Gnomework Repair! (Broken Texture)

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  1. Rainbowdash Augur

    For quite some time (I wanna say...since Underfoot. When the silver/gold etc gnomeworks went in) The "junkyard" steamwork texture has been...broken. It won't map correctly over the model.

    Since this model is now an illusion from Station Store.. I was wondering if this could be looked into and resolved. The model itself is fine. It's just that the texture isn't mapping over the model correctly.

    Here's what the model USED to look like, with it's release during Secrets of Faydwer:


    And here's what it looks like now:


    Obviously it's not the worst case of a broken texture in the world. Mostly noticeable in the drill-bit hand and face. And it's not exactly priority. Far worse issues have gone unlooked at. But I figured since it's an illusion people are going to be spending real cash on (like...I...just that I'd at least bring it to a dev's attention. I made a bug report about it close to a year back but... yeah.
  2. Pirouette Augur

    Huh.. I THOUGHT the junkyard gnomework looked a little too junk-y, this confirms my suspicions. I'd like to see it fixed as the original looks far better.

    Not exactly the same issue but related: On Silver Gnomework illusion and headless scrykin illusions there is a bug where if the illusion is cast out of zone of the viewing player the model gets swapped leaving behind the correct texture (causing the texture to pick up the flat texture sheet and spreading it across the model at random).

    It's not the same because the junkyard gnomework texture is consistent from what I've seen, but the issue I'm speaking of CAN display the correct textures but often bugs out (and is 100% out, zone back in.). I don't think it's been reported often because the player casting the illusion never sees the bug, since they are always in zone at the time the illusion model is put on.
  3. Rainbowdash Augur

    Aye the issue you're referring to deals with illusions or temp race changes only and only happens when zoning in our out, camping in or out, or zoning in/logging in after an illusion has been cast, It also happens to any enchanter/rogue/bard with Permanent Illusion...but the actual bard/rogue/chanter will see themselves's everyone else that sees them messed up if they zone.

    Reason for this is because when a temporary race change like an illusion is up, and a person logs in or zones into a zone after it's casted, or zones out then back in. It's loading that model...but it isn't loading spell components like the size changes. So a large race with a small illusion will result in a large version of that illusion if you leave the zone and come back or come in after it's casted (Best example is an ogre casting a gnome illusion. Then you leave the zone and zone back in and suddenly, from your screen, you see a HUGE gnome). Also any model packed into an .eqg (Omens of War and onward) will seemingly load the default (0) mesh and 3D model, but keep the appropriate texture. If the mesh or 3D model is the same (such as the spider or beetle models. No matter what texture variant they use, the mesh and 3D model are the exact same) it won't matter. But for others, like the gnome work or shiliskin which changes the 3D model for each texture variant (some gnomeworks have steam vents, the Underfoot ones don't, different gnomeworks have different hand or built-in weapon styles etc) the texture will not map correctly onto the default 3D model. Cause it's not designed to.

    Again though, the above issue only happens with illusions or temporary race changes, and only when zoning in/out or entering a zone after an illusion has been casted. and that bug has been around literally for...ever. The junkyard gnomework model is just plain bugged. It doesn't matter if you're in the zone when someone casts it, or if it's an illusion, player, or npc model. The 3D Model is perfectly's the texture that isn't mapping right. and it's consistent.
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  4. Pirouette Augur

    That's what I thought was going on just didn't know how to word it...thanks for the clarification. I only started boxing recently so I was clueless about this issue for years. I really do think it's something worth looking into though on both counts. I own several SC illusions and there are some I simply won't cast because I hate looking at befuddled textures on my boxes. Headless scrykin being the main one, love the headless model but hate the hooded model - and the default it reverts to is the hooded each time I zone.
  5. Dzarn Developer

    The issue with the Gnomework should be fixed for the next full patch.

    (The 'head attachments' on the model were pulling their texture data from the body texture file instead of the intended 'head attachments' texture file. They should be mapped correctly following our next full patch.)
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  6. Rainbowdash Augur

    I love you Dzarn. Have I ever told you that?
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  7. Pirouette Augur

    Awesome! Happy to see such a fast response. Will you guys be looking into the model swapping issue as mentioned above?