Guild History, what's yours?

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  1. Zantir New Member

    Cool post, was interesting to read and think back through the years.

    For me from Tarew Marr-Drinal:

    Riders of the Storm
    Black Company
  2. Stymie Pendragon

    I played with Defiant Exodus on Emarr back in the day as Treage the cleric;)
  3. Brilhasti Elder

    My memory has never been great so have no dates but..

    Venril Sathir/Antonius Bayle
    Crystal Spirits was my first guild around 2000/2001
    New Dawn Ascended
    Raging Fury

    Virolon the mage, later main changed to Brilhasti, Wizard.
  4. Icecaster417 New Member

    What's up Sand! Kumaddara and I (Gudor) are playing on Oakwynd. Look us up if you are online.
  5. Fooba Augur

    Magister - 1 tanked Vishimtar for serverwide 2nd

    Cestus Dei - TSS serverwide 4th

    Triality - ?

    Realm of Insanity (1/14/13 to present) -
    - 11 of RoI's 14 expansion wins
    - Plane of War - The Brothers Zek 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & only prenerf kills
    - 1 tanked UEE for serverwide 1st & 2nd
  6. Vitopanch Journeyman

    Started on Solusek Ro which merged into Bristlebane. Enjoyed my time in various guilds.
    Chevaliers de la Vengeance, Knights of Nobility, Clan Donald, Heroes of Myth. Left in 2006 for 12 years and came back and joined Bristlebane Alliance, then I joined the Dark Reign which I am presently in.

    Many good times and friends were made.
  7. Flatchy Court Jester

    Been in the same guild sine 2003, In fact its the only guild I have ever been in. Well unless if you count when our guild leader got really drunk and Deleted Ethereal Coven , which forced me and some of the other officers to reform under the name Ring of the Dragon Hearts (Always hated that name but they would not accept Flatulent Coven). We used to do lots and have around 700 members now its dwindled down to less than 10 id say.
  8. Pops Racer Olde Faht

    I started playing in 2000. My first EQ character was (and still is) a member of Ad Infinitvm - originally on Mith Marr, and on Bertox today.

    The fun was on Vallon Zek with:
    Ogres Fer Ogres - the funniest group of fatties that ever roamed Norrath
    Erudite Death Squad - lean, mean and lethal to PCs and NPCs alike.

    I really miss Vallon Zek. If a team PvP server starts up again, I'll be on it in a second.
  9. Mahlhavoc New Member

    22 years ago was born on XEV only one guild, OoD (Order of Draconis). Then after the merger been in Champions of Norrath since with a few breaks of playing in there.

    Really miss some of the old toons I used to play with and the old guilds we used to chase for raids. AV, Harmonium, etc. EQ was really fun back in the day, very different from now.
  10. Fanra

    After The Nameless created space and time, they looked to the future and saw that heroes would arise on Norrath. They created the guild Omani Winter for the best of these and knew that one day the heroes would join it. That day has come and now the greatest heroes of all space and time are members.

    The end.

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  11. Graag Baash New Member

    Started EQ in 1999 on Povar, took a break 2005? - 2022.

    I've only been in a few guilds, and all on the Povar->Xev->...->Xegony line of servers.

    I learned about and started playing EQ via the ancient online community The Well, so we all made <The Well> guild not too long after launch. By today's definitions we were a casual guild, but that wasn't even a classification back then.

    As <The Well> got larger and the more ambituous some moved on to <Grey Council>, but I honestly don't rememebr if I was ever guilded there. I also met a lot of nice folks in the Euro guild <Old Continent> and was a guest SK on a few of their raids.

    Later after Povar split were were on Xev as <NULL>. We had a large programmer/nerd contingent in there, and we had to lobby to keep the name but we were so happy when it was accepted. Played and raided with them through PoP, but many left from burnout when WoW started up.

    Fall 2022 I came back on Xegony(Live) and after some time in the mighty <Novices of Norrath> I recently joined <Forsaken Destiny>.
  12. Cloud the Third Augur

    This talking about a single toon or all toons you have played over the years?
  13. Jondalar Augur

    Legion of the dead.
    Dark Horizon
  14. Leex Pewpewer

    What a great thread and way to remember where we came from.

    Luclin -
    Grey Mist
    Township Rebellion
    Inverse Logic

    Povar -
    Tritonx2 ( =.= )

    Xegony -
    Machin Shin

    Bristlelag -
    Reckless Ascension

    Oh how the years have flown by.
  15. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    I was in Riders of the Storm before I started Lions of the Heart :) We started on TM and server split to Xev.
  16. Drakang Augur

    I starred EQ in 1999 and joined The Tower of Hate (on Terris Thule) an all evil guild back when roll play mattered. The started allowing non evil races to join so I left and joined Bloodhorde another all evil guild. The guild slowly died as people wanted to raid and the lack of certain classes mattered more. We guest raided with The Silent Minority (on Prexus) a European guild because their earlier raid times worked well for me. We finally shut down Bloodhorde and I joined The Silent Minority in 2005. As more non-European members joined, I was made an officer to lead some US time zone raids. In 2008 I got promoted to be one of the three Guild leaders when you could get more than one Guild leader approved. The other Leaders left, and I became the sole guild leader with all three leader tags on my alts. I have been guild leader for the last 15 years as server mergers moved us to The Rathe. The Silent Minority moved up from three expansions behind to be the top raiding guild on the server as other guilds slowly died out and we caught up and started winning raids ahead of other guilds.
  17. Malbro Augur

    Veeshan server: Wayfarers of Veeshan

    Luclin: Heroes, Infinite Elysium, Inverse Logic
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  18. Zebrn Journeyman

    Been playing this game way too long...

    Tarew Marr:

    Clan of Shadows (1999-Velious)
    swodahs fo nalc (hah!)

    Joined this guild because my brother worked with a founding member (Sloppy Human Warrior). My brother came home from college and showed me Everquest and thought it was very cool. Left after multiple guild failures and GL getting banned and re-geared a few times.


    Enrapture (Velious - Dragons of Norrath'ish)

    Enrapture had a falling out with their guild leader and reformed into The Awakened then shortened it to Awakened. The guild folded after failing on Vish due purely to numbers over and over again. Was a good group of folks and have good memories of this guild.

    Pak'Cafan (Depths of Dark hollow - Secrets of Faydwer)

    Guild Leader killed this guild after he took over, really only cared about gearing his bots. There was a mass exodus I think, but I can't remember fully.

    Undivided Faith (Secrets of Faydwer - Current)

    Been in UF for years, will never leave and will see the game die here. Best group of people I've ever played with, we enjoy and have fun while still being relevant in the end game (mid tier).
  19. Shredd Augur

    Started in 1999
    HoSs on Dru Ro
    Crimson Tempest on Drinal . . .miss Headboss, rest in peace Pwedge
    Shadows of Doom on AB raided euro times due to work schedule
    Ring of Valor Bristlebane
    Machin Shin Xegony. . horrid lag on xegony back then
    Crimson Tempest
  20. MiataDriver Augur

    Started in 2000 on Erolissi Marr
    The Appointed
    Sanctuary of Marr
    Ne Cede Malice
    Phoenyx Ascending

    Some of those went through some mergers and name changes while I was in them.