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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by PO'edNorrathian, Oct 23, 2016.

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  1. Epos New Member

    Same here (Descendents on Bertox), shows my character no longer in guild.
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  2. Derd Augur

    Same on Maelin, guild poofed am in hall but unguilded
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  3. Meopal New Member

    when i log in.... i was port to Village and dont have a any more a Guild Tag.....

    Seen my Guild ( township rebellion on luclin ) is Gone ......

  4. Sphynx_CT_SR Elder

    Also happened to Silent Redemption on Cazic. Not everyone but a lot of
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  5. Xikteny Augur

    It's wherever my guild is, probably.
  6. Shimmerleaf Augur

    Whatever they think they were trying to do, they did not run it on Test. DUH!

    They did not post any patch notes or explanation prior to the patch. DUH!

    Please send some of these folks to work for ISIS - they would be extinct in a week.
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  7. Stonescales_povar New Member

    DBG bumbling strikes again no one has a guild. its not just villages or halls people dont have a guild
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  8. -----Cinexa----- Elder

    Povar has guilds missing - mine is Triton =( Exists on beta though!
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  9. Stonescales_povar New Member

  10. Toriann Journeyman

    Yup, I'm also gone from Triton. o_O
  11. 1018_01 Elder

    DING DayBreak had become better at Breaking Things
  12. Findawenye Journeyman

    Some guilds still exist. I'll bet it based on the size (# of toons) in the guild. Anything over XXX toons and the guild no longer exists.
  13. Mediik Augur

    Lunacy Unbound gone from Tunare.
  14. Sphynx_CT_SR Elder

    Alt guild used for storing TS stuff, gone. Very few members in it. Gone as well.
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  15. nantalbus Elder

    eternal sovereign gone on bert
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  16. Nightops Augur

    Several people on luclin are either removed from their guild or the guilds are gone.

    My bard was removed from Keepers of the Elements guild; but the GGH was still there.
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  17. TillasX New Member

    Subject says it all
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  18. Shimmerleaf Augur

    Alt guild on Bertox with one character, survived.
    Alt guild on FV with about 15 members, survived.
    Main guild on Bertox with maybe 50 members, gone.

    I just do not understand why I keep wasting my time on this game. Clearly, I need professional help.
  19. Draego Augur


    NOW !!!

    I could not have called this any better, the moment I saw the message saying they were going to be working on the Guild system............. I knew this would be one of a couple outcomes.

    Not only did this patch start De-guilding characters, my main cannot access his home and his trophies will not activate under the Tribute Benefits window.

    I doubt that based on the different toons I have that are all currently sitting unguilded.... some were in large guilds, others were in small 20-50 character max guilds...... this guild nerf stick definitely did not discriminate based on size of the guild.
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  20. Shaantara Made of Moonlight

    My little guild is gone too. I was the leader and it only has 13 members but gone and so is my guild bank. Nothing has been mailed to me. Like you, Draego, I also had a bad premonition about my guild when I saw they were messing with guilds . I should have cleaned out the guild bank then. :( This would be on Tunare. However, my little guild on Firiona Vie is still intact.
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