GoD lock server?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Novyx, Nov 13, 2022.

  1. Novyx New Member

    Will there ever be a GoD locked server or maybe bump Agnarr up to that expansion some time?
  2. ikarinokamii Elder

    God is poor expansion to lock at because it's really just part 1 of OOW.

    POR would be the next logical expansion to lock at.
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  3. Herf Augur

    This has (obviously) been discussed to no end on Agnarr. Among the folks I know the concensus seems to be (if changes were made):

    - unlock GoD and OOW then relock. Or unlock GoD for a significant amount of time, 6 months or more, then unlock OOW.

    - do not start a new server. Again, on Agnarr at least, many people would be happy for some new content while at the same time recognizing it would be brutal to start doing even for Time based toons. Simultaneous with that, almost everyone I know queried about it says they would NOT restart on a new GoD/OOW locked server.

    Most of us have multiple accounts and lots of toons. I'm probably a relative piker with 4 accounts and 40 or so toons (most of which are 65, and many of which are still undergeared, which is why we still raid a lot on Agnarr.)

    Starting a new server would probably kill Agnarr between some people going to the new one and the rest of us finding other things to do in life. However unlocking two more expansions might attract a lot of players who gave up on Agnarr and left EQ.
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  4. Herf Augur

    No one I've heard discussing unlocking more on Agnarr have said anything about beyond OOW. Our beef is with the absurd inflation of damage, hps, billions of AAs to deal with; in essence a game that is more complex but not more fun, and in fact more exasperating.
  5. Xeris Augur

    God or OOW lock would be quite neat. Many of Agnarr would support this change on Agnarr. Or, make a new locked server
  6. Novyx New Member

    Yes extending to GoD on Agnarr would be the move. OOW had the level increase and I don't think to many people in Agnarr would like that.
  7. Herf Augur

    Well if it was OOW locked we'd still have all the time in the world to get the new 5 lvls, though obviously some guilds would rush.
  8. 3rdconix Elder

    Hyperbole much?

    Billions of AAs - There are no classes with above 2,500 AAs. I would put almost all my money that no class has above 2,000. Lie #1

    Complexity - The game is no where near as complex as you are stating. Warriors, for example, gained =< than 5 total button clicks from POP-DoDh/POR that I can think off. Lie #2

    Statflation - The hme goes up by 100% roughly but that's 5 expansions of content. Classic to POP is the same length. Wanna discuss the explosion of stats there? Most gear there is sub 50 hme. PoTime tops out at 225 for one stat. You're looking at upwards of a 500% explosion in a stat. Collectively, it's closer to 100% boost in combined hme totals.

    Heck, how about the 100% gains just from Luclin to POP? lulz Lie #3

    If you're going to post, don't spread easily disproved fallacies.
  9. ikarinokamii Elder

    OOW without POR seems pointless to me. OOW is a level 70 expansion, if you are going to lock at 70 I want all the level 70 content. I understand why GOD wasn't included in the agnarr, because even though it's still level 65 it's really the first half of OOW.
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  10. Herf Augur

    I'm speaking of expats 1-PoP vs what happens after. The game simply multiplies dmg, hp's, and stats, with relatively little creative additions. In fact if anything it becomes more formulaic: do the dailies, do the progression. The concept of exploring is lost. The original "Vision" is of course long gone, but that's not the blame of expats.

    OMG I'm doing 1,356 dmg per hit instead of 324! Boring.
  11. 3rdconix Elder

    Again, you're being completely dishonest.

    We are talking about 5 expansion gaps of Classic-POP vs POP-POR. There is a bigger boom in everything you say between the former than there is the latter. Gear goes from 0 to maybe 100 hme total in classic to topping around 600 hme off Quarm in Potime. This goes from around 600 hme to around 1200 hme dropping off ARo in DK.

    You seriously going to argue that this to this isn't a crazy boost in stats? LOL. That's almost a 400% boost in just hp. It's a 600% boost in ac. Then you have all the resists, the extra ac/resist passive AA click, the heroic stats, etc. It's absurd claiming the game simply multiplies after POP yet not acknowledging the fact it multiplies more than it ever will again between Classic-POP.

    The large numbers excuse is nothing more than a meager excuse for not admitting you never played too far into the game. What you describes takes nearly 20 expansions of content to reach. You're being absurd.
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  12. coltongrundy Augur

    Almost for sure never going to happen, but GoD would be the best expansion to lock a TLP on.

    On paper you might think OOW because of epic 2.0's, but once you get your 2.0 done there's really nothing to do in OOW outside of 1 single raid zone with only 6 targets. Maybe 2 of the of the MPG raids are worth doing once in a while, the other 4 are a waste of time and RSS is pointless.

    And GoD is only part 1 of OOW by story in the sense that the discordians invaded norrath first in GoD so then we take the fight to them in OOW, but gameplay-wise, no not all.

    OOW makes all of GoD irrelevent. And there's so much to do in GoD in era. Other raids are still relevant outside of Tacvi - Cynosure for handwraps & cleave 3 neck; Yxtta for hdex earring; Txevu for pet focus, 2HB, hdex rings; Ikkinz for hdex rings, berzerker tome; Quests for everyone like BiC, skin samples, taskmistress. And outside of that, if you want to gear up some alts to get them ready to start raiding you can always farm the muramite armor pieces from the goats.

    I used to think I wanted an OOW locked server, until I played through it on a TLP. If you really think about it and what there is to do in each expansion, GoD is by far a better stopping point than OOW.
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  13. 3rdconix Elder


    Where are you going to get damage augs if not from Tunat? BIC? There are still items that are or near BIS in Tacvi during OOW. You cannot get a full set of OOW raid augs without missing slots. There may be better weps and clickies in COA, but are you seriously going to wait doing COA once a week and hoping they drop or doubling your chances and doing Tacvi for a slightly worse click? I saw ONE over-haste click from OMM out of the 60+ times I killed him on Aradune. Good luck getting over-haste without going to Tacvi!
  14. coltongrundy Augur

    You would do tacvi on a oow locked server as often as people do vex thal on agnarr. rarely.

    Some people will want to go back to get DHW for a new monk, some will want to go back to get talisman of vah kerrath for a hybrid or bard, most people won't need anything from there and won't want to go back more than once every few months.

    Why are your clerics going to want to go back to Tacvi just for a chance to get your rogue a damage aug?
  15. 3rdconix Elder

    Geomantra clicky which there are none in OOW.

    Weapon heal clicky.

    Tongue samples providing a wrist/neck better than OOW.

    BIC providing literal BIS aug for slot 4 of Epic shield.

    Various other items that are BIS vs OOW?

    I'm not understanding why this is such a hard concept. Not every item is BIS in COA.
  16. ikarinokamii Elder

    I'm pretty sure VT is still raided weekly on agnarr, just saying.
  17. Xeris Augur

    Having experienced GOD/OOW on Vaniki, I'm pretty sure that Tacvi is still relevant even with Anguish. I don't think the difference between Anguish and Tacvi is as big as... VT and Potime on Agnarr.

    There's literally ONE VT item that's usable on a BIS character in era on Agnarr. Nobody really raids VT anymore on Agnarr, it's not done weekly anymore. Hasn't been for awhile.

    I'd prefer an OOW lock because of 2.0s, but also wouldn't mind a full 70 lock, or a GOD lock. Any of those would be nice. I like locked servers.
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  18. straynge Journeyman

    VT has a lot of clickies and relevant gear during PoP Era but it doesn't necessarily lend itself to a lot of replayability. Dark hand wraps, pendant of malosini, resist clicks, castable shrink click and group click, talisman of vah kerrath are off the top of my head relevant gear pieces.

    VT is a slog but if you're only playing for BIS you'll never be happy with anything but BIS anyways. But as Xeris says nobody is doing VT weekly on Agnarr

    The idea that Agnarr could progress a few expansions sounds pretty cool, and I think if it was put up to a vote on the server it would pass
  19. ikarinokamii Elder

    it would for sure pass, I'm sure high 90's.
  20. ikarinokamii Elder

    I think AT does VT every week on agnarr. but I could be wrong.