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  1. Yarlawion Senior Guide

    Where are the Guides? What are they doing right now? Who is running an event on your server?

    You can keep yourself up to date with Guide Events by checking out the links below. Want to be in the loop 24 hours a day. 7 days a week? Click "Watch Thread" on the right-hand side of the thread, just above the body of the first post. You will receive emails/alerts any time a new post is made to that thread!

    Antonius Bayle
    Cazic Thule
    Erollisi Marr
    Firiona Vie
    The Rathe

    Disclaimer: Please remember that the actors for these events are players just like you who volunteer their time in the Volunteer Event Guide Program and events may be canceled or delayed without notice.

    Learn more about the Guide Program:
    FAQ and Application: https://bit.ly/guideinfo
    Check out event screenshots and more on Facebook
    Follow the Guides on Twitter.
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  2. Iila Augur

    Thanks for the table of contents!
  3. Yarlawion Senior Guide

    We thought that might help on the long run if someone is looking for a specific server.
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  4. Deavirtus Lorekeeper

    Can we please sticky this post please? It would make it easier to find the others if this one doesn't get buried.
    Jexabel of Morden Rasp
  5. Silv Augur

    ^wtb sticky. This will be gone in no time otherwise. I can understand not putting each individual server as a sticky or making a new forum area but this deserves something. Yeah... we can subscribe to a thread (and I did for my server) but a lot of people will find this really helpful - and if they can't find their server to begin with, subscribing is moot.

    Honestly, I think this could even be in News and Announcements.
  6. Zaviere Augur

    +1 for this to get a sticky tag.
  7. Battleaxe Augur

    +100 for the 14 threads added to the forum to get merged with this one so level 1's diving off Wizzy spires don't push down every other post should there be regular Guide Event activities.

    Just sayin' add 14 threads for open pickup raiding started by other players and we could play with who's king of the front page of this forum endlessly without much of interest to hardercore Veterans. Unless of course pushing more contentious threads off the front page was part of the idea.

    Unless GM events are going to be modest in number and sporadic and therefore only a few of those threads get bumped each week.
  8. Silv Augur

    I found the 14 threads saying the same thing about guide events to be much more relevant and of interest than most of the garbage on here, especially when they are full of comments like this. :)

    Why aren't guide events of interest to vets? I mean, I guess the hardcore vets at max level and AA are super interested in the price of XP potions... wouldn't wanna push that to page 2.
  9. Battleaxe Augur

    It's 14 threads about the same topic.

    If the topic is interesting to someone one thread suffices with "Povar GM Event" (for example) in a post title and recent activities appearing in post sequence.

    I can understand that not having a forum for GM Events might require some creativity. But I'm not convinced a tradeskill enthusiast should start a thread for each individual tradeskill here. I'm not questioning moderation, just commenting about multiple threads dealing with the same topic.
  10. Silv Augur


    Edit: I don't want to derail this into another thread on the forum changes. If we're not getting a forum area for guide events then I still think it should have a sticky or easy access area.
  11. Battleaxe Augur

    Me too.

    If the events are infrequent and sporadic then the front page won't be dominated by GM event threads or tradeskills or ... Otherwise a single thread not stickied and bumped as a result of activity (if nothing is happening how is it front page news?) with posts indicating server in their title and chronology by post order would be better. Click watch thread and anytime there's a post about GM Events you'd be alerted! I just don't want to have to roll past 14-15 threads to see recent topics that are more interesting to me.
  12. Deavirtus Lorekeeper

    If they just sticky this one (or the information in it) as a closed thread that would work wonderfully. It gives us a fast link to each servers guide thread. Some of us play on more then one server and I hate email alerts!
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  13. Ryleth Senior Guide

    I know we have mentioned this before, but we really want to make sure players understand that "Guide Events" and "GM" events are two totally different things. Guide Events are voluntarily done by Volunteer Guide members, GM events are sponsored events by Game Masters and require employees of Daybreak.

    The reason I remind of this is because some players have started to make audio triggers in game for the [Guide Event] tag used in general chat to alert them of Guide Events occurring on their servers. "GM" event would be different and not 'ping' the Guide Event tag. Not all Guide Events will be advertised on these threads and some servers do not participate in the allowance of advance advertising on the forums.

    With that being said, the 14 posts will be used as a place to inform the Players of that particular server's Guide Events if the server guides wish to advance advertise their events. There won't be a new thread each time.

    Hope that puts the mind at ease that it'll be a few bumps here and there (probably 8-10 per week would be my best guestimate).
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