Guild History, what's yours?

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  1. CrazyLarth Augur

    Quellious > Povar Server:
    KOTN - Keeper of the Knight
    ID - Imminent disaster
    Alliance W/R Wraith and Reviviscence
    Alliance W/R/R Wraith, Reviviscence and Radiant
    Final Assault
    Echoes in Eternity
  2. Swordfish01 New Member

    Davien----Wood Elf Ranger---Tunare Server ---- Order of the Eternal Moon
    I also had a high level Bard I enjoyed running around with.
    It was a strong guild. We Led many Dungeon Crawl Raids and Plane Raids.
    Would love to hear from anyone else from those days.
    I left after two years. Went to DAoC.
  3. Narlee Developer

    I've been in a lot of guilds over the years and played on many servers, however here are my top 4 favorites:

    Lanys T'vyl server
    - Inevitable Storm
    - Oryx

    Stormhammer Legends server
    - Leviathan

    Beta server
    - Tacos For Life
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  4. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Brell Serilis:
    Unity of Justice
    The Wandering Path
    Terra Aeternum

    Prophets of the Myst
    Return of the Exiled

    Probably had some others, I've forgotten now. Also was part of several alliances, such as CTA, Fyre, Etc.
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  5. Rorce Augur

    Scarlet Phoenix
    Legend of Marr (will always be my favorite. from the xxx rated guild chat to the super simple DKP system).
    Brotherhood of the Spider

    Silent Redemption (current)
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  6. Insaneox Augur

    Clan Chaos (Early EQ)
    Depraved Indifference (Luclin-PoP)
    Null (PoP-OoW)
    Quiet Solitude (OoW-TSS)

    Ancient Dominion (SoD-VoA t-1)
    Raging Fury (VoA t-1 to CoTF)

    Machin Shin (CoTF-Current)
  7. Gidono Augur

    Tallon Zek:
    The Knights Eternal

    The Combine:
    Ancient Guardians Combined

    Druzzil Ro/Xegony:
    In Via Damnum
    Alliance of Hope

    Cult of Chaos
  8. Rasper Helpdesk Augur

    Lets see what I can remember:
    Eleena the Cleric
    Fusion of Flame - Velious to Luclin
    The Arisen - Off and on for years

    (switched from Eleena to Atlane the Mage)

    Talionis - PoP to DoDH I think
    Clan ta Veran - DoDH to Solteris

    (switched from Atlane to Rasper the Rogue)

    Loyal Rebellion - TSS to VoA

    Circulus Interiorem - GoD to Now
  9. Synfully Delicious New Member

    Started on Tunare in October of 1999, but never joined a guild. Moved to Lanys when it opened and stayed there until 2005. Stopped playing for 14 years to focus on career and family. Came back in July and now make my home on Mangler.

    Lanys T’Vyl
    <Inner Fire>
    <Mithril Web>

  10. Zunnoab Augur

    Eternal Titans 2003-2004:
    I started in very late August 2003. I joined a family guild called Eternal Titans and slowly leveled. LDoN came out a few weeks after I started and was an excellent expansion for new players. The guild leader said to stay low enough for epic dragon raids. It was a silly plan, but I experienced more oldschool content because of it.

    Primordial Chaos 2004:
    In late 2004 I started guest raiding with Primordial Chaos, with my shaman who outleveled my main due to said "stay low enough for dragons" policy. We did Luclin raids trying to key up for Vex Thal, and lower PoP raids and oldschool stuff. We did get keyed for Vex Thal, but after some drama the leadership all quit.

    Acts of War 2004:
    Acts of War was a drama split guild from PC but I joined after PC was 100% finished. It didn't last very long, and the leader was a former member of Haven's Edge and they let us all app at once.

    Haven's Edge 2004+ (I don't consider mergers leaving):
    I joined HE in fall 2004. They were farming PoP and early GoD. When DoN came out I led the lower numbers raids off hours, and in 2006ish became primary raid lead. That lasted until the brick wall that was Underfoot.

    Infinite Elysium 2010+ (merger):
    HE and Final Horizon merged to form Infinite Elysium. I was happy to take secondary raid lead and let FH's raid lead, Lucern, be primary. Eventually I was primary again, though we did expand the raid lead team later down the line.

    Heroes merged with IE in 2015 when we stagnated trying to break into TDS, and I consider that equal with the prior merger even if we kept the name. The flip side of that comes with IL.

    Earlier this year, even with IE probably at its strongest ever, TBL was just too much, and Sathir's Tomb 2+ was an insurmountable brick wall. Our numbers dropped while we increased in power and were treading water. Inverse Logic had foresight to see TBL was so harsh summer numbers were a danger, so they invited us to merge with them.

    Inverse Logic 2019+ (merger):
    We merged with IL. It's neat that IL's primary raid lead was with IE for several years in the past. Their leadership was on the same page, entirely. Our rules were similar, but IL is a much more efficient and structured force than IE and its parent guilds were and delegates work much more, allowing that efficiency. People adapted better than I had admittedly feared to the (much) faster pace. I have never left a functional raid guild, and I don't plan to do so in the near future, especially when things are going as well as they are at present.
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  11. weebly New Member

    Souls of Honor!

    I remember Rinquist. Didn't he do an album of goofy EQ-themed parody songs too?
  12. Beimeith Augur

    Five Rings
    Township Rebellion

    Realm of Insanity
    Machin Shin

    Luclin (on an alt with a different name)
    Five Rings
    Cestus Dei

    TL (I don't remember the actual name)

    Phinigel (with a different name for most of it)
    TL (I don't remember the actual name here either)

    Selo (with a different name)
    TL (Amtrak)

    Silent Redemption - Current
  13. Mokai Journeyman

    A long time ago...

    Stormhammer: Science of War and Defiant Exodus
  14. Laurana Journeyman

    Torvonnilous (merged to Fennin Ro)
    <Silver Flame>
    <House Archon>
    <Eternal Rage>
    <Immortals Rising>
    Inner Circle
    Pink Death Squad

    Fennin Ro (merged to Cazic-Thule)
    <Forge of Lost Souls>

    <Forge of Lost Souls>
  15. Forcallen Augur

    Pretty easy since I've only been in 3 (Reso was the raid guild of Sequel after Scorp decided to retire Sequel from raids).

    2004-2006 - Twilight Chosen
    2006-2012 - Sequel/Resolution
    2012-2019 - Crimson Tempest
  16. Behelit Augur

    Atmosphere '08
    Order of the Anicent Dragon '08
    Dark Bane '08-'10

    Shahrazad '10-13
    Enceladus* '13-16

    Realm of Insanity '13-19
  17. Winnowyl Augur

    Quellious (as Dewshine the paladin - retired at PoP release)
    Damage Incorporated
    Blind Coyotes
    Avenging Heroes
    Hero of Heros
    Avenging Heroes
    Dark Brigade

    Quellious (as Clearbrooke the druid - retired shortly before SoD release)
    Blind Coyotes
    Risen from the Ashes
    Blind Coyotes

    Quellious (as Winnowyl the rogue!)
    Conviction (f'Underfoot)

    Forged in Fire


    very briefly as app in RoI

  18. Bamboompow Augur

    Dang. That's a bunch of guilds for almost everyone that posted. In 20 years I have been in 7 guilds across 3 servers which doesn't seem like that many in comparison. Only one actual server move. The rest were server splits done by SoE.

    Currently unguilded and may very well stay that way.

    Would tell you who they are/were but then I might have to kill you. Lets just say I don't work well with others (100% my fault) but in spite of that, most guilds the tenure lasted years. That is until I remember something about a Sartre quote.

    Guessing for the rest of you it was the usual stuff. Raiding was not meeting expectations, friends quit, key members quit and guild folded etc.
  19. Winnowyl Augur

    Some of mine was exactly that. Blind Coyotes is a guild run by a RL friend of mine. AH and HoH were a weird kind of alliance - I moved up to the big boy club, then it merged with some others, and a lot of us went back to AH. RFTA actually only lasted a few months during PoP. UG was killed by Queen Sendai. F'that raid. Beyond that, yeah, there's guilds folding, etc going on in there, as well as a desire to go back to hardcore raiding - and at the end, a desire to get my together, at the expense of hardcore raiding.
  20. shiftie Augur

    Sol ro can’t remember all of them the only one I partially remember was Destiny (merged to bristlebane and I quit for a while )

    Left and came back made a new paladin on bristlebane on a new account I no longer shared with my college roommate I likely won’t remember all the lesser guilds over the years.

    Knights of sacrifice (what’s up retrojuggalo)
    Lords of prophecy
    Circle of legends
    Veeshans fury
    Ring of valor
    Club fu

    Transferred to xegony when pouty quit
    Realm of insanity

    And very briefly lions of the heart before I joined some friends in my current guild that I am the only one who logs on

    With that said if anyone has room for an old paladin on xegony - eq would be more fun to experience as soloing has caused me to box again.

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