Guilds on Ragefire/Lockjaw, and Coirnav?

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  1. nodontcarekkthxbye Augur

    Wondering if anyone knows how many guilds are raiding on these servers. Id like to see past PoP, and I think I have some old characters on Coirnav. Also is there any reason to believe that Mangler will have a population better then Coirnav, and Ragefire/Lockjaw post PoP?
  2. Eldrian Augur

    Well Lockjaw (RIP) has 2 active raiding guilds
    Kings of Agnarr

    Ragefire has 4 real guilds and 1 box army guild
    Cor Tempus
    Dead Halfer Society
    Mercy (box army)

    When/If servers ever come back online Lockjaw/Ragefire will be merged into 1 server so thats 6 active guilds and 1 box army.
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  3. nodontcarekkthxbye Augur

    Great, thanks. Any idea on Coirnav guilds?
  4. Bullwyf Journeyman

    I have recently returned to EQ and Coirnav, which was the last TLP I played. Although I can't say much for all guilds, but my old guild was quite literally abandoned entirely. I think the roster showed 3 people that logged in during 2020. I played around there for the last couple of weeks and was generally the only person in every zone I ventured to. PoK was a ghost town, maybe 20 people present, where most toons were in an "autofollow bunch-up," indicating they were boxed groups. Even the guild lobby only had maybe 10 players tops in it. If there is any raiding going on, I would guess people are only logging in to raid and then leaving. But again, this is only speculation from what I observed.
  5. I'm Not A Robot Lorekeeper

    I was checking into Corinav right before GoD opened and now I've been looking at Mangler with the same plan to try to make a zerker when GoD opens.

    There is easily 5 times the population or more on Mangler right now than there was on Corinav at the same time, it could be more like 10 times. The bazaar is absolutely overflowing with traders on Mangler, on Corinav at the same point in time on the server I literally could barely find anything to buy to twink a new character with.

    I think Mangler is going to have a very healthy population for a long time.
  6. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I'm not sure that's true at all, the Coirnav tracker is currently down but if you search the forums this has been discussed before, pretty sure the number of guilds was 17-14 in Coirmav's favor during pop. Regardless, currently on Coirnav there are 5 guilds raiding into TSS

    Eastern Coalition - raids during the day US time
    The Final Crusade - est raiding
    Exiles of Agnarr - est raiding
    MiM (I'd try to spell it out but probably butcher it) - cst raiding
    Hello Darkness - pst raiding
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  7. The_Faceman New Member

    Ragefire is in SoF, I'm in Cor Tempus (top individual member guild and I think the only one that field 54 individual players for raids) and if you are looking to main a zerker....we have 1 active one currently and could use more. It is a fairly box group heavy server outside raids, but people are friendly and help out a bit. (Mercs in 1.5 months or so)
  8. nodontcarekkthxbye Augur

    If this is the case, what reasons can you guys come up to as why it has that much better of a population then Coirnav. Isnt it close to the same type of server, unlock wise, etc?

    Dont want to start a character, and get him up to level only to have the server die.
  9. nodontcarekkthxbye Augur

    Would probably be looking more into Coirnav since I have some characters on that server at level 60.
    I dont see myself raising a character without mercs from 0 to play on Ragefire, and dont know If I can wait for Seeds for them to be available. Now If I could only find out what characters I have on Coirnav. I cant even remember.
  10. Ebine Augur

    Coirnav is only a few weeks away from TSS. There are a lot of people already capped on level and aaxp. Those people are only logging in for raids.
    On the good note Coirnav goes to live server exp.
    I think we are down to 4 guilds unless MiM is going to be on both Coirnav and the new server.
  11. Mrjon3s Augur

    The reason why Mangler is going strong is the new TLP's haven't been released yet. During Coirnav's PoP era the server Mangler was released. Mangler removed focus's from classic-velious and have an increased exp rate. Check back next week and Mangler will probably lose a bunch of people.
  12. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Coirnav was always DOA -- people won't play on a slower exp server, given an option.

    Mangler should fare better, but will it make it to live with a healthy pop? Probably not. You're looking at years away and the trend is pump-and-dump TLP's.

    Maybe with the merges there is a sign they are taking a look at server health? It could be, but if they let what happened to Fippy be the breaking point, then it's almost for nothing.

    If you wanted to get to Live, you really need to discern how much time you have or want to invest. Perhaps you play a little of the middle on Coirnav to get a taste, and then simply roll onto Miragul or possibly Phinny. Getting through the 70s is going to be hard in its current state for any TLP.
  13. Terranos Elder

    Coirnav's problem was the garbage xp rate, that has probably been rectified by now but the combination of that and the 2 x 20th Anniversary TLPs took a huge chunk out of it.

    I hear a lot more Mangler people talking about staying than I did on Coirnav. Take that with a grain of salt of course, it's purely anecdotal.

    Mangler will take a hit but I predict it will be less than what Coirnav took.
  14. Tweakfour17 Augur

    It has, Coirnav has higher xp rate currently than Mangler does and as mentioned above, when TSS opens on June 3 will have live xp rates. Time will tell how many of the people Coirnav lost to Mangler went because of xp or because they are tlp hoppers. On that note, we dont have specific confirmation of Riz/Ara xp rates yet do we? Everyone assumes it will be equal to mangler but have they 100% confirmed that yet?
  15. Machen New Member

    Coirnav's huge exp penalty compared to Mangler's faster xp meant a lot of people jumped ship from Coirnav to Mangler. Coirnav players were also largely people who hadn't wanted to play much past pop on the previoous TLP's, so not surprising they didn't want to play much past pop again on Coirnav. Mangler hasn't had a new server for people to jump to until now.