Good Bst Duo? Ranger, Shaman, or Mage?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-Ashlexi, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Hiyas, I've been trying to figure out a good duo with my husband's characters would be with each of us having a merc to help out. Just looking for some input on what duo's would be best 65, going for 85.
    I'm playing a 65 Bst and he has a 65 Ranger, Shaman, and Mage. About to work on the grind to 85 and would like the input on what would work out best with the Bst up to and including after 85.
    Thanks :D
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  3. ARCHIVED-PaulCoffrin Guest

    Guessing you are going to have at least one healer merc, that being the case:
    Ranger: Snare (some mobs immune to run speed changes), Pulling (outdoors), Tanking, Camo, DS, DoTs.
    Mage: CotH, Pet Toys, Pet Tanking.
    Shaman: DoTs, Procs (grp version with Pet Affinity more DPS), Buffs, Slows (most mobs mitigate slow making it not as important IMO).
    Personnally I'd take the Ranger.
  4. ARCHIVED-Chanus Guest

    Mage all the way. Get a Healer Merc (or two) and you'll be golden.

    The BST will have a semi-useful snare, so that pretty much takes care of the only reason I'd pick the Ranger in this case.
  5. ARCHIVED-Mancial Guest

    Of course I'm bias being a Ranger myself, but Rangers CAN tank some with decent gear and the right aa. Also Rangers can put out some darn nice DPS.
    Mage pet tanking is sort of out the window unless the Beast is going to sit back and cast.
    Shaman would work well also. With attack and proc buffs alone, they up a groups dps considerably not to mention back up heals if the merc goes down.
    Although I'm partial to Rangers, I'd go with Shaman with a tank merc and Beast with a cleric merc. Tank mercs hold aggro well and seem to have very nice mitigation leaving the Beast to just dps with shaman buffs to help.
  6. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    The traditional pairing with a beastlord was to pick between druid (for ports and snare and some dps), or a cleric, to permit tanking slightly higher mobs with the bigger heals. You wouldn't take a shaman, because of the overlap with beastlord buffs/debuffs, and lack of snare, although at higher levels the value of a shaman shifts more to their buffs and less on their slow, and beastlords stagnate pretty heavily in this area. For the beastlord AA snare to be usable, you need the higher levels of it (the first bite is at 59, and it's pretty feeble) - so you mainly avoid mobs that run fast, and focus on mobs you can burn down before they run - and get Finishing Blow AA. The higher the mobs you end up fighting, the less effective you can be, and that is what you will have to do to make best use of the mercs.
    With mercs, you can afford to take a tank and a healer merc, which means that you really need to play two dps classes to compensate for the exp cost of the mercs. A well geared (which means raid) beastlord is a reasonable dps/utility class; a group geared one is pretty weak.
    Beastlord/mage can work well, but if you are without the mercs, the beastlord will take too much damage. Slow helps a mage enormously, but you are still missing snare/root. Ranger needs AAs and gear to be most effective (less so the gear than most melee classes, so it isn't too bad).
    If I was building a 2 person team with mercs, then two good, non-gear dependent classes would be ideal. Wizard, mage both make sense - necro doesn't work well in a merc team, and enchanter is better, but becomes totally dependent on charm and/or pulling for adding value to the team. The same 2 person team without mercs, or with optional mercs, and I'd go for something traditional like SK/shaman - they can plug along killing almost anything, and with the mercs should actually speed up their exp.
    From your list of characters, though, it's a pick between ranger and mage. Just play what you (or your husband) enjoys.
  7. ARCHIVED-Ashlexi Guest

    Thanks for the advice :D Much appreciated.
  8. ARCHIVED-Medicianman Guest

    PaulCoffrin wrote:
    Missed some stuff for the mage...editted for you in bold
    Im sure im missing some also, but it sure makes the mage look like the better choice all around (which i believe it should be).

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