Fixed graphics exploding into kalaidascope

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Svann2, Jan 18, 2024.

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    One day its so bad I cannot see to move, even the floor in the lobby is covered after zoning in near the throne. The next day its clear as clean water with not a single distortion. One character, 10 characters all are fine. About the same amount of congestion in the lobby as usual.

    I highly doubt this is anything to do with the players settings or computers. If I played chase the settings every day since that patch last year when they wanted us to mess with settings for DX or whatever it was, then I would have no time to play the game.

    And it would still be borked.
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  2. Scila Augur

    Still happening on one comp as of yesterday. CT server - PoK. I give it an E for effort the frequency isn't as much but I also haven't played as much since patch. I would tend to agree with the above post that it doesn't appear to be on the player side. Reasoning behind that thought, everything is current on my side, matches current game specs, the only thing that has changed is the game.

    Keep plugging away but this has been going on for a long time.
  3. Drakang Augur

    Rebooting computer seems to clear it for a while for me.
  4. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    I do that and zone but it can come back next time I port to lobby.

    So this may be their way of cutting down on the lobby lag if it makes everyone stay away from there :D
  5. Drakang Augur

    Its a free Acid man.
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  6. cleriche New Member

    Maybe turning off the NewUI does contribute, but like you and other have tried, enabling and disabling the NewUI does not contribute enough to make (IMHO) enough of a difference to do anything. I did not intend to refute the Cairbrea knows more than me, just that I had my doubts.

    You may believe Cairbrea is a "boss" and knows "exactly" what needs to be done, but I do not. I suppose the real reason why I doubted Calibre "fix" was my distrust with DBG in past bug and Hack fixes. Infact, after the Oaklynd plat Dup fiasco and the DBG response, I have stopped buying and dealing with Krono and the DBG store. So no more bags, no more 100 Level "free" toons. Though I want to play the upcoming TLP it is a very hard choice based on DBG past actions.

    If you can't guess by my tone, I logged in today, to find I have the same kaleidoscope issues on my 2 computers just like prior to the "fix"
  7. Kalamos Augur

    One observation I thought I'd mention. I believe I've NEVER had artifacts when first logging into the game in the Lobby. It's always when I zone back into the lobby from somewhere, even if it's just zoning into and back out of the Guild Hall from/to the Lobby.
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  8. Cairbrae Developer

    Update and progress: The April patch helped us isolate and reproduce the issue. We're working on it. Thanks for all the feedback and pretty pictures.
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  9. Lodestar The Undefeated

    The boss has provided an update directly above.

    I'd recommend spending some time getting to know the devs (direct messages) in working through scenario testing for hours and days on end. Conduct your own UAT in providing specific end-user feedback in helping solve these issues. Don't stand on the sidelines and judge their experience with zero understanding of their knowledge.

    Cairbrae's grasp on DXGI and OS interoperability is impressive.

    Given the unrealistic and perhaps unnecessary timelines they've likely been put in by upper leadership (pertaining to the DX11 rollout), they've done a commendable job addressing playability of the game.

    I was immensely concerned upon the initial haphazard DX11 rollout, but Cairbrae and the devs have entirely flipped the script.
  10. Arborist New Member

    I am still experiencing this isseu with 2 different computers. I box, and laptop also does it. I use no other programs to help me box, and it usually happens after I zone to GL from another zone. It does happen in GGH as well. HBoping they get this fixed asap. There is no moving anywaher when it happens, just log out and back to fix it most times. Sometimes it only cures it for a few seconds and then does it again.
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  11. Zunar Augur

    Witnessed the graphics bug just now in the guild lobby and it seemed to grow out from weapon graphics.
    By inspecting the players from whom the graphics exploded out of, I could see it was the following items: Heroic Scarlet Rod from two different players and Heroic Darkdreamer's Rod from a third one.
    I hope this helps.
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  12. Scila Augur

    While I have worked with Car ... turning things on and off and pointing to something on the user end being the problem doesn't fix everything. All that does is leave the user computer and UI in a state of confusion unless the user is comp savvy to put it back to it's original state.

    There should be sufficient mixes available in a test environment on site to be able to figure things out. DB has required specs, starting with those to work and going from there to the rest that have other set ups outside those parameters should suffice.

    If something doesn't work for the required specs DB has laid out, they need to adjust their required specs.

    Having a test environment on site with the required specs is a cost of doing business.
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    Reporting for blocking the guild hall doors!
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  14. Egot Elder

    I've looked at this problem photo and it seems like a Game Master reloading intot he game and you're looking at his butthole trying to understand the photo array of things you've seen before
  15. Queen Nassh New Member

    Brand New PC 4 days out o the box. Asus ROG Strix. 32 gig's, RTX 4060TI gpu. I saw these artifacts(?) BigTime in the GL and GP hall past couple days. Rathe.
    On the other hand, this pc plays EQ nearly flawlessly. I am overwhelmed how smoothly I can stop, turn on a dime, zone faster, etc! Was using a pc I built years ago. Still Win 7 OS. What a change. Especially with the 32" LG Ultragear OLED monitor I got to go with it. I still have to change graphic settings too often in zones. Contrast between light and dark is still too extreme.
  16. Warpeace Augur

    Lots of this going on today.
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  17. Cairbrae Developer

    Has anyone experienced kaleidoscopic rendering artifacts on Live servers since the 5/15 update?
  18. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    It's fixed on the one computer that was having issues for me. Odd thing about that, is I have two machines that are pretty similar - both have AMD processors, different generations, and the exact same video card. Different motherboard obviously. The computer upstairs was unusable if I went to PoK, the one downstairs had zero issues.
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  19. Barton-Vox Fizzlethorpe Rules !!

    I have not seen any yet since 5/15
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  20. Kalamos Augur

    Same. No artifacts since the update this week. You may have squashed it this time Cairbrae!
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