Grotesque Alloy Mask

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  1. Johnwick Augur

    Combined total of 24 hours of camping this.
    Was this one of the changes that was effected with the Runnyeye Change?

    From my understanding it was only the Black Alloy Items that were removed due to being out of era.
    If i am incorrect or missing information please inform me.
    I believe i saw the patch notes and it said ALL Black Alloy Items will be removed until in Era.
    Does that include Grotesque Alloy Mask?

    If so, when can we expect to see this?
  2. Catashe Augur

    is it a Alloy? then yes ;) there is another mask that dropped before that, that should be dropping
  3. Johnwick Augur

    Sorry let me Rephrase that..
    I have spent a total of 24 hours camping the following in Runnyeye without luck.
    ]Grotesque Mask & Grotesque Alloy Mask.
    Are they removed from game from being marked as a Black Alloy ?
  4. Catashe Augur

    the Grotesque Mask "should" be in if they removed it it musta been a mistake
  5. Prathun Developer

    The Grotesque Mask only drops from the_Goblin_King, who doesn't spawn anymore and hasn't for a very long time. Restricting Lord Pickclaw to Velious and allowing the_Goblin_King to spawn pre-Velious.

    Edit: Reversal!
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  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

  7. Hirbow Lorekeeper

    @Prathun, what about:
    Blacked Iron Crown
    Black iron Girdle
    Black Iron Medallion (without focus)
    Blackened Iron Bastard Sword ?
  8. Catashe Augur

    the bastard sword must drop from someone... I saw it for sale in the tunnel.. unless someone is posting a fake link
  9. Nekromancy Elder

    I have one of the crappy weapons. Dropped from lord pickclaw.

    I don't see any sporali defender's blades though :-(
  10. Johnwick Augur

    Alright, thank you for acknowledging that it is not in game.

    Question # 2 : Why is it this entire March 15th Patch seems to be half implemented ?
  11. Prathun Developer

    There is no item in the game with the name Blacked Iron Crown, Black Iron Crown, or Blackened Iron Crown. Suspect item #3040 was renamed to Blackened Iron Coif. If it was, this predates our change logs.
    The Blackened Iron Coif drops from a_goblin_warlord and the_Goblin_King, but it doesn't look either of them spawn anymore. Will make it so they spawn pre-Velious. #Battlelord_Paluk and #Lord_Pickclaw will not spawn until Velious. This reverses the decision made earlier in the thread - will update the previous post for clarity.
    There are also a handful of quests that have the Blackened Iron Coif as a potential reward.

    The Black Iron Girdle is on the same Treasure Table as Grotesque Mask, which will drop from the_Goblin_King.

    Black Iron Medallion drops from a_goblin_warlord and the_Goblin_King (see above).

    Blackened Iron Bastard Sword currently drops from #a_Pickclaw_Crusader, but it used to drop from a_dazed_goblin_knight. Will make it so a_dazed_goblin_knight spawns pre-Velious. #a_Pickclaw_Crusader will not spawn until Velious.

    Also, Runnyeye was revamped in an odd way. Many new spawns were created, many old spawns were disabled, but a smattering of old spawns were reused in the conversion but with different encounter tables. This makes it tricky to devamp for Progression. When I have more time, I can have a closer look at this. To do it properly will take a few days.
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  12. Stylez New Member

  13. Risiko Augur

    Ok, so the cliff notes version is as follows.

    The Goblin King
    • Was not spawning
    • Will spawn from Classic and up
    • Drops: Grotesque Mask, Blackened Iron Coif, Black Iron Girdle, Blackend Iron Medallion
    A dazed goblin knight
    • Was not spawning
    • Will spawn from Classic and up
    • Drops: Blackend Iron Bastard Sword
    A pickclaw crusader
    • Will spawn after Velious opens
    • Drops: Blackened Iron Bastard Sword
    Battlelord Paluk
    • Will spawn after Velious opens
    Lord Pickclaw
    • Will spawn after Velious opens
    A goblin warlord
    • Was not spawning
    • Will spawn from Classic and up
    • Drops: Blackened Iron Coif, Black Iron Medallion
    Does this look correct Prathun?
  14. Prathun Developer

    Yep! That looks correct.
    Tentatively, the update note for these changes is...

    - Reverted several spawns in Runnyeye to restore classic drops and population.
    - - The Goblin King, a dazed goblin knight, and a goblin warlord will spawn until Velious has unlocked.
    - - Lord Pickclaw, a pickclaw crusader, and Battlelord Paluk will spawn once Velious has unlocked.
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  15. Bobbybick Augur

    Now all we need is Borxx so we can complete staff of the observers and the classic experience will be complete!
  16. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

  17. Barton Augur

    :gives Prathun all his likes
  18. Prathun Developer

    I've restored the Borxx spawn in both pre- and post- revamped versions of Runnyeye. However, I've changed the method that he spawns a bit. Previously, an_evil_eye / Borxx would spawn every 40 seconds in a single location and it had a very small chance to be Borxx. The spawn now has multiple potential locs and spawns less frequently but has a higher chance to be Borxx.
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  19. TakeMeSeriously Journeyman

    Dear Prathun,
    Please fix Robe of the Spring, I need it so bad.

    Happyfeet (phinigel)
  20. Prathun Developer

    I've taken a stab at de-vamping the population of Runnyeye on Progression Servers until the launch of Velious. This was not a simple task, for the quoted reasons and because the revamp changes predate our changelogs. Thankfully, the NPCs, encounters, and spawns are in different ranges so it's mostly obvious which belong to the old zone and which are part of the new. For the handful of spawns that were in the old range and still in the new zone, some were kept in both and some are now pre-revamp only. Please have a look at the zone on Test soon(tm) and let us know if anything is awry.
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