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  1. Tanols Augur

    Probably is one of the most gratifying wins in recent EQ history for me .... grats to all in Fu for earning it.
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  2. Xeladom Augur

  3. Bigstomp Augur

    I see Duder liking a lot of posts in this thread. Next up, Casuals!
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  5. Littlelegs Elder

  6. Zvenn Scholar

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  7. Eyashusa Apprentice

    Thanks for all the kind words folks! The reason I am still playing and this game has survived, is our community!

    A couple quick things for the guilds still looking to beat this raid.

    If you have made it to the point you can request this raid, you most likely have everything needed to get the win.

    Do not worry about the event timer, your initial goal needs to be seeing the 25% transition as much as possible!

    Concentrate on getting better at the mechanics and making the transition at each phase.

    If you are not getting to 25% on a regular basis, then use your burns after the 50% transition.

    25% is crazy and messy when you first get there, but everything that happens you have seen before!

    A lot of classes have the ability to do multiple things but there are some raids where I call back to basics. This raid falls into that category with 1 exception. Tanks tank, healers keep their group up and everyone that has a bane BANES!

    I suggest people have hot keys for bane. You can always make 2 for the bane type, 1 for mephit and 1 for sentinel.

    It does not matter how many bane mobs spawn with the mechanics, if some are up BANE them. Everyone hits Mephits and sometimes your hallway group might need a hand on the Sentinels.

    Do not get discouraged about casting and not getting the bane damage, there appears to be a little delay on how often a bane can hit.

    For hallway moves get everyone the same color coded maps and provide triggers for them.

    Every raid force is different and you know yours better than I ever will, but feel free to reach out and chat if you want. And yes if you want to take a look at my triggers, you can have them too.

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  8. Jondalar Augur

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  9. Kuaamil New Member

    Thanks for the well wishes, everyone.

    I'm so triggered
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  10. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Nice job! Still a big accomplishment!
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  11. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Grats dudez.

    I will see If can finally 4 box this soon maybe with a druid healer. I will take lots of potions with me however. I think that will workout :D
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  12. Yimin Augur

    Happy to see Bristlebane at the top of servers again with first three raids wins off the newest content !

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  13. 123Jimbob New Member

    YIMIN! I MISS YOU! XOXOXO Please say your still around!
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  14. 123Jimbob New Member

    This deserved its own post.
    Gratz guys on the meratas win!
    As hard as the raid is. You have to admit the boss has nice sneakers!
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  15. Aldren Elder

    Congrats! Well done :)
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  16. Nedrom Augur

    Way to go!
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  17. LostSoul Journeyman

    Congratulations ladies and gentleman.
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  18. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    Good work guys. To bad I wasn't there to enjoy the victory...but I was busy enjoying my new life :D
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  19. FawnTemplar Augur

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  20. Cuuthbert New Member

    Thank you all so much, it was an amazing feeling, I believe my wife could hear the discord screams of jubilation through my headset 3 rooms away.

    Note for bards and bane and some may already know.
    AE Stun -
    Denon's Bereavement
    level 59 was a great find, I never knew that had a stun component to it. great for breeze.
    /melody 2 2 (Denon's is my second spell Gem)

    AE Slow Snare - Selo's Assonant Strain level 54 amazing for Flame and Animated
    /melody 4 4 (strain is in my 4th spell gem)

    For mez would recommend using single target mez with a macro:
    /pause 1, /tar a_rock
    /melody 11 11 (
    Slumber of Jembel
    ) is my 11th gem slot.
    Hopefully someone is damaging the mez mob because the banes don't land as affectively if there is still a mez on the mob.

    For the AE ones, I just make a macro that melodies the ae song I want instead of just letting it pulse on its own because it will cycle the songs faster. Each has its own based on what shows up in the Extended Target Window and knowing raid make up which mobs tend to get baned by the rest of the raid.

    and bards if you find yourself in a hallway group your endurance gets drained but not your mana so cycling Tshap's Insult and Sathir's insult will really help getting the Sentinel under 90%

    Sharing is Caring and Happy hunting
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