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  1. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    a) it's not even about soloing if you'd care to take a closer look.
    b) weren't they also meant to be relatively short and doable by suboptimal groups of like 3 or 4 plus mercs?
    I reckon that by now, 5years later (or 4years of other expansion past that one) i should definitely be able to solo anywhere there - especially with current raid gear.

    Pre-patch, CotF missions were only a matter time - if you wanted to chain HAs (even outside of Gribble's), yu went for a guild group of fellow raiders. But you were able to solo or box your way through in the same or less time it took that suboptimal group at release to complete one.
    As it should be.
    Now... it's different, and no longer as (we feel) it should be!

    This is nonsense, forgive me for saying so.
    a) neither has doing CotF in general nor DHs in particular and Gribble's specifically "destroyed EQ"
    b) nor have people mass-quit EQ for doing them.
    I do not doubt that SOME might have, but really... there's a whole lot of other places out there - so if ppl quit, then those are to blame that took them there and KEPT them there instead of showing them some other interesting places as well.
    In fact, DH and especially Gribbles have kept EQ *going* - and saw people returning to there of their own free will - simply for the XP over time.

    a) there was a lot of pickup grouping going on in CotF, in particular DH because it was a conveniently to reach place and rewards were good. This grouping stretched different levels - a kind of grouping you cannot have much else simply because of AEs (EoK giants for example) or mob effects.
    It served a purpose.
    b) people do not need "encouragement" to group, and least of all do they need herding/forcing them into populated zones.
    Those that are interested in a group announce so in general (well, if channels work) - and those interested in taking others in announce it much the same way. Geez.. some even still use the old LfG tool!
    It's my observation that those people that want others to be "encouraged" to group are exactly those noone really cares to reinvite into a group...

    And where is the connection?
    I AM complaining about this change and i AM upset.
    No i haven't been doing HAs for XP (not in the last year and a half anyways, when i had done most of my "catching up" from autogrant) - when i was doing them it WAS for what i listed above:
    Collectibles, Hero's, Hunters - and yes, to help OTHERS with THEIR catching up (but still not "over and over", merely some after-raids runs mostly).
    So you will forgive me when i summarily dismiss the above quote as BS myself!
  2. Pfaffe Journeyman

    The overtuning is rediculous.

    We went to do Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls with a full EoK raid geard group and had no chance whatsoever. The mobs have far too much hp. Crystals need to be mana burned twice to be killed.

    You totally killed the game for casual players and a good part for raiders as well.

    The RoS expansion is a slap in the face for everyone who bought it. It has more bugs than proper program lines. It's totally overtuned.
    The beginner zones have mobs that dots kill a 200khp puller within 2 tics. Divine Aura and Harmshield do not work, Feign Death doesn't work any more as intended.
    Cash loot is poor but on the other hand everything else is vastly expensive.
    New armor is based on previous expansions - I mean who the bloody hell did ever have such a moronic idea on this planet??????? Did that person ever think this through before releasing it??? It also means that whenever anyone wants to start raiding - you always have to raid the previous contents to get a full set of armor or do missions (that can't be done - because they are overtuned) to receive group currency.

    Obviously because some people could still cope with this ridicule you then overtuned the previous expansions.

    You really messed up again, and this time so badly that a lot of people canceled their contract including me.
  3. melemayhem Journeyman

    use a monk puller, and have them use inpent before pulling would solve the pulling issue, i guess another side effect on the retune is for those like questing/progression they can do as they lvl etc rather than leaving tell 110 as there an advantage on doing earlier
  4. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Of course it will be super easy to get groups at those lower levels too so that works!!! Oh wait.....
  5. Pfaffe Journeyman

    And of course the monks are waiting in line to help a group of casual players to gear up. Additionally there remained so many monks on the servers.

    And besides - everything that worked for every expansion so far, has been turned upside down in RoS. Obviously you haven't read my post - Divine Aura and Harmshield don't work against the dots - what makes you think that Earthforce will work then?

    And there is another thing with casual playing. If you are coming back from a break or simply just want to play something else than your main toon (yeah, you can have more chars on the same account - that's what the empty slots are for) you have to do fully progression (except Kor Sha lab Partisan 3 - whoohoo) of a previous expansion.
    You further have to attain a full set of armor tier 2 of a previous expansion.
    You then have to do a full progression of the current expansion - which is impossible now with the overtuning of the missions.
    You then have to attain a full tier 1 group gear (normally it's fine - we have had that before in HoT or VoA etc.) Happy hunting with Overthere raid style mobs.
    Then welcome to candy land - there are always 4 nameds up every 15 mins. The strength of the mobs are pathetic compared to starting zone. Gearing up is no issue any more.

    Well - I think the priorities of the devs are quite questionable - don't you think??
  6. Orcus New Member

    It would be nice if a normal group. it is stupid that a decently group geared tank has to have extra heals to even get close to complete. It is bad enough that you have to have progression completed in EOK to complete progression in ROS. Then to make the HA so dam difficult to complete.
  7. Catarina Kerr New Member

    If someone can box or solo a mission, they still can... the big beef here is the time in relation to the experience. What was once one hour is now two, and HAs don't give crap experience till you finish. Banging on 40 level 109 mobs for two hours to get 2% experience? Not to mention the fact that my butt dies if I pull more than one.... Yes, I would like to raid and be super great. I don't have time right now.
    My time is important to me, as I'm sure DBG's income is important to them. I want to spend an hour doing something I like, when I have time to play. Surely this mess up will be addressed to satisfy the majority, not the elitists.
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  8. Tornicade_IV Augur

    Actually I cant now. The Yellow and red mobs in my 102 instances in the dead hill ( Descending tower for instance) and TBM . are amped up. So not only do they take longer but the mission reds are definitely amped up from before patch.
  9. Aurastrider Augur

    This is under the assumption that the player was current, able and playing during that time period. For me I have done all of COTF on my ranger who was my tank at the time. I usually grouped with actual tanks though to complete most of the more difficult content and 6 boxed when not in a group. Life and in game changes happened and my ability to group with them diminished and I realized early on in TDS my ranger was not going to hold up past BI as a tank so I made a main switch. Since that time I have leveled up 4 new toons as I kept one of my mages from my ranger box crew. I have done more progression, questing and overall exploration in the last 2 years than I have done ever in EQ. I have half of COTF and TDS done. Plus some ROF, VOA and HOT progression completed. All of SOD progression done minus the final raid for the type 3 augs. Most of the anniversary quests and special holiday quests done. Tradeskills on all of my toons to 300 plus maxed trophy. Over 80% done with heros journey. Sk epic. Artisan prize obtained and currently evolving. All shawl 1.0 mats farmed and ready to start once I am done evolving artisan prize.

    Not everyone wants to be locked down doing the same content for months at a time especially if they missed content that "old" content is still "new" for them. From a time vs reward side as a person who has a lot to accomplish it makes more sense to try and do as much progression in zones that have become trivial so I can knock it out faster instead of going to content that I will mostly be underpowered in and go through at a snails pace if at all. I say this with the idea that maybe once I have done enough older progression and obtained enough useful items that some day I might actually be powerful enough to not be a . I am just one example but yeah this pretty much ruins the progression part for me for COTF and above as it will literally take more time to complete than I can possibly devote assuming I can even do it.
  10. eliandra Elder

    stop doing ... dont nerf old content for casual and players who want to do old achievment or hunter or simply some exp after raid ,because you are unable to do some interesting things on new content .... you do this when so much bug in eok (cactus for casual is a pain .... ) soon cotf raid will be easier than DH ha ....
    btw always lag and actually no channel on AB fix this and repair old ha ...
  11. Stageguy Lorekeeper

    Seems to be a lot of talk about casual - so here is my version of casual as it applies to the original post.

    I'm 50, entrepreneur, travel a lot, and rarely have more than 1-2 hours to play at a time. But what I do have is a little expendable cash to buy things that let me enjoy the game more... like Krono. Bought the upgraded version of the expansion, pay for my account a year at a time, and have bought 7 Krono since the expansion which I sell for plat or exchange for gear ($400-ish total spent). It's the only way I could ever even get 1 piece of conflagrant.

    I don't have the opportunity to raid or group, so there is a large chunk of content unavailable. Cannot do LDoN molo. Cannot do missions in any expansion for the same reason (there goes most of Rain of Fear). Now HA's are so difficult they are unavailable. Can I molo them? Yes, some of them. I knocked out Tainted WK II #2 solo with the new scaling but there were no bosses, it took 3.5 hours, died 3 times, but did finish it molo. Could it have been done with any other class than a SK (5400AC, 200k hp) with only conflagrant? Maybe, but I really doubt it. Feign death and AC is the only reason I could do it. Even with Rank II level 110 pet offtanking I cannot take 2 out at a time.

    So now remove all of the HA that have bosses, remove all of the HA that have unsplittable mobs, and all of the mercenary tasks that are HA's with bosses as well. That leaves mercenary tasks which is probably only 15% of the game (but I pay full price for the game). Forget about collectibles, hunter, and many other achievements. In regards to the Mercenary kill tasks, the mobs are at the old levels appropriate to the expansion and I can move through those tasks quickly. But in the same zone (CotF for example), same quest line, same rewards, are the new 110 RoS scaled HA's which is completely unbalanced.

    I have 275 days left on my account and will probably make it through the remaining content available to me during that time. It will be really hard to justify another year of the game. And you multi-boxers that rely on us casuals buying plat with our Krono... those days are numbered. You will be affected, as will DBG, if you have to start dropping accounts because there are no Krono available in game.

    I think casual gamers have a much larger influence in the game than anyone truly understands.
  12. Roxxlyy Augur

    This hasn't fallen off of our radar. We've looked into a handful of options to make further adjustments to HAs, but we haven't quite yet rolled anything out from our end. I know this isn't the definitive answer everyone is looking for, but I wanted to take a moment to mention that it isn't being pushed aside or forgotten by any means, and that nothing has quite been finalized here.
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  13. Gio-Cefalu Augur

    ^^^^ What Stageguy said above.

    I'm a casual who works full time with a wife and kiddos. You know the story. I love this game and much of the content and social interaction it brings, but it's frustrating to have to back fill tons of content I wasn't around for in order to enjoy the current expansion. It's not just about AAs and levels. I had EoK T1 gear across the board because I play the group game, not the raid game, but now I'm having to go back for old T2 gear in EoK before I can progress, and I'm having to do progression of old expansions to handle the new zones. I can't handle RoS dots without doing EoK progression, and you can't even start EoK progression until you've done at least one TDS progression (this never made sense to me).

    But since much of this progression is based on HAs (TDS, TBM, EoK, etc), it means I'm going to spend tons of time dying over and over on HAs that are overtuned. There needs to be a balance so that casuals like myself can complete old content and progression (something I never did for years in this game), or else we'll hit a brick wall and quit. I'm holding out for now with some other things I need to do until the HAs hopefully get re-tuned, but if I get to that point and HAs are still ridiculously difficult for time consuming, I'll spend my time playing something else.
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  14. Fohpo Augur

    As numerous other people have stated, and I stated in another thread, the recent change really should be reverted until they can implement a different approach. I'm not saying that changes can't be made. Leaving it in this broken state while you try to brainstorm other approaches is an awful approach to business.
  15. Derd Augur

    It was broken, reverting it back is not fixing it.
  16. Mordeen Lorekeeper

    It had worked fine for years until Daybroke "fixed" it the last patch.
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  17. Tiggold Augur

    /beat /deadhorse
  18. Mordeen Lorekeeper

    Depends on whether you are adversely affected or not. Group players got slammed. Raiders not so much. It's a pretty important subject if you're on the receiving end of yet another giant nerf!
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  19. Stageguy Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the update! Much appreciated.
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  20. Warpeace Augur

    So was the Cacti mission / raid but that took a month. Bonus was the free suspensions.