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  1. Yarlawion Senior Guide

    Greetings Bristlebane!

    You asked us and because we do listen to what our favorite players would love us to do we will keep you updated with what's happening on Bristlebane in this thread.

    Hint: You can watch this thread and even get email notifications once something is posted here.

    Please be advised that we will not announce every event for several reasons (surprise being one of them *cackles insanely*) and that sometimes circumstances keep us from running an event at the promised time. But of course we will try to announce as many as possible and stick with the times.

    And to make something clear because it apparently is a big misconception: NO, I am not good for punting.

    Despite popular belief there ARE Guides on Bristlebane who drop cookies and milk if held upside down and shaken properly. *whispers innocently*
  2. Yarlawion Senior Guide

    Greetings Bristlebane,

    we may have something special for you tomorrow (March, 14th) around 13 pacific.
    To make this happen we will need quite a few of you to come and assist that one shady creature some of you may remember from events past.

    So be online, come prepared and keep watching for the ingame announcement!

    Disclaimer: As always due to the nature of us Guides being volunteers plans can change without notice - please forgive us if something comes up and we are unable to run that event.
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  3. Silv Augur

    Glad to see you guys post :)
  4. Yarlawion Senior Guide


    I think it might be of interest to quite a few of you that we on Bristlebane usually try to have at least one bigger event per week.
    To give as many of you (and us *cough*) a chance to participate, we usually try to have them start between noon and 1pm pacific on saturday!

    Of course - due to the voluntary nature of the Guide Program we can not guarantee to have something going on every single saturday in the year - but if you want to look more closely for announcements in General and / or as yellow text you should get everywhere on the server.

    And while we are at it ...
    This upcoming sunday (tomorrow, 22nd) you might find something going on around 1pm, too!
  5. Elricvonclief Augur

    Sounds fun, I'd love to come if I was able to log in that early.

    Thank you for doing these!
  6. Bigstomp Augur

    Whee, I can make one! (if I get out of bed in time)
  7. EQgamer23 Elder

    Was there one today? I came on late, and no one seems to have seen a message. would still like to join if there's anything going on.
  8. Fendy Augur

    1 PM is about 1 hour 45 minutes from now.
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  9. EQgamer23 Elder

    pst... good god I'm slow today.

    Thanks Fendy.
  10. Silv Augur

    So, is this being rescheduled? I made sure I was online @ noon and have been since then - no announcement. Now, I'm not complaining because I *do* understand it's voluntary and you [guides] are at no obligation to do the events - I just want to know when the next chance at this may be. I've missed too many chances at ornaments lately! However, it was a bit frustrating to be subscribed to the thread and also checking the FB page and then find out there was an event afterall yesterday with no warning. Since it was kindof a large event I figured there would be an announcement, oh well :confused:

    ps. you can make up for my lameness by giving out Xegony shield or doll ornaments next time :D
  11. SpamFactory Augur

    they had the event at the scheduled time with at least 2 yellow emote annoucements. you must have missed it.
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  12. Silv Augur

    Ugh, seriously? Was it 1 PM pacific? Guess I need to make some audio triggers. None of my guildies who were looking saw it either though.
  13. SpamFactory Augur

    yea 1pm pacific, 4pm eastern. several people showed up
  14. EQgamer23 Elder

    the whole thing lasted about 10 minutes. it was pretty lackluster considering it was announced here.
  15. Yarlawion Senior Guide


    I may mention that whatever we announce here can be anything from small- to large-scale event. Just because it is mentioned in this thread doesn't mean it will go on for an hour or more.
    There are players out there who love to participate in whatever we might have planned - just to do something different every now and then.

    And for some quests (this one today for example) the duration often depends on how players act because it could lead to different outcomes and thus a different amount of time required.

    In this case today we had different options for outcome covered by players leading to different rewards - one including an ornamentation, so if you happened to not get one maybe if you see this quest being run next time try a different approach *grin*. And still - not all possible outcomes have been played - so there would have been options for a longer stay. (Yes - sometimes roleplay can change the direction a quest might take and such change the rewards the one or other way.)

    @Silv: Smaller scale quests often are not announced in yellow text serverwide but only intra-zone and maybe in General chat (some quests aren't announced in such a way at all - so stay curious if you find something "strange" going on). But usually PoK is a good spot to check for announcements because you may get a message there even if something is happening in a different zone.

    And yes - audiotriggers on [Guide Event] help if we announce something in chat (although sometimes - for roleplay purposes - we may skip that tag).

    We still hope it was worth your while.
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  16. Silv Augur

    So, are there certain zones where the announcement won't go off at all? Me and guildies were not doing anything around the time of the event except watching for an announcement, but none of us saw it so I know it wasn't just me going insane or something.

    I'm honestly curious... sometimes there are complaints of low turnout to these events but it seems that could be a result of not announcing it in game efficiently. Is there some reason this policy is in place to limit serverwide announcements (even if it is small scale)? I know a lot of people who don't AFK in POK that would love to participate but they never hear about it till after. :(

    Anyhow, glad some people got to enjoy it. What was the reward today?
  17. Fendy Augur

    I didn't see an announcement. The first I knew the event was starting was a shout about a missing pet dragon.
  18. Yarlawion Senior Guide

    We do have larger- and smaller-scale events. Those smaller scale ones often don't really support an enormous amount of players so that is why they don't get announced serverwide (but we still want to announce some / many / most of them here on the boards if possible and reasonable).
    Usually we do General Chat but then there are quests that have a certain goal and if you happen to have enough players to meet that goal by just going with a /shout or something it would only disappoint others who make it there because of an announcement in chat just to see "all done, sorry".
    That is why we rather hint to folks via the forums that something might happen here. And it somehow adds to the immersion, doesn't it?

    *cough* I am not saying what kind of ornament it was yesterday - but it is quite possible to get it again any time in the future on different quests.

    By the way - we are a bit late but we do have the pictures for the Memory Lande for March, 14th up on Facebook now!


    I wish we had more screenshots of all our events - but you know how it goes ... you are fighting, directing folks, ... and screenshots are the least thing you think about *grin*
    So if you happen to have Screenshots yourself feel free to attach them in comments on FB!
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  19. EQgamer23 Elder

  20. Yarlawion Senior Guide


    Albeit short notice I want to remind you that it is saturday again and the Guide Team on Bristlebane most likely has something going on around 13 pacific again, today.

    Can't disclose what kind to expect - but if things go well you better brush up your old-world knowledge, maps and compass *grin*

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