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  1. Makalicious New Member

    Can any experienced clerics share their group loadout? I saw the raid cleric thread, but spells like the stun seem very powerful in group game and I'm wondering where changes should be made. Also, are the mitigation/HP increase auras staples across the board?
  2. Cadira Augur

    I like to multibind heals and use them in this order for group content; rem, rem, int, int, int. The ints could be replaced by renewals, might actually be better off but I've put very little thought into group content.

    With how fast paced current content is, especially if you're healing a Merc or group geared tank, I imagine stunning would be out of the question most of the time as you'll be full time healing as is. Although you could make an argument to stun a mob to catch up on healing, unsure. Although I know very little about stuns, I just never found time to play with them much and never found them to be particularly useful.

    Hp aura is still huge, the mitigation aura is pretty useless, especially if you keep shining on the tank (they don't stack and shining is better 99% of the time).

    Hope this helps at least a little.
  3. Tucoh Augur

    Problem with modern cleric stuns is that the AE stun has a long recast/short AE range and the single target one only hits up to level 115

    The live game has evolved to where healing is massive, tank mitigation is massive and healer mana is all but unlimited. Any decent group has a plate tank that you can just dump healing into to keep alive while they dump out AE aggro to keep everyone else from getting hit. If you're in a group with a dumpster tank maybe loading up your single target stun could be useful, but it's just so short and the alternative heal you could cast so strong that it'd be more for fun than anything.

    Personally I have a bunch of healing spells in a multi-bind like Cadira mentions, backed with ward of righteousness, the group heal, shining fortress and DI.

    There's a bunch of cool abilities that clerics can have that largely mitigate/absorb/heal mob damage, but they are so underpowered compared to cleric's direct healing spells I don't use them.
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  4. Makalicious New Member

    Ok that makes sense, I'll just stick with the raid guide for now. I'm actually switching from a shaman as group has a Bst and I feel like cleric "appears" to have much more direct healing firepower.
  5. Annastasya Augur

    My group spell set for Torment of Velious is thus:

    Dissident Blessing
    Sincere Remedy
    Sincere Intervention
    Merciful Intervention
    Merciful Remedy
    Dire Renewal
    Shining Aegis
    Unyielding Censure
    Word of Greater Replenishment
    Sincere Contravention
    Obliterate the Undead
    Unyielding Hammer of Obliteration
    Sermon of Injunction

    i typically group with raid tanks, so i use one multibind to cast the DDs while banging away with the summoned hammer, and manually casting the pet and undead dot on most targets.

    When there is a named or many mobs hitting the tank i use a multibind to cast the first 6 spells, and manual cast group heal and the various AAs and clickies i use. i keep shining aegis on the tank and/or puller or the druid who likes to take aggro.

    if i grouped more with group-geared tanks, i'd probably have a few more heals/mitigation things up and spend less time bonking the mobs. Even pushing everything i can to dps, it's still not a fraction of what any other class can do if they are trying. i might put more damage on a single mob than, say, the shaman pet, but i certainly can't keep it up.

    Cleric healing is way above the level needed for 99% of group content, so oftentimes i feel like im just a mediocre dot spell that tags along with the group and keeps us up when something crazy happens but even that role doesnt matter much if your group includes a shaman, druid, enchanter, bard, shadowknight, berserker, magician, paladin, ranger or necromancer.

    Oddly enough, my usual groups tend to include 4-5 of those classes, so yeah they are carrying me around out of pity. A merc dps would be more useful and their survival rate would barely change.
    Good luck!
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  6. Metanis Augur

    And the merc never takes a break or asks for loot!

    Whenever I start feeling sorry for my class I always think, it could be worse, I could be a Pally!
  7. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Just out curiousity (since this is a group set up), how are you curing Restless Ice? None of those spells with cure components get rid it of it in one cast.

    So, are you casting something twice or counting on another healer to do it?
  8. Cadira Augur

    My go to method is casting a renewal or group heal with cure and then immediately following it up with rc in-between heal casts.
  9. Szilent Augur

    either one of Purify Soul or Group Purify Soul AA will one-shot Restless Ice
  10. Velisaris_MS Augur

    And when they're both on cool down?

    With a 5 and 15 min recast respectively, you're seriously relying on those to take care of RI for a group? I regularly get hit with it when pulling on my SK (and also when someone else pulls) and I've had situations where I've had a tank get it twice off of one mob. I've also had instances where someone doesn't watch their agro, gets the mob's attention, and gets hit with Restless Ice before the tank can grab agro back.

    Having to rely on long recast abilities or casting multiple spells multiple times seems extremely inefficient when a cast of Expurgated Blood nails it in one shot and is refreshed almost immediately.

    But, each to his own I suppose.
  11. Szilent Augur

    no I mostly just heal through it and don't notice, with Syllable in my multibind. But those tools are available if the group is taking a break or I'm gonna afk some
  12. Annastasya Augur

    Honestly i did not even think about restless ice.

    Dire + Word, or Word x 2, or either of those + Radiant Cure, or purify.

    i did mention i group with raiders, so after the first month or so when we were getting used to random dots happening to group members, it kind of just became normal. The shaman or druid might be actively curing it, or some group members have curse clickies? is that a thing? Mostly it happens to the puller, unsure why, but we do like to mock those who die to restless ice. Or maybe that's just me...hmmmm. Although i play a cleric, i am at heart probably a shadowknight. ;)
  13. Karhar Augur

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  14. StiTch.ed Journeyman

    Old school clr pitching in here to say that back in the day, stuns were looked down on b/c it's not our job to go on the offense, but provided your enemies aren't stun resistant I found that stopping them attacking for several seconds is just as good as healing the damage that would have been done. Prevention before cure and all.

    Just returning to EQ and not sure whether that still stands though.
  15. Szilent Augur

    Modern stuns are also heals, and they proc group heals. They're pretty super. Just forum discussions tend to focus on the most challenging content, in which enemies are frequently yellow-/con to a max level party so cleric stuns don't work.
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  16. Metanis Augur

    I've always found that cleric stuns work fine on the mobs where you don't really need to bother. But they don't ever work on the mobs where a decent stun would be nice. That's one of the few bones they throw to the pally's, the ability to stun higher level mobs.
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