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  1. Spiritwarrior Monk - KoSB - Bertox

    Large guilds tend to have more than one neighborhood.
    Would there be any way to make it so it is like some of the PoK Stones and have it so that when exiting the Neighborhood guild hall thru the main door it could give the options of going to <<guild name>> village #?

    This would make travel so much easier to travel to guild neighborhoods when you have more than 1, since you can't have a guild hall in each. (Yes, I know you can just click the stargate in the Hall's current neighborhood to go but this would eliminate that step and travel across the zone or punt from gnome to gate)
  2. Brickhaus Augur

    Conversely, I would not want the extra step/dialogue box that doesn't let me go immediately into the neighborhood where the placeable guild hall is. It would not make it easier for me to travel.

    The question would be, why doesn't a second anchor take care of this for you (assuming the first is in the guild hall)?

    If your guild uses housing to store things, they should have placed all of that housing in the neighborhood with the guild hall for ease of use. Poor planning is not an excuse (IMO) for changing the way things work.
  3. Spiritwarrior Monk - KoSB - Bertox

    That would only work if they added 2 more anchors as my 2 are already used for guild hall and neighborhood but I utilize all of our neighborhoods
  4. Brickhaus Augur

    Then why didn't you ask for a placeable "stargate" inside the guild hall (something already existing for the most part in game)? That would give you what you wanted without changing basic behavior.

    Not necessarily directed at you, but after 20+ years I grow a little fatigued at people who try to change basic functionality of the game based upon only their needs. And with all the newer developers (who pretty clearly have very little time in the game), it gets tiresome when one decides one person's idea is "great" and changes basic behavior without any discussion/feedback or clue on why things worked the way they did before they changed it.

    Finally, more dialogue boxes are not the way to go in the game since they have never made them easier to deal with other than mouse clicking. It's a poor UI decision, even after all these years.
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  5. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Here I was hoping that it was going to be someone asking for them to either allow other guilds to place their guild halls into the guild plots or to put whatever guild hall is planted in all of the guild plots.
  6. Bigstomp Augur

    One thing I'd like to see is the exit doors from the hall, going to the lobby instead of the housing zone. Or at least a dialog giving you the choice of the two.
    Not sure how many times I've clicked the door by mistake and ended up in the housing zone where I did not want to be.
  7. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Go see Tanya at the zone in area of Sunrise Hills and buy Shabby Lobby Door. You can place as many of these as you want in your guild hall. Right click them and select go to lobby.
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  8. Kompacte_of_Test Journeyman

    I could manage if they would give us a third anchor, but that's probably asking too much. First anchor is in GH, 2nd is in village 2. Door to Nowhere in my house in village 1 that goes to house in village 3.