Gratz RoI

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Scornfire, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. dubblestack Elder

    Ah cool thanks
  2. Eyezing Lorekeeper

    Congrats RoI. Y'all earned it! See you next year
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  3. Forcallen Augur

    Congrats folks! Crimson Tempest is recruiting if any of you are sick of being lead by a Free to Play bard!
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  4. Jennre Band Leader

    LOL. I cant believe he did that run while silver.
  5. RPoo Augur

    Whatever it takes!
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  6. Marike Elder

    I had the pleasure of watching RA's stream last night - nice job guys on a fairly clean Velks run. Never really considered y'all a contender in the serverwide race, but look forward to watching y'all next expansion.
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  7. Angahran Augur

    Interesting that these high end guilds get in and complete the T3 raids and immediately they are done all the servers go down.
  8. Squrriel Journeyman

    The Recipe text for the final earring is " Acquire a heart shard of the statue of Rallos Zek. With this, enhance your blooded righteous earring of Rallos Zek by merging the heart shard of the statue into the earring with an appropriate emblem then douse it with two vials of purified mana and cool it with two ice of velious."
  9. Pano Augur

    Seems like you weren't. Timestamps eastern time.


    For anyone wondering, server crashed rolled back my Velk achievement.

    Now time to post them timestamps on EGL.
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  10. Bartleby Journeyman

    Gratz ROI, You are some hard MF'rs to catch!
    See you next year!
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  11. RandomScrub69 New Member

    lol, but....
    Please do not judge the actions of 1 or 2 for the entire guild.
  12. Marike Elder

    How about when it's the guild's leader and/or officers? :confused:
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  13. Bartleby Journeyman

    Don't you constantly claim to "Overcome adversity"?
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  14. Bahdah Augur

    We need a playback commentator..
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  15. Jennre Band Leader

    Edit: I read it wrong. You were doing a compare.
  16. Cadira Augur

    Guild leader still = 1 person. He speaks for himself in most of these situations.

    Literally not a single other person I know of in Ms that is choking up our placing in the race this year to a rigged or unfair playing field. And I think that one person, deep down, knows it too. I just think the servers not being up and going like a roller coaster was bs, for the simple fact that it was bs and made the entire day less enjoyable for everyone.

    It is funny how all those claiming victory in the race were saying the race was a joke and didn't mean anything a couple months ago...

    Y'all in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th will never have that sweet sweet pre nerf mearatas win like Ms, roi and Valhalla though so remember that as you parade in our lower placing of these easy mode tov raids ;)
  17. Foanddi Apprentice

    Didn't you guys wipe to AoW which is why you guys didn't place in these easy mode ToV raids?
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  18. RandomScrub69 New Member

    Does not matter if it is the GL and/or officers. They may have their opinions/statements to make, but it does not speak for everyone. Feel free to make your opinion of them based on how they choose to show their a. s. s. to the community, but please don't use that against the rest.
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  19. ShadowMan Augur

    Don't want to take away from this thread and I do agree in general with this. However this has been going on for years, more than just voicing opinions, in one form or another so at some point you all become complicit to a degree. This year you all took part in bypassing lock outs for double loot. There is nothing you can say that will convince me at least that this was only 1 or 2 peoples choice. Everyone knew it was wrong and yet like half your guild was here claiming innocence or not knowing better.

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  20. Robnie Augur

    I have a lot of opinions and statements to make too.

    As the guild leader of RA I don't show my epeen on the boards and make my guild look bad though.
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