H-Wis or H-Sta

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  1. Yukaan the Bear Journeyman

    Agree with Thraine. Mana is not an issue on raids, surviving AEs and ramps are. Full hSTA
  2. Annastasya Augur

    Heroic Wisdom. Mostly.

    Clerics don't die to AEs, unless the AE is enough to one-shot fully geared raiders from the previous expansion. And that is almost always the result of failed emotes, or mishandled mechanics/strategies.

    There are still events that drain or damage your mana. My personal goal is to be able to heal as hard and as frequently as i need to despite mana drain mechanics. Generally i feel if your mana never drops below 90% on a raid, then your heal team is carrying you. Heal harder, cast higher mana cost spells that heal for more, splash more, elixir more, heal disc more. Do all the things that keep heals going even when no-one is taking damage that very second, because that's how modern clericing works. There's no "react to incoming damage" that leads to success here.

    If raid bosses are hitting your clerics, the raid has done something wrong. Same goes for raid Adds. The best geared-and-kitted-out-like-a-paladin-wannabe cleric i've ever known still got one-shot by every raid boss the same as any wizard or bard. We simply don't have the tools to take melee hits of that magnitude. And no, randomly Glyphing with dragon scales doesn't change any of the basic facts. Our job on raids is to heal our butts off, and that is how i've geared my character to best do that job. What else does a cleric even bring to the table?

    That's my take, and i don't claim to know everything, but if i type with confidence about this subject, it's the untold thousands of hours of doing it, and always looking to improve.
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  3. Desanctified New Member

    I stack full HSta but honestly, I've rarely seen stacking either stat make all that drastic of a difference. I stack full HSTA and I have zero mana issues (even when dealing with mana drains). Stacking HSta hasn't saved me from any oh moments when an add decides to eat my lunch either. I think it has helped me avoid/diminish some stun mechanics (Zelnithak AE comes to mind). And it has probably given me more time to get heals off when dealing with a large DoT or AE situation. But, my guess is that if I stacked HWis then I'd be saying the same thing but due to spell shielding. I think this has been reviewed multiple times and the general findings are always that it's about 2% of an impact either way. So naturally that means it's applicability is likely very small as well. You're far better off making sure your clerics prioritize good gearing/focus effects and utility items as well as AA. I've found those things make far more significant impacts on things like healing output and survivability.
  4. Zachton Soulstriker Augur

    I go with 11 wisdom, 7 balanced, and 2 sta. But each to their own.
  5. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    My recent scrub approach for all my active chars, is to make a list of the stats important to that class (H-WIS and H-STA for druids, for example), and then simply add up those stats on items to see if it's "better" than whatever I have equipped. A very balanced approach.

    This would have you miss opportunities where a bit more on one stat or another would put you over a breakpoint for a type2 stat. So be it, I'm not willing to put that much energy into it.

    The only time this isn't that useful of an approach is when you're just getting to armor which has type 5 slots, and you're buying the non-LORE augs from the TBM vendor, en masse. In that case, all the augs have the same weight, so you just have to pick one.
  6. chocster Lorekeeper

    Shaman = HSta all the way.

    1. survivability as a grp healer (think raid AEs before you are Best in Slot)

    2. If DPSing, (yeap we can do that quite well), you are going to run out of mana and utilize Spiritual Channeling and due to the pretty massive cost of DoTTing these days, you will need mana

    3. Magelo...
  7. Brickhaus Augur

    You're a shaman ... not a cleric ... and you didn't even list Canni in your reasons ...

    I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done here.

    It's all not going to matter anyway in an expansion or two when people start hitting 4000+ heroic unless the devs decide to change up the formulas.