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  1. Yinla Augur

    At level 105 you get a level 105 HA, at level 110 you get a 110 HA. I'm sure I read something years ago that they were in 5 level intervals, but I'm not sure if anything changed with the recent HA changes.

    Do you get one scaled to your current level or do you get 105 or 110 depending on where you are on the scale? If so where does it change?

    So the real question is hat HA do you get at level 106, 107, 108 & 109?
  2. Leigo Augur

    Heroic adventures scale to the highest level player in zone. Per the latest update.
  3. Riou Augur

    They've always gone to the highest level in the instance, the recent change just has the max level capped to never go above that specific value used
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  4. Leigo Augur

    Ah that's right.. so the DH ha should cap at 100 I believe.. honestly haven't done them since RoS released
  5. svann Augur

    I think you are thinking of the old LDON system.
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  6. Yinla Augur

    Yep I understand that but if everyone is 106 or 107, or 108 or 109 do they scale to each level or is it every 5 levels?

    I'm thinking of trying the Dreadspire mission with a level 106 group, if they get the level 110 version there is no way they could do it, if they get 105 it should be doable.

    I'm just not sure if there is a 106 version,
  7. Zamiam Augur

    I have not done it yet , but i would suspect that if the mission scales to 110 and you have a 106+ in task most likely you will get the 110 scaled version..jmo

    only way to find out for sure is to go and try it .. worse that can happen is you die..
  8. Rowlen Journeyman

    You get a Level 106 Version. It scales to the highest level
  9. Rickate Augur

    HA instances do not scale. The mobs in the HA scale to the highest level player in the zone and most mobs will be 1 to 3 levels higher than that player.

    Anything that is not a mob (as in mobile enemy, daybreak employees may have a different definition of mob) may or may not scale. At Level 75 you can get hit with 30k per tick DoTs, summon 2 helpers with a click that can lay waste to the entire zone and whenever you have to destroy an inanimate object "Destroy the supports holding up the excavation towers 0/12" you pretty much have to plan the mission around going AFK, those are now Level 100 instead of 110 pillars so not quite as terrible but they still have vastly more HP than the mobs in the HA.
  10. Yinla Augur

    Thanks I wasn't sure if they did it every level or every 5 :)
  11. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    By all means, report what you find when you do it pls.
    I personally would expect the "scaling" in 5level increments but it has been far too long for me when i did one where not at least one char was at a 5-level max too.

    The important part to ME is not the mob level so much, but that - and that's the bad thing imo - they use the different "template". At post 105, the difficulty feels way off; much like i had problems "back then" tanking a CotF-HA at, say, level 95 when i had a level 97 in group - only multiplied several times for levels 106+ to borderline or outright impossibility, depending on the expansion the HA is from.
    TBH after finding out about the mission you mentioned with my main, i don't even plan on trying that for my ALTs except by adding them as an afk 6th in a sound group of 5 mains. But that's me, ymmv.
  12. Bigstomp Augur

    It's 5 levels. So 106 gets you the 110 version since it's higher than 105.
  13. Yinla Augur

    That's what I was afraid of.
  14. Gialana Augur

    It's also not true, at least not for the npc level. I've never parsed the mob's hps and dps, though. For simplicity, the character I'm referring to is the highest level character in the HA.

    An even con mob in an HA will always be an even con, no matter the character's level. If the mob is level 92, when the character is level 92, then the mob will be level 93 when the character is level 93. Since the recent HA changes, this is only true until the maximum scaling level of the HA. So an even con at level 100 in CotF will be a dark blue con at level 101.
  15. Prathun Developer

    Gialana is right.

    LDoN Adventures used different zone headers, spawns, encounters, NPCs, and loot tables in order to scale. It required a massive amount of design data to implement as all the data was duplicated across each level bracket.
    The different leveled versions are 5 levels apart, starting at 20 and ending at 65 (hard). Requesting a hard adventure would give you the next bracket above what the group would normally get and the final 65 (hard) was a special case.

    Heroic Adventures use the same NPC files for all levels. A scaling system recalculates their levels, stats, spells, and the rewards so that they are appropriate for the level of the zone. The NPCs will recalculate if the level of the highest level character changes. For example: the highest level character leaving the zone, a higher level character entering the zone, or a character gaining a level. The NPCs can technically scale to any level, though the design side wasn't intended to go below level 65. Also worth noting is that as of a recent update the HAs don't scale any higher than whatever the max level was when the content was introduced.

    It's a simple matter to see the Heroic Adventure system in action. Have someone higher level zone into an in-progress HA instance and note how the levels of the NPCs change.
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  16. Rickate Augur

    Starting at 18 and ending at 63 (hard).
  17. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    No idea where LDoN dis start as i never ran lowbie characters through, but the "high" was (and is) level 65; the "hard" version gave level 68 mobs.
    No idea where you got your level 63 from.

    If at all possible i would try to do all HAs at level 105.
    That seems to be the last level at which "scaling" feels "in line" - especially for TBM and such which are reported to be out of whack even after the "HA retune".
  18. Rickate Augur

    LDoN checks the average level of your group, the brackets are 18-22.9, 23-27.9, 28-32.9....58-62.9, 63-67.9 and 68 and over (initially 68-72.9 but eventually changed). In any bracket except 68 and over you can choose hard and move up one bracket. The lowest level that could do LDoN originally was 13 as there was a 7 level spread and five Level 19s and a Level 12 falls just below an average of 18. LDoN then switched to a 10 level spread which allows a Level 10 to do LDoN if they rest of the group is five Level 20s or 20-20-20-19-19 or 20-20-20-20-18.

    At the top end 68 average was "significant" while EQs level cap was 70 at which point filling out your group even with people in other zones allowed you to either easily farm wins or for the vanity of the Hard leader board by getting your average level below 68 or it was important to maintain an average level of at least 68 because of the desire for challenge, 105 LDoN points per win and/or the the best loot from named either to sell or for tribute.
  19. Yinla Augur

    LDON or HA ?
  20. Prathun Developer

    Yeah, I find it's simpler to think about and describe the zones as starting at 20 and increasing every 5 levels, but the actuality of it is more complicated.
    These are the zone definition names for the different level brackets of mira - Miragul's Menagerie: Silent Gallery.

    Each one of these is its own zone with its own population.

    The 121 in mira_121 is a relic of the old method of setting NPC levels, where the hundreds place indicated the variation and the tens and ones place indicated the NPC's base level. Obviously, we had to come up with a new method once NPCs could be level 100+... and this new method was also nice because we could have even level variations instead of always odd 3/5/7, etc., but now I'm on a tangent.

    So the general population in mira_121 was originally conceived as being level 20-22, but was changed to 17-19 during tuning. And mira_262 was conceived as 60-64, but was changed to 57-61. And mira_264 was conceived as 62-66, but was changed to 63-65. We started a project to create a new top level bracket of LDoNs, but it was never completed. Mira doesn't have any raids, but the LDoNs that do had a _65X suffix, like mirb_651 is the zone def name for Frozen Nightmare.

    Many years ago, all of the LDoN raids were converted over to the DZ system, which has many advantages like being able to swap out members during the raid and the lockout being applied on success instead of on accept.
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