Hail, Norrathians. I'm your new Community Manager!

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  1. Vindicator Journeyman

    We used to have challenges and contests. Any chance those are brought back? Not sure we’ve seen any since Zatozia.
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  2. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    What is it your position actually does?

    In the past we would see very sporadic posts here and on the discord from Community Manager but those surely cannot take up a 40 hour work week.

    In fact I spend less than 3 hours on the forums and can answer tons of questions, resolve problems and sometimes just be a pita.:D
  3. Morðingjar New Member

    Welcome! Good Luck!
  4. Baabayaga New Member

    At first , hello and welcome to our community!

    then i'm maybe tired when i red this but i was like , dangit , some humouristic sense there since i red
    i 'm still getting the lay of hand ...

  5. Happyfeet V91 New Member

    Could you help us get some events back in the mix?
    Last post on the Guide Events page for Mangler was 16+ months ago.
    No events on Mischief that I've seen either. It seems like it would be easy to throw together some RP/mischievous events. These are paying customers, and they would appreciate some extra effort.
    Should probably pay people if no one will do it for free, or incentivize them. Thanks
  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Guides are also players just like you and they volunteer their time to run those events. The guide program has always been made up of volunteers and if you want to see more guide events my suggestion would be to volunteer to help run them on other servers and promote the program to others. If the guide program can get more members it is possible there will be more events on your server.
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  7. Tucoh Augur

    Would be interesting to hear from recently active Guides why they think the program is effectively dead and what it would take to revive it.

    I've literally never heard of a guide event in the last decade and would be curious to know what the limits of their ingame abilities are. If it's constrained to running tipsy gnome races with rewards that range from an Iron Ration to rainbow bunny familiars, no wonder nobody is willing to be a guide.
  8. Accendo Community Manager

    I wish it was that simple! :) Most days, I'm jam-packed with meetings, research, article drafting, relaying community concerns/questions to developers for feedback, answering questions when I can on Discord and on here. 8+ hours goes by quickly most days.
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  9. enchanterkeiby New Member

    Please look at the bug Essence of the Dragon reward as this bug has been confirmed in April but we havent had any fixes yet.
  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Players stepping up to volunteer as guides = what it would take.

    Players who do so are very rare, we only had as many as we did in the past through sheer scale of numbers and the players being far younger back then, at the peak of EQ we had 500,000 players - more than 5x what we have today and todays numbers are likely double what we had at EQ's lowest phase.

    Guide program is fine, it's purely the lack of interest in participating in the program that holds it back and to be honest that does not surprise me, the majority of EQ's population is still of both working and typical parenting age - once a majority of us are sliding into retirement we may see an increase in Guide numbers but I wouldn't hold your breath on seeing any significant increase unless EQ starts attracting a much younger playerbase or increases in retirees still playing.
    The player population right now as a whole hasn't got the time.
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