Gnomish Very Fast Submarine

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Orcen, Jul 22, 2022.

  1. Orcen Lorekeeper

    Category: Items [Can Repro]
    Date/Time: Fri Jul 22 22:43:44 2022

    Character: Level 118 Shadow Knight (Main)

    Description: the new mount, "Gnomish Hovering Transport" seems to be useful as a submarine. It has no hovering abilities, so over water, one will just sink to the bottom, then can use as an very fast submarine. Most mounts disappear when underwater, this one works great. Its fast too.
    If this isn't a bug, I thought maybe you should rename it to "Gnomish Submarine" so the name would match better with this new usefulness?

    Edit> the underwater thing just seemed to work in the fishing pond in PoK. Wanted to see if it would hover over water, and it went straight to the bottom of the pond, and let me scoot around quite quickly.. In couple real zones i just dropped in the water and lost mount.

    Seriously its a hover..... why doesnt it hover over land and water?
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  2. Orcen Lorekeeper

    a second note on this mount... it is just odd meleing, bashing, kicking, and range fighting while sitting on a mount like one. Is like sitting on the ground and kicking? just wierd.. maybe we should be standing up on this mount?..

    Edit>>> ok this is odd... Human SK zoned into a couple real zones and yes, sitting on the mount. Like sitting on the ground type sitting.
    But, on second account, when I zoned Paly out of PoK into a active zone (not GL), my Drakkin Paly is standing, He mnust sits in PoK/GL looks like.

    Why one toon stands and other sits?
  3. Raccoo Augur

    I attempted this on a 120 Beastlord in North Ro on Cazic server, and was unable to duplicate. The board would disappear as soon as I hit the water, and would not allow me to resummon.

    And turn sideways like Marty!
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  4. Orcen Lorekeeper

    I edited the first post to explain I originally tried in PoK in the Fishing pond. My intent was to see if it would hover over water.. What happened was that I sunk immediately to the bottom of the pond, underwater, and was still on the mount. I could zoom back and forth underwater while still sitting on the mount. My first thoughts was this is the first underwater usable mount.

    I since tried in North Ro ocean and in EW(ToV) and mount immediately disappeared when hit the water.

    Kind of a dumb hover craft since it doesn't hover at all..... I would think Gnomes would have addressed that defect before launch.
  5. zleski Augur

    Look, development timelines were delayed due to economic aggression from Kelethin. We've been working as hard as we can to rectify the issue, but for reasons beyond our control, it just didn't make it into the GA (general availability) product release.

    (Also, +1: this should absolutely levitate. As it is, I LOVE this model and its effects! Kudos to the artists. I wish it had a 1.0 second cast time to replace my TBL carpet)
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