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  1. Maedhros High King

    This gets brought up a lot by you guys, that you only raid 3 days a week like its some kind of crutch or something. Most of the other top 10 guilds raid every 5th day, but thats it. Yea some weeks we will raid 3 days but usually its 1 or 2 during progression. If you guys truly raid every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, then you are raiding more than nearly all the other top guilds.
    Your schedule is your schedule and it has nothing to do you being in the conversation or not.
    I would suggest it has more to do with only being a 5 year old guild. ROTE experiences the same thing as my guild is only 4 years old. When you are compared to guilds that are 10 to 20 years old, that prestige goes a long way within the conversation.
    You've been a top guild in my eyes for the entire time and RA is definitely one of the best examples that it is still possible to create a highly competitive guild in this stage of the games life.
    I think you have proven that your schedule is not a relevant factor one way or the other and congrats on the big win.
  2. Livvy_CT Elder

    Well done guys, enjoy the victory!
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  3. Proximoe Lorekeeper

    3 day raiding schedule definitely plays into keying these days and other things. So the fact that we got into t3 late on a 3 day schedule and weeks behind other people and completed it sooner says a lot to me. No crutch just less time to enjoy what is Mearatas.
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  4. Livvy_CT Elder

    You guys played it smart imo, night after night in it’s pre nerf state on that raid just burns people out, by the time it got tuned to a manageable level, lots had just stopped logging in, moved guilds out of frustration etc etc
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  5. Tanols Augur

    Proper statement is RA does not raid lock outs ... we have a strict 3 day schedule that we don't change for any reason. This puts us weeks behind guilds that do raid lock outs for flagging. That is a handicap of sorts with current system of guild rankings.

    For a variety of reasons, in all honesty, I think that event took us far too long to master. We had a lot of wrinkles and personnel issues to resolve, and only devoted a few hours a week to nailing it down. That we adapted, made the changes that needed to be made, and rode out the storm says a lot for the people and the leadership that make up our guild. This win, after so many that have ranked above us in years past gave up or otherwise said it could not be beat ... Definitely goes down into my top 5 EQ experiences.
    Any win vs that raid is an accomplishment whether it is the first or the 10th, it is just that unforgiving of an event. Hoping to see more guilds do so ......
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    Amen to that, brother!
  7. Xeladom Augur

    Grats RA!
  8. CrazyLarth Augur

  9. Voxynn Elder

    Grats reckless !!

    Now after having beat it. Do you guys think it should be nerfed or do you guys think it's fine as is ?
  10. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Congrats! We should be joining you soon!
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    Grats RA!

    Now... Wow, I read this, and I was like what is this dude's problem?

    Then I saw. Sorry dude... I like IPA too, but no need to spill your bitter on the forum.

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  12. Aldren Not Black

    Congrats! :)
  13. Maedhros High King

    Your perception needs adjusting. Allow me to explain.
    RA has been a top 10 guild since TDS. I congratulated them on the Mearatas kill, twice. I noted that they were a a great example of a guild that is only a few years old being able to achieve great success.
    Maybe you have not seen it mentioned as many times as I have, but it gets brought up quite often that "despite us not raiding every 5th day lockouts because of our set schedule" like its some kind of handicap.
    So for those of you that don't do maths, here goes.
    If RA raids Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for one week, what happens during the next? The raids that they took out on Sunday, won't be available til Friday, but the raids they do Tuesday are available Sunday, that's 5 days. The raids they do Thursday are available again Tuesday, that's 5 days.
    So unless my math is off, they do in fact raid 5th day lock outs, 2/3rds of the time.

    Either way, congrats again, we are long passed the point that lockouts mattered whatsoever on this expansion.
  14. dropzone132 New Member

    There I fixed it for you... You wrote it as a past tense. Like they are not around or you have chance to accomplish more. Maybe next expansion.....
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  16. Zvenn Just an old monk

  17. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

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  19. Maedhros High King

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    I know Pheerie, and he certainly made me laugh, and that's what I am here for, The lulz.

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