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  1. Orbital101 Augur

    Got elder spearguard in Iceclad to pop. It was one of the roamer around the camp... took quite a bit to pop but that might be because I was focusing on the static and killing the roamers every now and then been doing other things else where.
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  2. Orbital101 Augur

    Many fix in many hunters zones, added buildings, lines clean up, lines colors and such to make it a little easier to travel(Even so the update wasnt focused on fixing maps I couldn help my self)
    Added many rares for the new Hunters:Easier to say what is missing then what was added :p

    -Missing a few of the new old new world rares(I'm confuse!). They got added yesterday on test(I think?) so I dint really had time to work on it.

    Missing all of The Hunter of Swamp of No Hope. I will complete it as I work on the achievement considering this will probably take a century to complete.

    I will complete Scarlet Desert as I work on the achievement. Was running out of time and of power juice...

    I dint bother finishing Twilight Sea with 1/3 of the NPCs underworld. It is also very hard if even possible to labels 40+ roaming rares when they all roaming and respawning in different area. At that point it may just be easier to mass kill everything... I will see what I can do once I work on it.

    Anything else I missed will be added in the next update but there is enough in there to keep you busy for weeks if not months... Plz let me know if I did something wrong that require an emergency fix! Goals here is to make people save time and enjoy the hunt in game and not the way around trying to find what, where and how or camp a rare for 3 days to realize I was wrong. If anything that need to be shared I will post them before the next big update. Im rarely wrong but not always right :rolleyes:

    -Labels that end with HS is for High Sun to spawn by bard song if that help any if at all in most case.
    --Labels with out any of the following is to be considered High Sunned to spawn even if they do not have the (HS)
    -Labels that end with NA is for Not Accurate: This is the type of label you get when you kill something with riposte, a mercs not on passive before you can plant a label on top of there spawn. It is the type of label that we all are used to TBH.
    -Labels with NL is for Need Loc: This type of labels are used at your own risk. It is either for a NPC that as large pathing with multiple spawn point or I was unable to find up and did a approximation of the most seen on magelo.
    -Labels with ? is the worst of them all do not trust them at all cost or you will hate me for life!
    Even so there isnt much of the last 3 there is a few NA. I also did not find all of the PHs for the same rare. Many rare can spawn in multiple places or share the same spawn so dont fall off your horse if you see something else spawn at one of my label. (AKA:Velketor, Scarlet, Hollowshade, Umbral, Sirens Grotto, Griegs etc)
    -Labels that end with * are roaming
    you can also ;tell xegony.goodurden if you need help, information or if you have any to share.

    Special thanks to Allakazam and everyone that shared infos on there forum(Even for those 20 pages of information on a rare with no one offering a loc) and Magelo(even so they need to get there sigs and maps fixed!) and everyone else that contributed to the labeling.

    You can also become a - Premium Member - by reading the extra .txt file(s) on my google drive ;)
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  3. Nolrog Augur

    Aye, I know how to do that. I just wanted to make sure I understood that correctly.

    I like the maps a lot (better than Brewalls in fact.) Well done.
  4. Orbital101 Augur

    copy paste >over<
    P -331.6465, 1159.9351, 1595.5458, 240, 0, 0, 2, Bordir_Bjomolf
    The label was wrong
    P 28.8905, 2741.3660, -203.6444, 240, 0, 0, 2, an_arachnae_parian
    its not a roaming spider and can be found in the south cave
  5. ShadowMan Augur

    "a shrouded cave lurker" is marked in the wrong spot in Dulak's Harbor in your 6/21 pack, might be why you have it labeled as NA. If you are facing out of the caves towards the docks from the current map location the actual PH is on the left side of the cave just down the path a short distance. Its the naked luggard model not the robed archon currently.
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  6. Shadva Del`Shai Augur

    I can't thank you enough for all the work you and any contributors do on all of these maps. They are such a blessing. I do have a quick question though. Does the most recent map pack include all of the previous AND updated work or do I need to go through and get all of the previous packs? I don't mind either way, I would just like to know how busy my mouse pointer will be. *grin*
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  7. Orbital101 Augur

    The previous versions is more of a back up for me in case I did something wrong. You want the latest date for the most recent update for all the maps. Beside the Collection Ground Spawn that is optional and only contain maps that involve collection sets.
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  8. Orbital101 Augur

    Updated both packs, Good's Maps with all the fix and extra labels from a huge list of tells and email that was starting to pile up.
    GoD rares got added
    Merged all the parts and bits of all the Ldon maps that I had started with the old one.
    Added new rares all around.
    Added the 3rd floor of all the Praesertum towers in Sanctus Seru.
    Added a new version of Plane of Knowledge and Guild Lobby.
    Fixed the maze in Skyshrine that was somewhat not working properly with the height filter because some area of the maze are not on the same Z axis.That should prevent you from clicking them on and off.
    Reduced the size of most labels from 3 to 2 and YES, my signature from 2 to 1!
    Added some extra navigation information to a few map labels. Exemple: 'to Maru Seru(Ssra), to Dawnshroud Peaks(VT) and 'to Echo Cavern(Fungus Grove), to Echo Cavern(The Deep).
    Finished the cave in PoDisease and I may as well say that I had the castle remade a while ago in mind doing it all eventually.
    Switched the black to brown and brown to black lines in Dragon Necropolis. Its a little more easier to travel with out using the height filter.
    Added Falto area to PoStorm

    And added TDS Collection to the Ground Spawn pack, all zones but instances got about 40 labels. Someone offered to label them if I preped the zones for him so once I get them I will add them in.

    I wont be adding Ldon hunters pre launch this time around but as I do them on live. I dont feel like doing it twice and its not like we have PHs to camp. Grab the adventure and bring a tracker or use your eye of Zommo_O
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  9. Shadva Del`Shai Augur

    Thanks luv :)
  10. Ishtass Augur

    I need to write a little script to change these back to 3's, I've been silently going to battle with you since I started using your packs ;p
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  11. Questoften32 Augur

    I'm using brewall's maps, but there is no map info for places like plane of growth.
  12. Symbius Augur

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  13. Shadva Del`Shai Augur

    I'll second that!
  14. smash Augur

    Might wanna put location label on for 16 zones for the artisan ground spawns.

    Almost deleted my old directory of own maps who got the labels for the gs due to new maps but then saw they were missing on new dir of maps.
  15. Bregan D'aerthe Journeyman

    They have been in ever since the quest came out.
  16. smash Augur

    hmm, in the groundspawn seperated directory, and not in the general ?
  17. Orbital101 Augur

    General, layer 2, labels are in purple. The Ground spawn folder only contain collection achievements.
  18. Orbital101 Augur

    What kind of map info are you looking for?
  19. Orbital101 Augur

    Ok, I might change them back to 3 unless there too many labels all bunch up. :oops:
    Ill let you guys suffer 2-3weeks in case you realize its actually not that bad and change your mind:D
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  20. Orbital101 Augur

    Ok, so... I know I said I wouldn be doing any Ldon labeling pre launch but I couldn help my self to do some test run and see if there was some type of pattern behind the zone layouts and if they were locked between the Type and Risk. Im compiling a list as I go and I will share it when the servers are down with another updated pack with what I got so far but... There is definitely a pattern to follow and if you are going in blindly taking random adventure you might get stuck doing hunters for a while.

    Though the list wont be completed by then we can work this out as a team! As in Identifying each adventure with a keyword inside the text message you get before accepting the adventure.

    Miragul's Menagerie:Single Boss/Normal
    If the Adventure window say 'go kill Zubruiz the Mindful or Vkaziz the Defiler or Soulstorm then it should always give you the layout for the -The Silent Gallery which can yield these rares:Skeletal_Understudy, Sentient_Resonance, Enchanted_Ice_Form,(Possibly more?)

    Now some zones seem to share some rare or rarely some single target boss but without taking notes we will never know the real story. I only tested normal difficulty with Single Boss as type and I keep seeing the same name in each layout. There no way I will be doing 40 adventures per type of each themes on both Normal and Hard before this goes live so once they do take notes! It is quick and should look like this:
    Miragul's Menagerie:Single Boss/Normal
    -Silent Gallery: Zubruiz the Mindful, Vkaziz the Defiler, Soulstorm,
    rares:Skeletal_Understudy, Sentient_Resonance, Enchanted_Ice_Form,(Possibly more?)
    -Maw of the Menagerie: Shyar the Shard, Glacius, Grand Sage Havori
    -Spider Den: Elder Phalanea,
    -Hushed Banquet: The Prime Steward, Charaex the Mastodon, Ancient Marrow
    -Frosted Halls: Ianlai the Corrupted, Balaeluo the Inflictor, Tateaad the Sage(rescue)<-WTF does a rescue do in a single boss adventure!
    -Heart of the Menagerie: Synarcanic Essence, Synarcanic Presence,
    -Morbid Laboratory: The Flesh of Osoros,
    -Theater of Imprisoned Horrors: Orgogzolok, Soulroar, Jebreusulun,
    -Grand Library: Bilach of Avarice, Riddlesting, Sionul the Savage
    -Forgotten Wastes: Towering Monstrosity, Beguiler Chetrea, The Silent Choir

    Ive done about 30 adventure in 3 themes so far(90 adventures). I still have Sro and Nro to play with first the first pass of normal difficulty with single boss. I will switch to hard once this is done and hopefully none of the rare are locked behind any collect, kill # or escort adventure. Hope this help!
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