GoD lock server?

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  1. Bewts Augur

    I didn’t spend much time in AT, but I do not recall VT being on their raid calendar while I was there; although I do recall a mention it might get added back “once in a while”.

    I do see people occasionally go to VT, but it’s more around some boxers looking for challenges or to maybe farm specific drops.

    I certainly don’t recall seeing any notifications of an AHR death.

    That said, I spent 6 months in GoD on Lockjaw, and another 6 months in OOW.

    I liked GoD better than OOW and it seems like a more ideal expansion to lock at given the “things” to work on. While the allure of locking at epic 2.0 is real, the rest of the expansion feels far more limited in content to spend an extended of period of time in.
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  2. MustardonWatermelon Elder

    Agnarr players are free to transfer their characters to other servers to experience some more content.
  3. Herf Augur

    And you are free to ignore Agnarr players requests for more unlocks :)

    The thing is, we like playing on Agnarr. We will likely continue to play there whether there are one or two more unlocks or not. But said unlocks would increase population and enjoyment on the server, and helps people like me who are paying actual money (not krono) for 4 accounts there. Most Agnarrians are paying for multiple accounts. If new a new GoD locked server were to occur a good number of us would not restart. Also some people would likely leave Agnarr for the new server.

    So it would be a net loss of acccounts with the added cost of bringing up a new server.
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  4. MustardonWatermelon Elder

    Anyone who played on Agnarr knowing it would lock, and continues to play it, wishing for it to be allowed to progress further, is just lying to themselves. "They would get more accounts! They would get more money!" But even that argument is incorrect.

    Even if Agnarr was allowed to progress a couple more expansions, the only thing it's going to do is delay the agnarr boomers from whining for however long it takes them to get bored of raiding anguish like they are bored of raiding pop. All of you will be right back to whining for some more unlocks, assuming you even make it that far.
  5. straynge Journeyman

    Nobody is leaving Agnarr because it's not unlocking, you keep injecting yourself as a voice of ignorance. Nobody is pretending after 4 years that Agnarr being locked is bad.

    But thanks for getting upset that people want options that wouldn't affect you. Maybe next you can tackle I need a hug
  6. Bewts Augur

    People play on Agnarr (now) because it isn’t the rat race that other TLP are yet still allows you to play in a nostalgic era. Opening up GoD wouldn’t change much in that respect, other than seeing some people there “only for PoP” leave to be replaced by more people interested in GoD. Effectively restarting some of the attrition that always strangles TLP servers.

    Speaking from experience on EQMac, it was a welcome addition when we had an influx of people able to access the server when they opened up the login portal with the new web launcher. Of course, it also created problems that generally hadn’t existed for a long time regarding the volume of CS related items. Ultimately it led to the server’s demise for business reasons both as a consequence of the new attention and inherent in maintaining an application built on code many developers simply don’t know / use for a decade+.

    I’d personally welcome GoD to Agnarr because at some point it would be a useful exercise to reinvigorate the business investment Agnarr was by drawing new subs to play on the server with a very limited incremental content expansion.
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  7. modsiw Augur

    I rolled on Agnarr because I have limited playtime and like the idea of completing a character. The server appears healthy enough as is, and it's what I wanted and expected when I started. I'm against unlocking more expansions.
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  8. Sn00ps Journeyman

    AGREEEEEE! Agnarr is locked and should never allow more expansions.
  9. Xeris Augur

    I think a lot of Agnarr people wouldn't mind GOD/OOW unlock, BUT I think a separate god/oow locked server would be best.
  10. modsiw Augur

    The community interested in locked servers around this era is too small support to two servers. A new GoD/OoW locked server would probably be Agnarr’s death knell.
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  11. Xeris Augur

    That's fine
  12. straynge Journeyman

    And that's where you lost pretty much any support from players who enjoy locked servers. Because we are all on Agnarr and I can bet 90% of us don't want a separate locked server 2 expac above us.
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  13. Jedis Arch Mage

    No thanks to GoD and OoW. For most, the appeal of the server is not having to experience content beyond PoP/LDON.
  14. Xeris Augur

    More of Agnarr than not would prefer a god/OOW lock server actually :p.

    I still prefer Agnarr and the only thing that will make me stop playing on Agnarr as my main server would be another locked server at god/OOW.
  15. 3rdconix Elder

    Wild card: A TSS locked server.