Fixed Group experience not being properly distributed?

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Kasmin, May 6, 2024.

  1. Kasmin New Member

    Hi there,

    I`m wondering if anyone else is having issues with regular and AA experience not being evenly distributed among group members on live servers ? (non tlp etc)

    I was sure i read that class xp penalties were no longer in game so i`m confused as to why my level 125 Warrior is pulling 27% AA per kill on light blue mobs and my other level 125 boxes are only gaining 7% AA per kill (on the same mob).

    No fellowship xp sharing is on and no xp potions, LoTD etc are running.

    Am i missing something?
  2. fransisco Augur

    Mercs? They take exp from the person who owns the merc.
    There was also exp bonuses. I think it was for wars and rogues. Did that get removed?
  3. Barton-Vox Fizzlethorpe Rules !!

    all bonuses were removed for race and class
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  4. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    The puller will get about 1.75% more that the rest of the group.

    See this from Riou (who should know:D)

    Back in ~TDS they put an EXP reduction on RoF mobs that increased as you leveled compared to the mobs, this system has been kept up with (or something in its place that works the same), potentially automated in some way based on your level vs the zones level or expansion

    The puller is the first person to aggro the mob

    If you want to know if it is in place in any zone, just look at the pullers exp vs rest of group, the puller should be earning roughly 1.5x more exp then the rest at its full strength of reduction (once you account for no extra bonuses like sub 4k AA, fellowship, exp pots/lesson, etc)
  5. Meeko Developer(Code)

    The concept of a "puller" or first on aggro isn't a factor when determining experience gains to my knowledge. I'd be interested in logs or specific reproduction steps for the supposed puller bonus (or lack of a penalty) to look into the issue further.
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  6. Lilfella Elder

    It's been a long standing feature -bug that you nerf exp on out of era content because some devs got salty that the best EXP gains were mass killing easier mobs. So when you are out of era killing past level, the exp is nerfed. For some reason, the nerf never applied to the first to agro the target.
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  7. Lilfella Elder

    Actually wait nm you're going to nerf it
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  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    The exp nerf should be reveresed. Those leveling alts/personas should not have to kill more to get the same exp as they did in era.

    The devs not wanting us to grind as per the AMA is a load of bull.
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  9. Odobenus New Member

    I'm fairly certain that there is a vigilante dev messing with exp modifiers as they see fit. I leveled a bard to 125, then started a second account with an enchanter. About half way into lvl 113 on my enchanter, my experience gains tanked to about 10% of the value I was getting between 100 and 113 (and even half way into 113). See my post here:

    The issue seemed to occur after a guy who is likely running bots was power-leveling me, and I assume the ghost dev was punishing me because he thought I was one of the guys boxes/bots. It's also worth noting that this guy I was grouped with is a pretty unsavory character with some social development issues and I would not be surprised to find out he has made some enemies. I'm extremely disappointed as I was having fun playing this game with my brother, but we have both lost interest after realizing it would take 10x as much time to level my enchanter. Not to mention customer support "resolving" my ticket after literally doing nothing, not even reading the details I provided where I checked AA and fellowship experience. They just said check those, and close the ticket even thought I said I already did and checked a bunch of other things. They even erroneously said that race/class bonuses are still a factor just to dismiss me further:

    "Race and class also play a part in experience gain, with different classes and races gaining experience at different rates." <- this would almost make sense if I hadn't already done 13 levels on the enchanter at the same rate of the bard and observed the issue happen at a specific point in time.

    funny tidbit, given the above responses/details: my enchanter is the puller and getting a fraction of the exp of all other members of the group (some higher level, some lower level, some with merc, some without, nothing adds up--the enchanter is doomed and I could probably delete/remake and get to 125 before getting there on this bugged char).

    I share this info with you as I fear there is a deeper issue here that may be at play, and sadly there seems to be no resolution because the person responsible is likely the only person who can fix it. About to ask for a refund on the second account as it is seeming more and more like a lost cause with no response from support/dev team.
  10. fransisco Augur

  11. Gialana Augur

    The first character to aggro an npc gets more experience for the kill. However, this only happens when you're in an older expansion zone and you're higher level than the maximum level when that expansion was current.

    I tested this out a few years ago in the Torment of Veeshan version of The Great Divide. When ToV was the newest expansion, the maximum level was 115. I had a level 120 character and a character below level 115 in the same group. I'm pretty sure these were the results when killing the same level npc in the zone and the same generic name, e.g. A Restless Tizmak:

    When the level 120 character was first to aggro the npc, she received more experience than when the sub-115 character was the first to aggro. Regardless of who was first on aggro, the sub-115 character received the same amount of experience.

    One player theory is that characters who have out-leveled a zone (meaning they're higher level than what was possible when the zone was current) receive an experience penalty for killing in the zone. But being first on the aggro list bypasses this penalty. Of course we, as players, have no way of knowing if this is entirely correct.
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  12. Kaelwyse Lorekeeper

    The puller effect is very real.

    I have a bard and a wizard that are always grouped together. The bard always pulls.

    Both received all the AA they could from autogrant before purchasing AAs. However, despite always being together killing the same stuff, the bard has earned 4472 AAs (based on "Total Spent") in the same time the wizard has earned 2940.
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  13. Meeko Developer(Code)

    Anecdotes are great, but these are some of specifics that would be helpful to know in order to research this:
    • What level/class/zone/NPC does the issue occur?
    • What is the percent difference between A and B's experience gains?
    • Does the effect happen to normal experience or just AA?
    • If A and B are grouped, same level, killing NPCs, does the outcome differ if...
      • A aggros first and gets the killshot or A aggros first but B gets the killshot?
      • A invites B to group or B invites A to group?
    • Does having LotD on increase, decrease, or not affect the disparity? What about other experience boosts?
      • The numerous experience bonuses and penalties apply at different spots in the experience equation, so knowing their effect can help pinpoint which part of the equation has an issue.
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  14. TheDohn Augur

    The first person to get aggro gets more xp per kill than the rest of the group. Regardless of damage done or kill shot, both normal and AA. It only happens in non-current expansion zones, when the character is above the level cap for the zone that expansion belongs to.

    I feel like the questions as to specific xp differences are things bettered answered by folks with access to testing tools and environments than customers.
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  15. Nennius Curmudgeon

    This has been posted about numerous times, but here goes again. Go to Lceanium. Have two equal level characters. I usually box a paladin and a rogue and I generally used a healer merc and rogue merc as well. Pull with just one character and watch the huge difference in experience gain between the characters. It really is quite striking. Enough so that we (the players) assumed that it was a design choice. Lesson didn't seem to lessen the difference in experience gain at all. It affects both regular AND AA experience gain.

    I stopped logging years ago but (kids and time allowing) later tonight I will try and get some actual numbers. This sort of thing also happens throughout a number of other zones, but LC is where I spent a good deal of time and I have more experience with that zone.
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  16. Knifen Augur

    Assuming no, but by chance is the puller OOR while the kill shot happens on the one in camp.
  17. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Nope. Both characters helped kill and were there when the uglies died.. There was a thread about this a few years ago. I will try to dig it up.

    Not the one I was looking for but:

    This is what I was looking for. It also reminds me how my memory can be a bit faulty.
  18. Meeko Developer(Code)

    I agree, but will share the reasoning for my questions. My personal workflow for working on bugs is generally:
    1. Try to gain a full understanding the issue which usually involves answering these questions:
      • How should the system work in general and in what way is it not working currently? Under what scenarios does the broken behavior occur? Is it always or only sometimes? If only sometimes, what variables contribute to the difference in working or not? Is it an actual bug or someone (including myself) misunderstanding something?
    2. Review the code that may be at fault based on the information learned in the previous step. There are millions of lines of code that go into EQ. Having some information to go off of exponentially cuts down on the time this step takes.
    3. Identify the cause of the problem.
    4. Come up with a solution to resolve the problem.
    5. Test the scenarios from step 1 to ensure the problem is resolved and nothing else broke in the process.
    6. Submit the code.
    Step 1 is the most important part IMO because it makes all the steps that follow take less time and ensure a better outcome. It's also the only part of the process that the Community can assist with so leveraging that to gather data and edge cases is very useful. Additionally, it cuts down on the amount of time it takes to go through those steps and increases the likelihood that it will get fixed by allowing a ticket to be fit into the schedule among the larger projects being worked on.
  19. Kaelwyse Lorekeeper

    If the "fix" for this is going to be that the puller exp gets nerfed to the same as the rest of the group, I think most of us would prefer that you didn't look into this too deeply.
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  20. Fanra

    What needs to be fixed is that if the puller brings in a mob and the group begins killing the mob, if the puller goes out to get another mob and is too far away when the first mob dies, the puller gets no xp. That needs to be fixed.