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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by rosco, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Arwyn-RoV Augur

    Most of the time guilds don't merge because they have a culture and a history they are proud of and don't want to let that go. Joint or coordinated multi-guild raids are the answer for these folks.

    Nobody is going to force guilds to merge.
  2. Loratex Augur

    You can purchase universal chat service channel slots from market place next patch.
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  3. Kelefane Augur

    Its been a while. In fact, its been since before the first set of server merges happened. The first raiding guild that I ever joined did a lot of joint raids back during Luclin and PoP. I didnt really like it. However, I understood why it was happening. I know its necessary. I guess I would rather just join a guild that is stable and doesnt need to do that. Or have my guild merge with another to create stability.

    When I did join a guild that was finally stable, winning raids felt a lot different to me (in a better way)
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  4. Daislet Augur

    You can see by Rosco's posting history that he has trouble finding groups.

    That is the crux of the matter for him. He made a necro , levelled (solo/molo) to 75, and couldn't go any further. He then started on a ranger.

    It doesn't matter if his guild had 1000 players. They wont be at his level to group with him. People who are his level are likely Alt's of another person and taking the "quick" route.

    My only suggestion to him would be to make 1 or 2 extra Free to Play accounts and use mercs to help. Going from 75 + is a slow process though. It requires a lot of effort and patience. And as Rosco is a WoW player, i doubt that he'd do that.
  5. rosco New Member

    yes to all of it.

    i see a few of you saying your guild has 1700 players, news flash, the servers show about 400 peeps logged on at any given time. maybe a little more during events. you have 1700 names in your guild. thats all, not 1700 active players.

    400 toons would comfortably allow for 4 decent active guilds with enough peeps to find something to do. it will not support 200 or more guilds. no, people should not be forced to join a guild. the players on EQ over the last 14 years have already proven no matter how many hit points they give to even level con yard trash or how hard they hit they can not force or entice players to group. there is very little grouping going on in the game. multi boxing is soloing btw, not grouping.

    the chat channel thing is a no starter. it is too unreliable. it is sad you can download a third party program that works significantly better than the system SOE has had 14 years to atleast make stable, but it is what it is.

    honestly i am just suggesting something to make it a little better for players to find resources to interact with. i find it interesting that the majority of posters are more focused on what is wrong with me as opposed to the merits of the suggestion.

    not really an issue for me anymore. i came back after many years away. loved some of the changes.

    the mercs are awsome, but a well designed game would have no need of them in the first place. a patch that says there is nothing wrong with my grouping game concept, but here is something that is "added contant" we designed for our players. rofl. i am not surrendering but i will accept your insistance on a predominatly soloing playstyle.

    i loved the defiant armor. all players want to do is explore, test their skills, and advance their character. i probably would have done it a little differently though, maybe give the armor out as soloable quests to give them a reason to explore as opposed to sitting in a corner tediously grinding xp. glad to see it reguardless.

    still hate the whole AA thing. take things away that should have been inate increases when you level and sell them off as time sinks in addition to grinding levels. take things away that you should have gotten as spell upgrades and trade it off for the grind. i started a wizard and from level 43 to level 55 there was not an increase in spell damage in the multiple spells i recieved during that time. the increases came in the form of focus abilities in the defiant armor and grinding AA's.

    it is an insult to players. they make you grind the levels but the levels mean nothing without the AA's to advance your character. it just adds grind to the grind. i tried. i leveled to 87, a level that would make me dssireable for groups in HoT, then started grinding AA's. after about six to eight weeks spending more time begging for groups than fighting in them, staring at the same scenery, knowing this was the best place to find a group as sad as it was, i parked the toon and started another. could not stand to log on in that zone one more minute. could not stand spending hours soloing for 5 to 10 AA's knowing i need about 2000 more else where. rememberd why i left years ago.

    i have a job. not going to pay an entertainment company for another one.

    the first 50 to 60 levels are very playable now because of the defiant armor and mercs. 70 and up is still a mess. a tedious lesson in how to not have fun in your free playtime. i got board and started powerleveling with another silver account. i have a 66 druid, 64 wiz, 55 sk, 47 mage that have not killed anything since the tutorial. i can take a toon from 7 to 25 in unrest in about 3 hours. i can take a toon from 25 to 45 in lower guk in about 3 hours. i can go from level 45 to 60 in velks in about 3 hours, 8 hours if i want the necessary AA's.

    starts to slow way down at 70 though. even did a few epics only to find the level 70 plus weapons in the bazaar have better stats, rofl. they still look cool though.

    this sugestion is for the people who are staying. personally, i enjoyed the tour through the past, eq has the best world in the gaming industry, but time to go again. when i would rather make sugesstions here than log in and beg for a group or solo in a zone i have already spent as much time as i like in, its time to go. again.

    gl all. maybe see you in a few more years/.
  6. lagkills Augur

    Dude, /general1 opens when /general reaches 400. EQ is on the rise baby, servers almost peaking, at 451 this very night.
  7. BoomWalker Augur

    PoP - Time raids...were 72 toons...joint raids and open raid scheduling was the normal back then... Good old Fear breaking....and if it goes bad...having to ask OTHER GUILDS to help break into Fear to do a corpses run.

    Two of the most vivid memories of raiding...

    1 - Doing Fear raid and having a bad run at breaking into the zone...having two other guilds come help us recover corpses so we could call it a night.

    2 - Having three guilds join forces to do Time raids...and everyone putting up LFG if they needed a group for the raid. Loot? Did we even get loot back then???
  8. Recnarp Augur

    Best idea ever.
  9. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    There are several highly successful long running 'open' raid groups around, there is no difference in the feeling of achievement of beating raids as part of one on those groups than there is when part of a single guild doing the same thing.
    • I think that Kelefane's experiences with it were like: "Guilds X and Y are raiding guilds progressing separately. Either both guilds reached bottleneck raid Z or were missing 'required' classes for raid W; so they resorted to raiding those raids together in order to be able to progress."
    • I am guessing the experiences of some others are like: "Guilds A thru Z are all family or grouping only guilds with players in them who love their guilds but are interested in raiding (or doing specific raids). So the members from those guilds form raid alliances or open raid groups so that they can do raids without having to leave or destroy the guilds they love. The guild members do all of the raids as part of the raid alliance or group; none of the guilds do the same raids otherwise. All of the raid alliance/group members progress together as a team just as a normal raiding guild would."
  10. Leerah Augur

    Stop joining ooc recruiting guilds. They have a lifespan of a year.
    We have 2121 on our rosters. About 800 will log on in a 6 month period. Recently a dozen people logged in that I thought would never play again. They are thrilled to find their family is still here, waiting for them. During fableds and busy times, there's 50 toons, all doing their own things.
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  11. Leerah Augur

    Fine with me. I saw a guy in /ooc saying that Povar sucked and he was leaving.

    The sense of entitlement that makes these returning players have is disgusting. They seem to think we owe them groups or xp or whatever. It makes me want to shake them like a rag doll! I stayed in EQ while they were all running around trying other games. If I help you, it's because I choose to and not because you're a whiny, spoiled brat.
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  12. Starla Elder

    I agree with Kelefane in that the feeling to me is, in regards that like anything in life not just EQ, if a group friends do something fun together...especially if success required each one of them to make it happen, it can be more amazingly fun than if is just a group of strangers. Maybe because it has a mini bonding affect to it when done with friends. That bond is what can be lost with alliance raiding....however...

    The upside to alliance raiding is

    1. The guild you are in does not die, (guild loss is not a good thing even though it can't be helped sometimes.).

    2. Gives opportunity for folks to meet others and make friends outside of your guild that might have the same game play level and style. Maybe with a little luck it can actually help build a guild up in numbers as well as friendships.

    3. Gives a opportunity for folks who do not get to raid with friends who are not in the guild they are in, a chance to raid with them, which can be pretty cool. For me of course, that only applies to the friends I cannot talk into joining my guild. :D
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  13. Elricvonclief Augur

    All it takes is a dedicated few to keep a raiding alliance/orginization going. There are 3 that I know of on Bristle right now, I'm sure other servers have them as well.
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  14. savrin Augur

    At this point, it is best to just find a good guild. Alliance raiding does not work in EQ. I never had any good experiences with it. Typically, each guild in an alliance has their own agendas and only cares about their own guild until at some point people stop coming to raids in protest. There is always lots of drama in alliance raiding. It is best to just find a guild that is successful and join them.
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  15. Kuniva Lorekeeper

    Not true. I have seen plenty of alliances work out nicely over the years. Just because you have witnessed or been a part of a dysfunctional alliance does not mean there is always drama or it doesn't work.
  16. Crystilla Augur

    Definitely are several servers that have done alliance or open raiding successfully. Tunare, Cazic (multiple open raid forces), Bristlebane (multiple), Erollisi Marr (multiple) just to name a few servers off the top of my head.
  17. Tachyon Augur

    NCG is still raiding on Stromm (10+ family guilds that raid together), and we started that way back in 2004!
  18. Tegila Augur

    not to be mean but this guy is obviously no big loss if his whole goal is to get to level 100 in the time it took him to get to 80, which means he wants to be max level and have nothign else to do but stroll around, in about 48hours playtime. what would be the point of the game after taht?

    have to agree with lee here, the entitlement thing, the i want everyoen to cater to me and to not ever have to do any work or research for myself..taht mentality's gotta go in new ANd old players, including the ones that never left (some)
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  19. Zumbenn New Member

    Is that the limit? I thought it was 200, lol. I was stuck in /general2 the other day...
  20. gcubed Augur

    Let's see. Have SOE force guild merges and disband others, just to please the OP?

    The OP needs to be permanently transferred to Zek. They have to tools to explain to him how many people would be upset by this.

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