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  1. Hingabe Augur

    Is there any benefit to setting this other than making mercs wait with the group? I dont play often anymore, but I recall losing out on a lot of xp doing chain pulling on my bard main way back when. Does the puller role increase the distance from group that I can still get so if I'm out pulling the next mob?
  2. Phrovo1 Augur

    no, it's pretty much only for mercs. only thing that's useful outside of mercenaries is Main Assist
  3. Scorrpio Augur

    A tank merc will typically only taunt if set to main tank.
    Merc will not go chasing after a player who is set to puller, but will stay with the rest of group.
    Main assist targeting a mob will show a flashing target ring and >> << around mob name. Also then you can use /assist group command. If multiple mobs incoming, merc will typically assist the MA.
  4. fransisco Augur

    if someone is puller, aren't they also healed less often by the merc?
  5. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Merc Interaction with Group Roles:

    The person assigned Main Tank will get priority healing from a Cleric merc. If everybody is taking damage, the MT gets healed first.
    If a Warrior merc is assigned as Main Tank, they will actively try to build and keep aggro on every mob in the Extended Target Window. They will taunt if not the highest on aggro. If a mob is rooted off and somebody gets highest aggro on that mob due to DoTs or debuffing, the merc assigned Main Tank will sprint to the rooted mob to regain highest aggro.

    Mercs cannot be assigned as Main Assist.
    Mercs usually follow the Main Assist's target ring, but sometimes just do whatever they want. I have seen no pattern for when they think they know better, so I think it's either bad coding or intentionally coded that way.

    When a player is assigned as Puller, mercs ignore the actions of the Puller until they return to "camp." Camp is some loosely defined area around the rest of the group.
    If any player that isn't assigned as the Puller interacts with the mob being pulled (such as an arrow, nuke, or debuff) before it reaches "camp," tank and DPS mercs will spring into action. The Puller still needs to enter camp before the Cleric merc will automatically heal them.

    If Auto Assist is toggled off, mercs will not take any action until Call Assist is used. Mercs will act normally for every mob on Extended Target Window at the time that Call Assist is used. So, if an extra mob adds into the fight, mercs will ignore it and work through the previous mobs unless you hit Call Assist again. This can lead to the Main Assist ring being on a mob and DPS mercs not assisting to kill that target due to the Call Assist targets not being updated. Call Assist can also be used to temporarily allow Cleric mercs to heal Pullers that are not in "camp" range.
    A warning about Auto Assist: mercs remember targets. If you have a delayed memblur, such as Monk's Echo of Deceit, and you use Call Assist while the extra mobs not being pulled are still in the Extended Target Window, mercs will automatically engage those mobs if they ever enter into combat with the group again instead of waiting for you to use Call Assist.
  6. Scorrpio Augur

    Mercs will only help a puller if the player is within certain distance from group. If you have 2 players plus mercs, group "center" is the other player. Not sure how it determines center for larger groups.
  7. MyShadower New Member Adjacent

    You can do "other" things with the extended target window /xtar command (macros) with the use of roles.
  8. Fanra

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  10. Gialana Augur

    I find the group roles handy. I can set master looter without setting the person as the group leader (not necessary, but group leader has been ingrained for several years).
    I set tank and assist on the tank, and puller on the puller. Then when our group puller goes out, I can use extended target so that the tank knows which mob the puller has targeted when multiple are aggroed. The enchanter has extended target set to tank's target to make sure to mezz any adds.

    Are there different ways of accomplishing the same thing? In most cases, yes. But I prefer this.
  11. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    I just wrote up a description from experience, but I have some proficiency writing up technical information. I wrote the raid information on ZAM for half of TBM's events and all of EOK, for example.
  12. DinkumThinku99 Elder

    Does anybody have any information on the 'Mark NPC' group role? None of the write-ups on group roles I've found seem to mention it.

  13. Fanra

    This permits the character chosen to place a "1", "2", or "3" over the heads of the mobs they select.

    This comes in handy for allowing the entire group (or raid if you give someone the Mark NPC raid role using the raid tool) to see which mobs you are referring to.

    Using the EQ button > Actions, you can make mark keys. You can also use the commands "/gmar #" or "/rmar #".
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  14. DinkumThinku99 Elder

    Fanra, thank you very much for the clear explanation of 'Mark-NPC! And thanks as well for one of the most helpful EQ web sites around. :)
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  15. Agrippa Augur

    If you're assigned Main Tank, Main Assist, and Puller and using wizard mercenaries, be prepared to change targets frequently as the wizards don't assist half of the time and blast any random mob in multi pulls.
  16. Scorrpio Augur

    I bit further info. Group leader is the one who can mark using those commands. However, if GL wants to delegate this responsibility, he can assign the mark role to another. Most often role goes to the CC guy to indicate which mob to tackle next.
    Now with main assist, things are easy. Whichever mob MA targets, /assist group will target that mob, even in a pileup.

    Advanced targeting:
    If you right click any slot on extended target window, it brings up a menu of selections. Typically all slots are "auto" but you can assign a specific slot to something else, i.e "Marked NPC 1" by double clicking that line. The icon next to that slot will change accordingly.

    Now lets say you assigned this option to slot 5. If you now use command /xtar 5, you will target a mob in slot 5, which is marked npc 1. Thus, by assigning a slot and creating a hotkey to target it, one can instantly target the right mob in a pileup.
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  17. Grebhiker Lorekeeper

    We had some people in our guild test and they found if you designate someone puller they get exp from kill being further away than other players.
  18. Fanra

    Nice but I still support fixing it so pullers get exp no matter how far away:
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