Good solo class to farm?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by AeHaze, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. AeHaze Journeyman

    Me and some buddies are looking to play when Selos is released, however I have more playtime than what they would so I am looking for a class to play to farm platinum and items while they are not online. That way Im not out leveling them on my main. Any suggestions?

    Thinking SK, But have a feeling necro is going to be the go to?
  2. Gana Augur

    Necro, Mage, Druid...all can solo very well. Enchanter with charm can solo pretty well. Shaman...ok.
  3. Thomasmgp Elder

    I feel like the best farmer on either server will be the guy running 18 Mages.
  4. Grailer Augur

    Mage/Mage is all you need to do almost every non raid camp in the game but it requires a bit of brute force to break rooms initially.

    An enchanter/mage also good.
  5. Forevernecro Journeyman

    Necro easily most versatile SOLO farmer, as the OP asked. Period. No debates.
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  6. Thomasmgp Elder

    maybe on Mangler but on Selos during Luclin and going forward Id say Mage becomes better due to introduction of AAs and pet focus. While necro still remains the top soloer for exp, for farming stuff to sell for plat I think Mage would be better. Or even Enchanter for charm soloing. I dont think that really gets nerfed until GoD. Think they had to nerf it because I remember doing trials with Enchanters pretty much soloing everything while the rest of us basicallly just went AFK.
  7. Grailer Augur

    Yep well my 2 mages will kill steal from your necro without breaking a sweat . Then I will sell the phat lewt for kronos .
  8. Mestops12 Lorekeeper

    Beastlord is decent as well if you don't want to play a meta farm class.

    If you stick to camps with light blues, beastlord can mow through 2/3 at a time with well placed slows/dots.
  9. Lennyn Elder

  10. NoWay Augur

    Challenge accepted my 2 necro's will ks those mages, have done it plenty of times in classic on cornaiv.
  11. Elemenopi Augur

    If it takes 2 mages to KS 1 necro, that is not a win.

    Anyhow, yes the answer is indeed necro.
    Bonus if farming undead as charming comes into play.