Good Duo with beastlord (not boxed)

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by orionfox, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. orionfox Lorekeeper

    I see a lot of discussions about BL and a boxed toon, but what about a BL playing with another person?

    My son wants to try a BL and since I am a TLP kinda guy, I was thinking Selos - I know this will affect the class choice.

    I was trying to think what class would fit well with a BL. He most likely will go Ogre so I probably would go evil race (if possible since I know my first choice cant).

    I was thinking druid would fit well and cover a lot of missing areas.I like plate wearers best though so would something like an SK work?

    Any other great choices? Is there something I am missing with that class choice?
  2. Tucoh Augur

    If you want to do most of the work, SK is good because you can pull/tank/self-heal (with a healer merc as backup) and your son will be free to deal DPS and not worry about tanking/aggro/healing.

    If you want him to do more work, shaman is a good choice because you can help keep his pet alive, buff the beastlord / pet more and can help out with root CC while dealing OK damage yourself.

    In both cases you may want to also box a berserker to help generate some damage, get a third merc and take advantage of the beastlord's considerable melee ADPS.
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  3. orionfox Lorekeeper

    If there is no merc avail (this would be on selos) how important would having a dedicated healer be?

    My main on Mangler is a Shaman so I was kinda hoping to do something else.
  4. Tucoh Augur

    I don't really have an opinion about mangler/selos/tlp and balance, sorry. Most of my advice is on late-game live.

    Just to make my above post more generic, if your son is young you'll probably want to carry him on an SK so you both don't get frustrated when he messes up. But if he's old / focused enough you want him to really get into playing a beastlord you'll want to play support and let him get into it and really shine.

    Since you play a shaman you've got a pretty good idea about what they can and can't do. The beastlord class is fairly versatile and you'd be fine with just about any class with them. I'd argue that the best class that lets the warder tank (thereby making the BST the star) them looks something like: sha > brd/enc > ber > dru > rng/mnk/rog.

    Mage would be a good choice because the bst buffs the pet and gives considerable mana regen to the mage, but then you run into the problem where your mage pet might be a better tank than his warder (which can be solved by just using the water pet for DPS).

    Warrior/SK/Pal are a good choice, but if you use them for tanking you'll relegate the bst to a dps / buff role, which might be boring for your son. If you don't use them for tanking, then you just a mediocre DPS class.

    You may be better off asking in a TLP forum though to get some TLP-relevant answers.
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  5. orionfox Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the response.

    FYI - My son is now 23 and started raiding in WoW back in 2007 ish as a healer for my 10 man Kara group :)

    I have been trying to get him over to EQ and he likes it a bit, but he cant really choose a class on Mangler which is why I thought Selos since he really wants to try BL.
  6. Zunar Augur

    As a main beastlord since 2003 (I play on live, and did some TLPs in the past too as a bst), the number one issue beastlords face when doing any harder stuff is the lack of crowd control.
    I'd support the beastlord on either an enchanter or a bard, but I'd be leaning more toward the enchanter (their cc kit is better).
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  7. Ecchicon Elder

    I know the beastlord isn’t going to be boxed, but would you consider boxing?

    If you boxed a Shadowknight and a Shaman, you’d have an amazing group that could handle a wide variety of situations. Could even make an all ogre team!

    If not, the other suggestions in the thread are quite good. I think shadowknight sounds like something you are leaning towards, and it would likely be okay, but if it were me I’d probably go with a shaman or enchanter.
  8. IblisTheMage Augur

    I would suggest SK + BL mains, and add a /melody bard, he can even be F2P.
  9. Rokkeb Journeyman

    Mage or necro will be able to duo handily with a beastlord, and having pets taking the brunt of the damage will reduce the need for a dedicated healer. With beastlord slow and earth pet root, or necro snare/splitting you should be able to cruise along through levels.
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  10. Vinjin Lorekeeper

    I've run a Necro+Beastlord for years and have enjoyed it. I've dabbled in several other classes for my third but decided on a Bard last year and just recently leveled up an SK to toy around with against named. The BL pet has tanked TBL T2 named before but it can be hit or miss. Anything else and he's rock solid as a tank.
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