Goblet of Adventure II

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Prepared, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Prepared Lorekeeper

    It seems to have 0 charges after claimed and is not usable. This is from the collectors edition of Burning Lands expansion. Anyone else have this issue?

    Steps to duplicate issue:
    1. Purchase The Burning Lands expansion collector's edition.
    2. Log out and back on.
    3. type in /claim
    4. Select Goblet of Adventure II and press Claim button
    5. Right click Goblet of Adventure II shows EXPENDABLE Charges: 0
    6. Left click Goblet of Adventure II does nothing.
  2. Shihan New Member

    Same. 0 charges :(
  3. Deep New Member


    Now I feel better! I thought I was being dense and couldn't figure out how to use it! :p
  4. practicalnurse Lorekeeper

    SO how does one use it?
  5. practicalnurse Lorekeeper

    Petitioned it. Hopefully I get a reply and a fix before too long.
  6. practicalnurse Lorekeeper

    Problem solved. Potions should be working now.