Confirmed Gorowyn progression tasks poofing

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Borm_of_fv, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. Borm_of_fv Apprentice

    For a week I have been trying to get my little team through Gorowyn progression. It’s bad enough that we have to get through the long axis of “Diefire” to get it, then get to the loneliest man in EQ for the merc tasks, but if they are completed in 24 hours they simply disappear from my quest list. Three times now the unlimited time quest “State of the Sarnak” has disappeared as I’m working on it in the zone - actively working on it. This last time I had all four notes and was looking for the mismatched mob when they poofed. If it is unlimited time then don’t remove them.
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  2. niente Developer

    Shared tasks with "Unlimited" time are actually only 24 hours. It's a limitation of the task system that would require a somewhat decent amount of work to fix. At some point it should be changed to display 24 hours for these tasks, instead of Unlimited (no ETA at this time). Shared tasks also are lost if the server goes down.