GoD TLP with level locks starting at 60

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  1. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    They aren't obviously they need to clear the level-appropriate content before they even think about attempting anything higher-leveled.

    But for a guild who IS clearing all of the level-appropriate content then they get teh chance to see how well they do in content that is even harder due to being designed for higer level players.
  2. EEpromm Lorekeeper

    I like level locked with ALL expansions open and free trade but with mercs and defiant gear not opening until the levels they originally opened hit. Mob resists would need to be tweaked or better yet just removed altogether. I mean generally mob resists come down to a boolean situation where either you can hit the mob with certain spells or you can't, so raids are setup to plan for that and in the end it doesn't matter anyway so wouldn't really be that game changing to remove them for that server (or even all servers).
    Player resists on the other hand would stay the same so people would really need to work it to get the right resists per mob when trying to down much higher level mobs, would actually be interesting/challenging. I would possibly be in if (at minimum) all previously no-trade loot is heirloom if free trade is ruled out, but i'm done with the having to get the same items for every possible alt. Prefer it just be free trade. Don't care if it has the random loot part or not but tradable between alts at a minimum is a must.
  3. Court Elder

    Guess you won’t be playing this TLP then.
  4. Digler Elder

    I can get behind this. Although, I'd lock the level at 30 or 40 the first couple weeks, then raise it by 10 levels every two weeks, until you're at the level cap. Within 5 weeks you'd be at level 70 under that scenario.

    I'd have every zone open, and available for use from launch.

    The hardcore people can do their rush, and get a leg up on everyone. However, they'll be hobbled just a bit by the level cap. As a result other people won't feel the absolute need/requirement to be on the server in the first 5 minutes of launch. Also, if they aren't max level within 48 hrs they won't feel too discouraged. That'll keep the server healthy and the population up. Just my opinion, and I'm sure others will disagree with that.

    Additionally, rushing to 70, on a TLP with the normal XP rates (i.e. non-Selos server), would likely be a grueling proposition. I'm willing to be that would be a hardcore week and a half+ of .

    Rushing is fine, but DBG should think about peoples health :).

    This is coming from someone that rushes at launch (on a typical TLP) and rushing during the opening of Kunark, and is always one of the first few maxed.

    Also, this would set up a few different "leveling events" in the first handful of weeks.
  5. Court Elder

    If they do a Level Lock, it would probably be similar to how the current TLPs are. 50 Cap for so many months, 60 Cap for so many months, 65 Cap…etc.
  6. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Probably but I think that the level-lock concept does have potential to be much more interesting than that at least at the start with level caps lower than the Level 50 we are used to seeing on every classic start tlp so far.
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  7. NImxat Elder

    I am not advocating for this sever but, not all the hysteria is appropriate. A GoD server would normally start with the classic bosses losing their MotM buffs. Necro and mage pets would get their defense skills (back to original/live EQ). Defensive skills mean the pets last longer but the pet aggro changes still apply so using only pets to kill dragons or other bosses sounds difficult.

    The circumstances would be new so we need to make a plan to gear up. (Solo, group, guild) Normally groups and guilds needed planar to start hunting higher level Kunark content, Kunark gear to start hunting Velious. Most wanted epics along the way. It wasn't required but made things MUCH easier.

    A lot would depend on whether FV rules apply.

    Sure, the top guilds will get to the GoD content sooner, so? As they level and progress the bazaar will have gear for others not on their pace if you want it. That is normal.
  8. Gearrwin Lorekeeper

    A level locked server would allow that level 45 raid event in goruk'ar mesa be a thing. The more I think about the level locked idea the more I like it.

    Edit: Actually the drop is req 55, so it might not be very desirable to do since it's only 1 drop.
  9. Protagonist Tank

    People who don't like playing eq think inventing new rules will make them enjoy playing the game as much as they enjoy remembering playing the game.

    They'll discover they don't enjoy it, two months in when the gimmick catches up to the current expansion and they're still finding reasons to "explain" why they fell behind the curve, yet again.
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  10. Hekkthebank Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

    Half these "rule sets" are just a spew of nonsense. There's either a lot of retirees around with no grand kids to spoil or a bunch of professional fan fiction writers. I just don't understand who had the time and energy to formulate these ideas, put them down in text, and hit post while still being completely serious.
  11. Vindar Augur

    Says the guy who keeps asking for PvP. :rolleyes:
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  12. Rcbauer Augur

    I've played on TLPs since Ragefire and currently raid on a 'top guild' on Aradune.
  13. Rcbauer Augur

    Gott eeemmmm

  14. Brunlin Augur

    GoD TLP? Yea, its called Mischief and GOD opens next week on it!.....Amirite
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  15. Runes Augur

    That is exactly what is going to unlock on two existing TLP servers in 6 days, would be stupid to add another new TLP doing the same thing, very few people would transfer over just to redo what they are already getting now so any new TLP like this is just going to fail from from lack of population.and interest
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  16. Rebelicious Augur

    It would work and be really unique and interesting... so long as they had hard level locks to block higher level content for a few months... as for skipping the earlier content... we've all done it a million times and were bored by the time juicy content started... this is why a God era new TLP combined with a new standard era TLP would be a blast and something not done before... and you'd be able to play either or both and stick with the one you enjoyed most.
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  17. JustAnotherOpinion Augur

    Every new TLP idea and/or thread is pushing me further and further away from excitement. If Skuz and company want to have a level locked GoD server, and the forum hype can translate into actual subscriptions, then I will be happy for the server's players; however, I cannot see the fun in this rule set. I will take a shot at what the server might resemble.

    The first month is capped at level 20.
    You get to play your favorite race and class combo - Ogre Berserker, Gnome SK, Iksar Necromancer, etc. - POSITIVE

    You get to level up in different zones because Noob Zone to Unrest to L Guk to The Hole to Chardok isn't the only leveling path. - POSITIVE

    You're stuck at level 20. -NEGATIVE

    You can't explore the rest of the world until you can progress past the level unlock. -This is where I'm turned off by the rule set. -NEGATIVE - I don't want to make a second, third, fourth, fifth, etc alt. I'm bored. This rule set would probably be a POSITIVE to Skuz and Company because it would obviously be challenging. I play every expansion like I'm saving towards a big purchase. I grind to max quickly, slow down considerably, buff noobs in lower level zones, start and finish quests, raid a lot, check off explorer achievements, and just enjoy the game. When the next expansion comes out, I do it all over again. EDIT IN: I think that I would be in a constant grind from day one with this server.

    The server eventually increases your max level to 51. - NEGATIVE

    I have to raid Classic zones and Kunark Zones for Epic items. How many players will attend Plane of Sky raids multiple times a month, while Luclin and PoP zones are so much more enjoyable to play throughout? I will also have to farm three expansions' worth of AA's in order to compete with PoP + zones. On a regular tlp timeline, players can slowly grind AA's in Luclin and have an AA head start for PoP. I can already see guilds saying, "we need you to be max level with a few hundred AA's by the end of this week," while alt-aholics are trying to enjoy their other characters.

    The counter argument would be, you should just take your time and enjoy the game. Daybreak could have slow unlocks, which would give everyone enough time to level up adequately. I'm frustrated at this point because I'm stuck farming AA's, and I can barely kill anything in the higher zones due to the level cap. How many quests will I have to put on pause because I don't have the levels nor the spells to finish them? When I'm level 50 in classic, I feel relatively strong compared to the current content. I can give a level 1 player Reso, SLN, or Talisman + Stat buffs. On a GoD start server, I can only run around and hand out Skin Like Wood for the first few weeks or month.

    This rule set will also hurt the social aspect of the game because everyone is not only spread out so early on in the game, but the bazaar has nuked the trading community. I had a lot of good conversations with people in the EC tunnel with regards to items. When zones are cramped, you have to send tells to people and talk to them. My social aspect point is probably a positive to most people, so I will happily call this is a NEGATIVE or a POSITIVE.

    Druids, Wizards, Enchanters, Necromancers, maybe Clerics, possibly Rogues, and probably another class or two will be even more underrepresented. Some of us get really attached to our characters, even if they are not the best. My favorite all-time character was actually a WIZ way back when, even though the class stunk, and it was sometimes difficult to get a group. I started him in Classic and pushed him to Luclin until real life took over. At least in Classic, Kunark, and Velious, a wizard can feel special with his or her ports. Classic groups will usually accept Wizards into their groups, and fast pulling groups will invite Necromancers to their groups. I also think that Druids will be even more left behind because guilds will want Raid capable classes right away. If the game becomes as challenging as I think it might be in the raiding scene, then Clerics will be in astronomically high demand. Six man C-Heal rotations will turn into twelve man plus rotations, while guilds attempt to take on higher level mobs. It sounds fun and challenging until the Clerics can't play anything else on a raid, because the raid will insta wipe without all of them. How many players on Mischief are creating Cleric, Druid, or Wizard alts right now to prepare for GoD? I opened several Guild Recruitment threads, and the answer is that most guilds are already struggling to find those three classes.

    Enchanters lose their godly charm and stun status soon, so guilds will need to recruit box enchanters. I don't feel like typing anymore. If this is the future TLP ruleset, I hope Skuz and Company have a blast with it. Skuz seems to be really passionate about this idea, and it is always nice to see people care about this amazing game. Thanks again to Daybreak for keeping this game going.
  18. Thisthingon? New Member

    level locked at 50 until classic is cleared by a set number of guilds? same with kunark and luclin aa ect
  19. Tweakfour17 Augur

    You definitely bring up some good pros and cons towards a level locked TLP, of course there are pros and cons to most of the TLPs. AoC are generally viewed as a PRO, unless you enjoy OW racing and want to compete since thats about as close to PVP as a TLP is likely to ever get. the 8/12 unlock schedule most TLP have are good, but some think they are too slow, some too fast. Selo was an experiment and they had a full guild to the end, but Im guessing it wasn't as much of a financial success as its sister server Mangler. Mischief was a fun departure from the norm, some view random loot as a CON because they can't target the items they want, some as a PRO because farmers can't lock down specific items. Same with free trade. Level lock might be the next best thing. It might be the next good idea with bad execution (Miragul?). Time will tell.
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  20. JustAnotherOpinion Augur

    I will add one positive that I think Skuz and Company would love to see...

    Can you imagine how fun and/or frustrating it would be to raid L. Guk, Sol B, etc with a 72 man raid party with all level 20's or 30's? I actually think that would be really fun to watch on a Twitch stream. I hope that all of my negatives can be turned into positives somehow, and Skuz can throw a giant "I told you so," back at this comment in the future. Only time will tell.