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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Gatts, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Gatts Journeyman

    I hadn't really done many group missions since the patch that, imo, broke them a few weeks ago until last week. Did some cotf HAs and fell foliage and was rather discouraged by how extensively the changes effect much of the game.

    CoTF HAs were great experience and I thought in a pretty good shape as something rather completely useless unless you wanted some achievements or specifically a whole lot of exping. Gear was useless for anyone current max level unless they were just behind in gear many expansions. Even though the mobs scale with level, they suck for experience, really really bad experience. And now that they are more on par with RoS mobs that give way more experience, the mission mobs still suck for experience. Now HAs overall from an expansion that has been scaling well for awhile as something to help all players, especially those coming back to game recently, are extensively not worth doing. Although they are alright if Clayton Teek has a daily for some of them as some of them still aren't worth doing even with daily bonus, but this is at max 2 a day and random and rather pathetic to be the only reason to do those missions anymore other than achievements. I suggest reducing mob hp or making them same exp as same level mobs in current expansions.

    Can waste enough time going through these missions now with how long it takes to kill the mobs that may as well give them super rare chase loot for the level the mobs are!

    Then you factor in how the difficulty may affect tbm and tds progression, and one might find discouragement to keep playing this game as much. Though I haven't specifically done tbm or tds yet since changes, maybe someone else can weigh in on those or any other missions to mention? The longevity of these changes poorly affect the game imo.

    As far as the changes to fell foliage, with boss going invulnerable right away... lol way to screw up your own missions dbg. You designed something then went hardcore into policing it (poorly and with faulty suspensions to people that may or may not have even done the exploit) til you broke it after designing it slightly broke. Really didn't make the best move here. The mission already rather sucks to even experience as a game, and is much worse if you box. You have our chars being punted all over the zone then our dps can 1 shot itself if it even tries to do that much damage while having that reverse ds on. We can even kill ourselves opening the chest with that debuff on, or at least used to... I stopped doing that right away. Please fix this mission, I suggest no less than 2 adds can be up before invulnerable and a reduction to the punt distance.
  2. Bikk Journeyman

    This will probably do better in the Veteran forums. There are already a few posts regarding this. Most of the people on this page won't have done the missions youre referring to.
  3. Gatts Journeyman

    Good call. Posted on wrong section I suppose, meant to do veteran but came here.

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