Grats RoI on Finishing EoK 1st

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fooba, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Ebonylight-Xegony Elder

    I dont understand watching Twitch streams. Why watch someone play a video game when you can play it yourself? We have some people who watch a lot of guilds stream. /boggle.
  2. Piemastaj Augur

    Pretty much making your guild and yourself look dumb at this point. Considering multiple have told you that even ROI had to flag up the good old fashioned way during Betas.

    Yeap, ROI wiped to a raid that spawned all caster adds who AEd us to death. OMGzor RNG has never played a role in any type event in EQ ever! Pretty sure we run with 1 of the lightest healing rosters among the top 10, and it does bite us in the *** some times. But, we cleaned up and killed it the next run shocking I know.

    Not to mention, what Atvar said was true. Fairly certain even with our T3 raid day, we have spent less time raiding EoK then any other guild while also being done with the expansion. Not sure how you assumed he was throwing shade, it pretty much plays out that way every expansion.
  3. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Great job - as always.
  4. Maedhros Augur

    Noone has a problem with this. The guilds that do not raid with devs should be thankful, as I am myself, for the efforts some of the handful of guilds that get to raid with the GMs put in that help make the raid game more enjoyable for everyone.
    Just do not say that it isnt a massive advantage for those guilds to get free flags along the way and see the events.

    It is a giant cycle.
    Guilds get good and the devs notice and invite them to BETA test.
    Partially because of this advanced event knowledge, coupled with the overall skill of the guild in the first place, these guilds are able to stay at the top of the rankings.
    Because of their place on the rankings, many talented new recruits are drawn to these guilds, filling the holes left by those who have left the guild or quit.
    These guilds are able to maintain a strong roster of talented players and thus continue their success.
    Because they continue to be good, the devs invite them to BETA test and the cycle repeats.
  5. Maedhros Augur

    Heres the twitch feed of us beating the event in 13:45 while starting with Warcasters, having Warcasters repop at 80% and then a 3rd spawn of Warcasters around 50% with 2 clerics in raid.

    Also, let it be known that having the name "PiemastaJ" makes you look much more stupid than anything Ive said. You must also think ROI is the Chicago Cubs and everyone else is a beer league team.

    To the rest of the friends and people I respect in ROI, I am not trying to devalue any of your guilds success. I have alot of admiration and am impressed by alot of the things you all do.
    I'm just calling a duck a duck. BETA testing with devs and bypassing flagging in this most recent expansion is a massive advantage.
  6. Sancus Augur

    Exactly - we weren't granted flags by devs.

    He tells you you're embarrassing your guild with your comments and your retort is to insult his name? Think that's probably more embarrassing than anything else I've seen in this thread.

    The point people in RoI are trying to make is that we got the advantage of convenience. It is covenient that we got dev flagged in EoK - one of the eight expansions RoI has beat first. It saved us time because we didn't have to flag. However, had we not been dev flagged, we would have gotten the flags ourselves just like we have in past expansions. Having to clear lockouts and run raids over and over again sucks, and I agree with you that there could be a better system. But had we not been flagged we still would have seen all of the events in beta.
  7. Piemastaj Augur

    Yep, we played poorly which no other guild has ever done in the history of EQ. How DARE us not be on our A game for this raid. For shame, Qulas should deguild us all and get better players. Lets get real here, a single wipe that was 1 shot by us on opening day is unacceptable we should just uninstall at this point.

    Yeah, the GM who changed my name years ago w/o my knowledge should pay a hefty price for this. I suppose your char name is a magical creation and it is something of legends. Or maybe just a name.

    I think it is funny you have had to say I think 3 times now, that your not throwing shade, BUT..... If you have actually say your not smack talking a guild, then you are really talking smack about that guild. You are just trying to make yourself look better, which is blatantly obvious. It's fine, it does happen every year I guess it is just RoTE's turn to do so.

    As to my name again, I would challenge you to find a more prominent name for their class currently playing right now.
  8. Act of Valor Augur

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  9. Rafather Augur

    If we are thinking the same twitch stream a couple weeks ago, I remember you guys wiping and then the next attempt just hoping to make it to golem phase on vault. This after what seemed like a 20 minute afk/recovery that I just turned the stream off.
    Also, you say we wiped to queen? That was the first and only time so far this expansion launch that we didn't one shot her and get our key clicks. Care to enlighten us how many attempts your guild has taken on her?
  10. Rafather Augur

    That queen raid is so boring it took me 10 minutes just to remember what event in this expansion is the queen.
  11. Sancus Augur

    My favorite part:

    25:45 ish Meadhros says "that's the first time we've ever won it on the first try" in voice chat. That was streamed yesterday... Pretty funny that he brings up us wiping once...
  12. Bahdah Augur

    I mean, the Queen event is the "**** blocker" of all EoK raids. amirite?
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  13. Atvar Augur

    The sad thing is, the last 3 events will probably be nerfed before Return of the Exiled ever sees them. They'll continue to think that RoI, CT, and the few other guilds at the lead of the pack are just fibbing about how hard the events really are.
  14. Seldom Augur

    While I don't agree with the example of RoI being the Cubs and everyone else a beer league team, they are FAR ahead of the competition. Similar to UConn's female basketball team, you just kind of expect their win streak to continue. When seriously challenging events like original PoWar raid were in game the other top guilds just deemed it unbeatable until nerf. You don't need to be #1 guild in game to attract and keep good talent by the way. Even just being the best on your server goes a long way.
  15. Marike Master

    Since the beta server and its forums are now open to anyone who pre-orders, everyone has the opportunity to see what's available and read about the problems and how they're addressed (if they're addressed). It's not just sad anymore, but it's forcing guilds to take responsibility for their ranking, which isn't obviously easy for some.

    It's really a combination of putting in the effort, and being smart about when, where and how you focus your time. Yes, it was convenient that RoI was granted flags (definitely not a "massive advantage"), but to try to infer that they wouldn't have done it themselves is an argument one cannot win.

    But, if you don't want to waste any of your guild's time in buggy beta, just get an RoI member to join your guild, right?
  16. Sindaiann Augur

    This is somehow funny after all the crap he says in these forums? Lol
  17. Bahdah Augur

    Im looking for that side guild. I get bored on downtime.
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  18. Rafather Augur

    I was going to say how crazy you are for wanting to start over on another toon, but you already have like 20 and can just move one fully geared toon over.
  19. Maedhros Augur

    I referenced the Queen raid to demonstrate that people can die on events they have won in response to the comment that it took us 20+ wins in T1 to flag up for T2 because we must suck. Thats counting the 6 or 7 wins that zero flags appeared on our cursors, and then the weeks after that when we beat an event if anyone was dead then they were not receiving the flag after rez.
    I mean, noone in ROI ever died to emote fails on Droga I guess.
    The BETA VIP flags are alot more than a convenience if the guilds that did not receive the VIP treatment couldnt even earn flags for the first week.
    Sure my guild was able to flag up to T2 the hard way, I have no doubt that ROI would have been able to flag up and do T3 in BETA without the GMs help. So put your money where your mouth is next year, refuse the free flags!
    The only raids we beat on the first try live were Droga with 35 people at midnight opening day and Prince with probably 32 our first night in T2. Its alot harder to beat the events on the first try when you didnt get a free pass to them in BETA.
    I have never claimed we havent wiped, simply that ROI is not infallible, just like everyone else.
  20. Piemastaj Augur

    If you haven't been reading, did that already for TDS. Still won, and no one saw the last raid.

    We need to measure our epeens too much to not take free flags, pretty sure you would not do that either. And, I would imagine if you did that you would lose guild members for sure merely because you chose to not give people the chance to learn new things with a developer. So, chastising people for something we both know you would not do is comical at best.

    Not to mention, the raids would be probably unwinnable or be so easy you could zone in 15 people and win. The developers are fairly out of touch with the game if you have not noticed.

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