Guild leader mia - no problem!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by CatsPaws, May 13, 2020.

  1. Bigstomp Augur

    Agreed. And with the rules in place, I can't see how it can possibly be bad. The ex-officer who is now leader can just pass it back if the leader returns.

    Any guild leader who says I should be able to take a year of not logging into the game and come back to be leader again... why would anyone want to be in that guild?
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  2. Sokki Augur

    How do you know the previous Leader won't retain his Leader tag? A guild can have more than 1 person set to the Leader rank. I'm thinking the /usurp will just let someone else get a leader tag while the original leader still retains theirs.
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  3. Tatanka Augur

    Especially with F2P now, you don't even have to sub to just log in.
  4. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    There already is a way for that to happen. It's called saying "Hey, I'm back now. Thanks for keeping things going for me. Would it be cool if I took the leader tag back?"
    There does not need to be any automated measure for this; this is a social measure at that point.
    Of course, this assumes that the system does not just add the new leader as a 2nd leader.
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  5. Solliane New Member

    Then if they are away, they need to hand it over and stop being selfish about wanting to be the GL. They don't need the leadership back when they come back, they should have think about it before being deployed or whatever. If they're going MIA and let everyone else in the dark and aren't GL when they return, that's absolutely well deserved no matter the reason for disappearing. They should even be thankfull to still be in a guild if someone else had to take things in charge.
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  6. Sissruukk Augur

    Where do I sign up?
  7. Zilendar New Member

    Any guild leader that is offline for a month should be usurped. That's not "leadership" that's an un-earned title. Don't care what the reason is. Doesn't matter.
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  8. Zilendar New Member

    And what of all the items, tribute, guild bank, the decor? They should just throw up their hands and enthusiastically "start their own guild"?

    You haven't thought this through. all.
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  9. Lannin Elder

    WTB /overthrow command to remove bad guild leaders !

    Triggers a guild vote , 2/3rds req , to remove said bad guild leader. Boy would that change the landscape of EQ raiding !
  10. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    you haven't thought through how housing actually works. the guild leader doesn't own everything that's in the hall / guild bank, or at least doesn't necessarily own it. and if they did lose their leader tag as a result of /usurp (has anyone confirmed that actually happens? or is the usurper just also tagged leader?) they could reclaim anything they DO own from the hall. nothing that they actually own will be lost.

    the only problem I can see is if a guild creator is demoted after being /usurp'd. iirc you can only create 1 guild, so if i'm remembering right then the option to just drop and create a new guild wouldn't be possible.

    logically though, the /usurp'd guy would probably not automatically lose their rank when the new person is promoted.
  11. Peltier Elder

    Its literally like they have toons in CT.. cause headboss would do this every so often..
  12. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Ummm yeah... NO. I can think of a lot of good reasons including medical ones where a leader could be gone a month. Things are never that black and white. :)

    I have been running the guild I created over 20 years ago and I did have a surgery that didn't go so well. Oh I also caught something that gave me a bad fever...that was three weeks though not sure how soon I got back online after the fever broke I was too weak to walk for a while. I did try to go to work the day after the fever broke... almost passing out luckily I wasn't driving.

    May not have been offline a month but it might have been close. So no.. not a month I don't care that you dont care so there! :) But I have played for 20 years with no breaks other then illness and the occasional vacation.

    Its fine to say that if you have good officers it shouldn't be a problem but people can sometimes surprise you. I think one year is fine.. its better then never and it makes it a very sure thing.
  13. Vumad Augur

    The leader would still be the leader. There can be more than 1 leader.

    The command doesn't specify that they new leader can demote or disband the old one. That is speculation.

    There is no reason for the new leader to demote or disband the old leader. They can be indefinitely inactive with a leader tag even after usurp. The benefits of a guild having some ability to function out weighs the negatives of worrying about how a socially dysfunctional guild will treat their 1y absent GL when there's no reason to take an action against them

    Don't confuse the guild leader with the guild owner. The person who created the guild owns it.

    1y is a lot longer than necessary for this command. There is no excuse for a GL to be absent that long without appointing someone to hold the spot.

    Medical issues are not really a good excuse for not logging in for a year, not replying to a text or email for a year, not checking in to whatever for a year. Maybe a coma, but otherwise very few people are going to be hospitalized or etc for such a long time that such would be an issue. Even then, any GL I know would find a way to get an officer promoted. Someone is going to make sure my dog hasn't died of starvation and I can give that person 5 simple steps to promote someone using the computer with my saved log in. Some way some how a committed GL will make sure someone else has the ability to run the guild in their absence.

    I think, if I were a GL having a medical issue, that I would be much more hurt to know that my guild died with me than the guild having the ability to continue on in my absence. It would suck way worse to come back to find your guild decimated than to come back and find that your guild used a tool to keep your guild alive.
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  14. Skinwalker New Member

    Color us all shocked an actual guild leader does not like the idea of stepping down for the betterment of their own creation for any reason.
  15. Ashian Augur

    As someone who led an effective raiding guild and passed leadership on when I quit, I think it is ridiculous to think you “own” your guild. A guild is a collection of players and nothing more. There is no unique intellectual property. Because of the way housing works, all of the housing items are tied to the individual character and can be moved between guilds with relative ease, including pre-saved housing layouts.

    People don’t get unexpectedly deployed and have to immediately pack up their things with no internet connection for a year. If you decide to take a break from EQ for a year, you need to pass along guild leadership if you aren’t going to leave a means for folks to get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can just change the guild permissions to give your officers full in-game privileges to avoid a scenario where the guild is handicap due to your absence.

    Personally, I think a year is too long. Disappearing for a year without a warning and failing to pass along the guild leadership tag is unacceptable. If you don’t want the responsibility of logging into the game once every 12 months then you don’t deserve the guild leadership tag. I don’t care if you’ve held the tag for 20 years.
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  16. Elyssanda Augur

    You know that's not at all what he said. He specifically disagreed with someone saying a guild leader who is MIA a MONTH should be booted, and he gave reasons. Corwhyn DID agree with the year limit that EQ put on the command. As a guild leader of one of the 2 largest family guilds in game, he obviously knows what works for his guild, if he didn't people would leave.
  17. Whulfgar Augur

    Perfectly said .. with logical thinking ..
  18. Triconix Augur

    Did you even read what he said? If a guild leader has to leave for a month with the intention of returning there is no reason why he should be usurped. There are a multitude of reasons why a person would have to leave for a month - professionally, medically, family matters (death of wife, son, daughter, etc), religiously, - that when they return, they should not have their leadership role stripped away from them unknowingly. You elect officers that can carry the weight of a missing guild leader. If they can't then they shouldn't be officers in the first place. A year is a reasonable amount of time. A month is way too short.
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  19. Whulfgar Augur

    So from what I'm readin. The consensus is it has to be a yr of zero communication.. before it's considered acceptable ?

    What if it happens all the time or at the very least multiple times a yr where they are gone for months at a time an zero com?
  20. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I never said stepping down in all situations would be to the betterment of a guild. But you did hit upon a key point "of their own creation". If the guild is large and successful the guild leader put the work into making that happen and shouldn't get booted because they had a car accident or whatever.

    And if its a small unsuccessful guild it is just as easy to start a new one.

    The most telling part of the post I responded to was "no matter what the reason" its just foolishness to say any GL gone for any reason should be usurped. That was just a really dumb thing to say and sounds more like sour grapes from someone who isn't able to create or run a successful guild. *shrugs*

    One year gives a lot of room. For practical purposes it could be six months BUT this is a big step taking over a guild. And yes having run a very successful guild for 20 years I do take it very seriously. So I thin the one year thing is a fair compromise.

    I ensure I have senior officers that can fully function without me if I vanished suddenly (via the rank permissions). I can't imagine being offline for a year though unless I was quitting the game and at that point I would have to make a decision to hand the guild over to someone or add all permissions to the senior officers effectively giving them the same abilities as a leader.

    My GF does has contact info for some folks in my guild so that if I die suddenly she can give them my login info to take care of the guild..

    But hey color us all shocked an actual guild leader thinks of these things.
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