to implement this is staggering. Basically no expansions for the next 2 years to implement that (maybe you finally found the thing that will kill EQ for good).
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  11. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

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  12. Elskidor Augur

    Make an Everquest theme park next to Disney Land and partner with Vince Gilligan for a Breaking Bad spinoff in Kunark.
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  13. FragsTLP New Member

    All those suggestions sound more like you want to play on one of the gimmick emulated servers and not an official Everquest TLP server.
  14. Pikollo Augur

  15. Dailor Augur

  16. Brunlin Augur

    TY so much for that, I skipped his post and scrolled down to see the replies so i can get an idea of what he was saying, but this was a game changer, now I'll read what he actually posted for myself.
  17. Discord Ocean of Tears Conservationist

    Bring back spell focus from classic to luclin or remove melee dmg increase AA autogrants until luclin.
  18. Triconix Augur

    What about it?
    So players cannot get past POP because they cannot sell stuff? Lol, what kind of excuse is that? Maybe they just aren't very goo players? Your next line also seems to agree with me as you state how easy and enjoyable classic-POP were. I guess post POP was just too difficult for TLP folk? Makes these "world record" clearing posting even more amusing now.
    Picks exist for a reason.
    Sooo keep flagging for POP? The entire progression line in POP is required for EPs so which do you want. Flagging or no flagging? Also, if you don't like VP keying, don't do it. The loot is laughably itemized as only about 5 items are worthwhile in the whole zone.
    No, just no.
    They already do this when time allows them to. You don't recall all the previously unfinished Kunark quests now available?
    Finally. Something I agree with.

    PS I made text smaller to avoid this wall of text as much as possible.
  19. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Do you know why it was removed?

    I do


    Players want MOTM removed - or at least that was the overwhelming feedback I saw, in order for the devs to even consider that the focus effects in classic had to go, so too did plenty of melee boosts, even after that MoTM is still required to not have early era raid mobs be totally trivialised by changes to the game over the 21 years it has been running. Some melee boosts stayed because they address the huge disparity in caster vs melee power that existed, if you want more melee nerfs you need to accept more caster nerfs.

    If you want focus effects back you will be keeping MoTM or even getting a beefed up MoTM, easy mode EQ sucks so pick your poison carefully.

    Wanting the caster vs melee disparity to be returned is NOT going to happen.
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  20. Discord Ocean of Tears Conservationist

    I'm well aware. Did you know MOTM was double mitigating spell damage but parses were showing full damage for years? They removed spell focus until luclin before that was corrected. Casters were overcorrected. Additionally, spell focus being removed was advertised as a feature for mangler as a "hard mode server". Do you know why they don't put it back?

    I do.

    Because it was a global change and it takes effort.

    I see from your signatures you play a zerker and box ADPS. Color me shocked!

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