Gorenaire Strat

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Silias McKendrick, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. Silias McKendrick Augur

    Kunark Era

    Bards in Melee group
    Alenia's Disenchanting Melody
    and Haste to not loose their dps
    (if low bards, melee can go buffless, use pumice stone and haste pots,
    not as effective as a bard canceling whole group tho)

    Each group using group heal
    words of health lvl 30, and words of healing 45
    if raid numbers are low and dps is slow can use celestial healing
    potions to alleviate damage.

    opens with riptose then defensive
    haste, buffless otherwise, enchanter uses cancel magic so they can maintain aggro
    and reapply haste
    spot heals

    Stack on her for group heals, do not spread out, do not try to resist fear,
    get feared, run right back in and stack.

    Rest is same as always, stack cold resist to help lower aoe damage,
    rune from enchanters on than tank, ( maybe find a few lvl 40 pets but
    no real need unless low numbers or avg lvl). And Fire dps from any
    class that can.

    Done with 53, avg lvl 56. Most well geared from classic.
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    You had me at riptose and buffless mt.
  3. Bard2019 Journeyman

    20 year old content. Everyone knows the "strats" already but smart guilds don't bother because killing Gorenaire is pointless. You're better off and far more productive for your members, by splitting your raid and killing 2, 3, even 4 Vox's for the exact same loot.
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Well it's not the same loot but its still not a great use of time relatively.
  5. Gremin Augur

    DHS always fought her near BW zone line. Our tanks always just fought for agro. That fight is and always be a crap fest.
  6. Silias McKendrick Augur

    Time wasted lol, we have no aoc open in classic or kunark with 3 raid days 3hrs each, splitting old world dragons, with around 50ish people normally. Only thing else we have to do is farm AJ. We are not the hardcore that raid open world live but if they fall in our window we kill those too.

    Gremin, our Mt never lost aggro except on fear, did not die. We had only 3 deaths until 20, then we lost up to 15 total due to cleric Mana, that's with 54 in raid.
  7. Xeris Augur

    Just skip Gore, ain't worth.
  8. Arrk Augur

    One trick, that is not well known, is to use Drolvargs to get Gore to heal them...
    You pull some drolvargs pre-fight... snare em .... attack them down to 10%
    When you pull Gore on top of the drolvargs ... she will stop and try to heal them....
    Free 10 sec of damage.... for each drolvarg (note there is a slight cooldown between each one)

    When your raid is squeaking by this can help give you a bit of extra time...
  9. yerm Augur

    You fight her buffless instead of just using an activated dispel? And monopolize your bards babysitting those 70% slowed and/or buffless melee instead of just pumping the far more useful casters? Bruh. Come on.

    In reality every single guild I have ever raided with has used the same tried and true strat:
    1. Form up at karnors or maybe a zoneline
    2. Send someone to pull gore
    3. Send someone to help them pull gore
    4. "Send" 3-4 other people who decide to help pull gore
    5. When gore enters line of sight, immediately have 2/3 of your raid charge out to meet her. Make sure the tank and at least 3 clerics stay behind.
    6. After rezzing, fight her at karnors with strict control over who pulls and nobody prematurely engage.
    7. Get at least 4 people stuck in a pillar.
    8. Kill her anyway.
    9. Complain about the loot and necro dps being op. It'll be funny for 20 expansions to think about the idea of op necro dps.
    10. Guilt people into helping farm pearls for faster rezzes next time.
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  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Something about a rooted weak mob nearby with low hp so gore will ch it.
  11. Aegir Augur

    Once, I saw a guild on Ragefire illussioning people into trees to gain the upper hand against this magnificent creature!
  12. Punchu Augur

    Yolo snowfield rush is the preferred strat. Engaged on the side of a mountain for extra credit.
  13. Iyacc Augur

    Pull her to the tunnel from portal side of the zone. On a server where she is relevant and the zones are still in use, you'll have a constant stream of people coming out that will throw a little extra dps on her and conveniently die afterwards. Easy Peasy.
  14. Xeris Augur

    Skip the mob for max bonus. Aka spend your time killing better dragons
  15. yerm Augur

    A guild raiding 3-4 hours a night on 3 nights a week, hardly a hardcore schedule, can have all the better loot targets down with time to spare. You are also crazy if you skip out on killing vs and gore is literally on the way to karnors. Skipping a perfectly good raid mob which can drop di scrolls, while killing similar targets, is the sign of a timid guild leadership.
  16. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Kunark raid gear is all awful other than epics and some Phara Dar pieces.

    Better use of your time is to just kill the mobs that drop epic pieces and then in the extra nights you gain not raiding VP, Gorenaire and Talendor you go out and powerlevel more boxes so that by the time your servers population is dying off in a few months you will have enough spare Cleric and Shaman boxes to be able to power through the level 70-75 expansions before the server ultimately dies.

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