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Discussion in 'Priests' started by DamnataAnimus, Aug 12, 2017 at 9:14 AM.

  1. DamnataAnimus Lorekeeper

    Curious if this is happening to all druids or if mine is somehow bugged...

    Basically group spirit of the black/white wolf are lasting a few days rather than 2 minutes as stated by the aa. Possibly also the self only versions too but I havn't checked those myself.

    I couldn't find anything on the forums about it, so making a thread to ask.
  2. Brohg Augur

    That's a bug caused by local clock desync, with the usual culprit being the motherboard's onboard battery dying. You can temporarily fix it by finding a button in settings to set your clock via the internet, but you should replace the battery sooner or later. As helpful as this particular manifestation of the bug is, it'll also play havoc with the cooldown on various other cooldowns & discs.
  3. Jaylin Augur

    Now are you talking about the buff or the illusion part? You mentioned possibly the self version too so it made me think you aren't a druid on the toon questioning it.

    Bard enc and rogue will get days of illusion from it. Now if it's the spell boost itself I have no idea
  4. fransisco Augur

    The illusion and the stat benefit are 2 different buffs. With persistent illusion and some classes, the illusion part (no stat buff) can last a long time
  5. Jaylin Augur

    yes i understand that, i was trying to clarify which portion of the buff the poster meant. Which is why i asked which part of the buff they meant.
  6. DamnataAnimus Lorekeeper

    A few things

    a) My pc is less than a year old so while possible it's unlikely to be the motherboard battery dieing, addEd to which I don't see the other usual symptoms of this eg. Bios/windows date/time resetting.

    b) I'm referring to the buff itself not the illusion which I have blocked on all my characters. I box 6 characters - war,mage,enc,dru,brb and clr (who us played sometimes by my bf) using is boxer and none have buffs/discs lasting several days. Just the druid and just this buff along with self only (I checked today)

    c) my boyfriend who sometimes plays the cleric on a totally different pc, also has it last several days as do the other characters I box, though this could be because it's the druid who casts it not them though I really have no idea to be honest.

    Here are some screenshots of the buff window from myself and bf.

    Mage (from my pc)
    As we can see it's just this buff and not others which are also cast on the same pc.

    Cleric (on bfs pc)

    The second screenshot shows its not a display bug and that it's the same on a totally different pc.

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