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  1. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I was, i am fairly sure, talking about the Partisan one (whatever it's name is), not the Hero one.
    In the PoHealth Partisan there is that one variant that has you kill some Golem types? (located to the east of ZI, in the middle circle iirc)
    During EoK with WAR+CLR+BST we could actually tank the golems, during TBM golems could be tanked but only barely - we usually didn't choose to but let the Valkyries tank instead. What did keep us alive during TBM in that variant of the task were the summoned Valkyries so if Valkyries were to be "tuned down" as the reply i answered to implied, that might have effects on that step? - that's what i meant, why i posted.

    While your original report might not have been about the mission i was talking about, Prathun's reply seemed more generic so i wanted to point out that nerfing Valkyries in answer for one problem (where you have to fight them) might pose a problem at another (where one might need them as tanks against another type of mobs that might otherwise be fairly unbeatable, if i think back).
    My post was aimed to point out a possible side-effect of a nerf, that's all.
    Sorry if i confused or irritated you.

    I am unaware that the whistle would even work outside the mission you got it in - i do not think it does actually.
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  2. Rickate Augur

    Attempt #1 Defense of Health, got injured overseers and invaders weapons.

    Where do the shinies spawn in Plane of Health? I rarely find any, dropping mission without opening chest to avoid lockout.
  3. Sheex Augur

    That set is really bad. Usually I’d find 1-2 around the outer edge cloudy area, sometimes in the middle of the road but usually near rocks of the outer ring. They’re very hard to see. I had better luck just clearing the instances and getting them from mob kills.
  4. Rickate Augur

    Attempt #2 skirmishers, supplies, skirmishers, drop mission.
    Attempt #3 invaders, loot weapons, commanders, drop mission.
    Attempt #4 got the whistle.

    Cannot click the whistle unless kill Virulent Brutes step is active so I can't imagine it's possible to use the whistle in another mission. At Level 81 the Valkyries don't "help tanking" they "eat Brutes for breakfast". I tried to con the Valkyries but nothing worked to get them on target and could not right click con them either.
  5. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Hasn't got anything to do with Ha scaling but well...
    They spawn behind the rocks, seldom out in the "field" (outermost ring), often in the shrubbery of the middle ring.
    Due to how the zone is built, with the narrow canyons and mountains and much greenery and stones, they can be very hard to find - but they're there; i've completed my collection there and i didn't go to bazaar to buy any.

    I can only really comment on these missions from a level 105 and 110 perspective.
    I've dragged my ALTs through at lower levels, but always done the 105version at least for them.
  6. Boold Print New Member

    to those first couple posts, i have quit, just wondering about that scaling. the reason i know it was level 105 is because i looked it up online and it said it was a level 105 mob, and the fact that it ate the tank in 2 shots and killed everyone else in one. Its not the first time this happened did a HA and the final mob one shot everyone. I'll just stick with my FFXIV, much more fun game and when they realize they messed something up they fix it.
  7. Prathun Developer

    Well it must be true then.

    Last week I queried up every NPC that spawns in HAs and found one spawn in Crypt of Sul HAs that could be 7 levels higher than PCs because it was calling the wrong encounter table. This spawn will be fixed for the June update.

    I followed up on reports that some NPCs were harder than surrounding population and discovered that they were using raid relative values instead of HA relative values. Some were in Plane of Health and one was in the group version of the Anashti Sul raid in Crypt of Sul. We will query for any other HA NPCs that are not using HA relative values. We're looking to fix these for the June update.

    I'm glad to have found these bugs and I appreciate the information that helped to identify them. Note that these bugs had nothing to do with the scaling of HA relative values.

    And one last thing... as of the May update, you can see an NPC's level when you consider them. This is going to be a much more reliable method of getting an NPC's level, especially a level scaling NPC, than looking it up on a website.

    Okay, just one more thing. If you run into an NPC in a HA that you think is bugged / mistuned, make a note of the NPC's name and the zone you're in. Makes it easier, and, well... possible, for us to research the problem.
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  8. Dreadmore Augur

    I try my best not to be rude on here, but to me, sounds like you should put all games on hold and grow up a bit instead of throwing around this passive-aggressive stuff.

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