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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by westside, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. westside New Member

    Heya guys been playing on tlp for several years. I play at odd times sometimes for very short periods. had never raided but found a very good guild that raid on the few days I could make.
    the problem is I can barely keep my main flagged for the raids. everybody else gets their mains and all the alts flagged. I just don't have the time. thinking of going to a live server with all the improvements. I will 6 box and just do group content and work my way thru the xpacs as far as I can. it will take years and years. what live server would be good other than fv ?
    what 6 box would be best ? Thanks
  2. phattoni Augur

    bristlebane is the next popular server other than fv.

    as for catching up on live, you can do it in about 3 months at 4 hours or so a day, if you use your time wisely.

    you will still have the problem of flagging and stuff on live if you want to raid, but it wont be so bad since you have like a year to get flagged for a current expac.
  3. Cadira Augur

    Xegony is a good choice for server too. Lots of raiding options and casual guilds in the mean time. If you use isb you can 6 box with a lot of different set ups and get all your toons caught up and ready to raid in just a few months for sure.
  4. PhinigelKronoFarmer Journeyman

    I 6 box and do only group content. I recently finished all of COTF on all 6 to 100%, took about a month casually. I set a goal of certain achievements each play session. I'm about half way through TDS now. Enjoying my time back quite a bit as there is no hurry.
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  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I think a year or so ago Holly had said Xegony and Luclin being very high pop servers were not going to be included in any server mergers... so I assume one of those two servers would be the next most popular. Things may have changed since then though.

    If you can find the interview with Holly that would confirm it assuming knowing the highest pop servers helps in your decision it may not be based on that.
  6. Tucoh Augur

    Xegony and BB are frequently regarded as the highest pop servers, but I haven't seen anyone verify that.

    A good metric would be going to both servers on primetime and finding out which have the most general chats. Another metric is looking at how many guilds on each server beat ToV's T3 raids.

    re: 6 boxing, unless you've 6boxed before I'd recommend 3boxing to start with and then using vitality to level new characters to your group. Six boxing is pretty laborious and the path from 1 to 115 or even 85 to 115 will require you to make so many changes to your setup that it's just tedious. I recently leveled from 1 to 110 with a 6box group and even with basically unlimited money, an OP group that could skip almost all the spells and a group composed of 4 mages (so, identical gearing/spell / abilities) it burned me out just keepign them geared/up to date on spells. It was also totally unnecessary too, the content just isn't that difficult till you get to high levels.
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  7. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Tucoh makes some good suggestions. Probably want to check the websites of raid guilds on any of the servers you are looking at to see their schedules too.

    P.S. sorry shouldnt have done that as a reply.
  8. Yinla Augur

    Depends what you are looking for.

    If I'm reading this correctly you aren't looking to raid, you are looking at group content you can box, so pretty much any server would be good. If you did actually want to group your best bet would be Xegony or Bristlebane, stability I believe is better on BB.

    If you wanted something with people playing at odd hours it might be worth looking at AB, the European server, depends on when your odd hours are.

    If you are looking for raids it would be worth looking around for a server that raids when your able to play, some guilds do different days, though most raid on Sundays.
  9. Bigstomp Augur

    ToV removed flagging requirements for raids. You're kinda in a sweet spot for getting your feet wet in this time period. Many servers host open/casual raids.
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  10. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    My mistake I misread that thinking he was still looking for raiding.
  11. IblisTheMage Augur

    If you want to 6-box, you should consider ISB.

    I would suggest getting a warrior for tank, or SK if you are feeling adventurous; there are quite a few advantages with an SK, but it is less simple to box. If you want simple (but repetitive) gameplay, then you can add 3 mages, A druid will give you healing + ports & evacs + dps + some adps + track, which is not a bad option. Last position could be enchanter, for adps, runes, CC if you ever need it, and some dps.

    Your biggest nuke in such a group will be Of Many, and you should rotate differently on your mages to get the most out of Synergy.

    The only toon that you would need to turn would be the warrior, and dps of the group would be good, but not top tier, you need melee dps for that.

    With ISB you can set up some good multibinds, and pull with a debuf, and start dps’ing (non-summoning) mob on their way in. Your tank will keep you alive when you get several mobs, via ae aggro, and the myriad of pets, especially RS pets, will be able to take a lot of hits.

    When boxing, none of the toons will be near their potential, but you will have a relatively easy group, that can do a lot, you will have strong transportation, and you will be able to do a lot of content. Biggest risk with a magebox is burnout and boredom. Optimizing your box to the max will mitigate some of it, you can do dungeon crawls (group call of the heroes), and handle a lot, in some different ways.

    You can get by with sub-par gear on all toons but warrior/sk, so perhaps try to keep tank in the background until level 100+, saving gearing time. However, do not substitute him, you will need him later on :).

    If you really want to complicate things, you can add a bst or necro instead of one of the mages, they ate notoriously had to box well, so there is something to keep yourself occupied. The best will bring quite a bit to the table in form of adps and resources, but will suffer on the dps side, due to fast kills, and is another melee toon to be placed. The necro I have zero understanding of, but they look cool :-D. Synergy looks somewhat useful as well... again, dps will vary.

    Good luck.

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