GMM risk vs reward out of whack? mobs need tuning up

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  1. Geko Elder

    GMM was a trap! (in a good way)

    It took all the f2p / silver players ... and gave them a reason to go gold / progress. had they made GMM only usable by people who owned expansions past F2P ... they wouldnt be able to trap those individuals with this good gear.

    The gear is not usable by anyone who isnt 110 ( all expansions ) and prestige ( all access )... What they have done is put some candy in your bag and said "Hey ... buy the expansion and go all access and you can stop sucking at Everquest finally.
  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'd say they were both the same about the difficulty, just GMM is a lot longer.
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  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Good luck, I hope you manage it. :)
  4. Inga Elder

    No, it is not what I tried to ask.
    My question is how he invited a level 85 toon to requirement level 95 mission.
    Am I missing something?
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  5. svann Augur

    Must not be a hard requirement then. They did say this content is for 95+ but they didnt say they would put hard limits on it.
  6. SubEffect An Original Lord of Fizzle and Whiff

    We've tried to get in a level 94 character and the task wouldn't take (my 110 character was the one getting the task). I got the level requirement message. Once 95, that character was able to get the task. I'm thinking that person meant 95.. I almost hope 85's can't get in - I may never leave the damn zone and just keep cranking out alts.
  7. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Well the exp seems insane atm due to the 50% exp bonus we are getting.
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  8. Mazame Augur

    The level gap for missions is 15 so if you have a 110 requesting then yes you would need to be 95 to join. But if a level 100 requested it then a 85 could join.

    So the question is was he running a level 100 & 85 or a 110 & 95 ?
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Though until this thread I had no idea where the achievements were. No issue maybe. Intuitive not so much.
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  10. Yendar Augur

    The same 50% bonus doesn’t make TBL exp look insane at all. Go exp there for awhile.
  11. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Well I was just replying to the person who thought it was insane :) and my suggestion was they thought it was insande due to the 50% exp bonus. And I have been exping there since GMM came out. *shrugs*
  12. Natal Augur

    Fight Fire can be soloed by shaman, it just takes a while. But it is still harder than GMM though because mobs stand a real chance of actually killing you if they can hit you. I have lost toons there by being too cavalier. If stuff summoned that event would become way harder. You certainly can't face tank 10 fire fight mobs at once and survive no matter how well equipped your tank is. The only reason the event is easy is because the mobs do not summon, don't cast anything and can be rooted. If they were casting DDs and DoTs like most other mobs in TBL you would not have nearly such a nice time in the event.

    And for what it is worth, I think that Fight Fire should be dropping Ifrit only, not the rare drops, since the mission is easy. The evolving items should instead be ultra rare drops off trash in higher tier zones or rare drops in the more challenging missions IMO, or as rewards for completing ach arcs.

    The GMM HA can be done pretty easily even without a real tank. Just about any class at 110 with reasonably current should be capable of tanking mobs there, although not as many as a real tank might. I am fine with nameds dropping TBL level gear in GMM, because those can be balanced individually outside of what else is going on in the zone.

    Cactus was only easy if you brought more than a certain amount of dps, if you did not it very rapidly become extremely hard and then impossible to beat. There was not a whole lot inbetween. Either you had X amount of dps or you did not, that determined if you beat it or not. The mission was just poorly designed in that way. The event should have had adds come at percentages rather timed, since it would have forced people to deal with the actual mechanics of the event rather than use dumb dps to sidestep them. That would have resulted in an event that could be reasonably accessed by a much wider range of group compositions.
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  13. Aelen Augur

    Cactus went through some iterations.

    First form was very burstable.

    Second form got it’s HP and damage output tuned way up, and was no longer burstable. Was a really bad change.

    Last form was still rougher than first form, still burstable at a higher threshold.

    I farmed the first form some. I skipped out on the second form and figured the Developers had no clue what they were doing when I saw the change there. The third form I ended up farming a lot.

    I didn’t use my Necro when farming it. Making it %-based would not have made my Necro work better, either. It’d’ve just given me a second reason to prefer a different class or archetype for that.

    I’d’ve probably liked the mission a lot less in the %-form, at least when it’s burstable that’s a fun way to flex and display the DPS tricks I’ve worked out with various classes.

    For groupers in the first zone it was overtuned as a means to try to farm the so-so quality T1 gear it was guarding. I’m not just talking about the DPS threshold, the thing hit pretty hard for anyone who wasn’t already established. Bursting it was also the solution to that, as you could use a weaker tank/healer setup aiming for a shorter window of power with the better discs.

    Overall the only reasonable interpretation was that they didn’t want the mission to be accessible to most. As I recall killing the sprouts before they matured didn’t really gain you much in terms of a sustained benefit, and had a hard cutoff to make you waste any effort you’d put into killing it. I.E., the HP on the sprouts should’ve been quite a bit lower to make it more valuable to go after them. That and the adds shouldn’t have spawned as frequently.

    @Natal, you seem to generally marginalize the DPS role. You do realize that it’s essentially one giant math problem involving a lot of optimization, and accessing a lot of variables that may or may not be provided in-game, or are often provided better through external sites and tools, or better affirmed through rudimentary statistical analysis? Calling it “dumb dps” sends exactly the wrong message when trying to say why there is such a wide disparity in what people can do with it.

    I’m also generally more inclined to call the bare-bones War+Clr setup EQ’s most “dumb” setting. The classic tank n spank where most of the people around them are window dressing. I like it a lot better when there are instead a variety of ways to be capable.

    I guess my point is that the effort and intellect that goes into switching to target adds and running from big yellow auras is actually a helluva lot lower than what goes into spreadsheeting out all the things a class is capable of and doing opportunity cost analysis. Or coding a full on simulation. The thing that those mechanics add is an additional complication that makes the more difficult thing hard to do properly. The confusion on that point I guess stems from the fact that you carry more of your DPS related skills with you from event to event, whereas the aura is timed slightly differently in different events?
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  14. mele mayhem New Member

    just a thought, if u already posted 4, 5 , 10 times here, then chances are your've already given your opinion, people might not agree with you but they know what u think, maybe leave it for new pple to give an opinion
  15. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    The level gap for missions hasn't been 15 in years, since back when they were working on making HAs a thing. I regularly have my 85-89 alts in my missions and HAs with my 108, and now 110, monk.

    In fact, I went and tried to request the task with my 88 Cleric, "You do not meet the requirements for any available tasks."

    The task has a level requirement of 95.
  16. Inga Elder

    Does it matter what EoK HA reward is when Bi`faak drops armors so easily and casuals can often join PuG in T2 zones without any flag? As I said, GMM mission is harder than EoK HA, and it is as difficult as (phantasmal) RoS HA. So the difficulty of the mission and the number of rewards is ok, as it is for 1-3 conflagrant geared casuals who takes about 1-2 hours to finish the mission.

    Some people may think gears have more value and should be difficult to get when they have much more HME compared to previous expansion, but actually it is quite opposite. Because gear inflation always means Mob Power Inflation, it must be combined with mercenary upgrade and open camps where 1-3 players can obtain equipments easily. In other words, one of the big mistakes (not the biggest) in TBL is the lack of Bi`faak 2.0.

    As for the quality of the rewards, well, probably they didn't have enough time to create 3 tiers of non-visibles + 112 class armors as well as 3 tiers of missions, so they made only 1 set of non-visibles instead. If they had enough resources, they would have tuned GMM rewards, or TBL expansion itself properly, but it is not the fault of the players nor developers.

    I totally agree with the part that something like an HA is suitable for flagging, just like Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul.
  17. AnzoRagespirit Augur

    You heard it here guys!!! If GMM gets buffed you can blame this community. I personally don't care about GMM practically nothing here intests me except the raid belt with Overdrive Boon...that's what I want everything else can suck an egg.
  18. Solanli Journeyman

    After reading this thread I have decided to hold off on buying the new expansion and going all access on all 5 of my accounts. I had seen GMM as a great way for me to get back into the game - with relevant gear and an ability to get to 110. But with community members trying to hold others back - I am unsure of the fate of GMM (Which for years has been my best chance at getting back into the game ).

    I will stay lvl 105 and continue to make odd twinks I guess. If anyone wants to play with 52 / 65 / 70 / 85 twinks that are fully raid geared ... hit me up on Tunare server!

    Be Well Everyone!
  19. Spankage Elder

    At this point I'm convinced the OP made the thread ironically to troll... and it worked. No one could possibly be that dense to actively call for changes that hurt the casual playerbase.
  20. Geko Elder

    In my opinion, GMM is much like AutoGrant for AA.

    Sometime after VOA/ROF (I believe it was CotF) - mobs just started hitting so hard .... group mobs hitting for almost 8k ... group named hitting for 10 - 12k. This made it really hard for players to come back and get into the swing of things. Especially Tanks.

    When I tried to come back in the past ... it went like this:

    1. Try to go to a group zone and get exp ---> dead in seconds - I just can't handle the hits.
    2. Try to buy some gear in bazaar ... Can't ... kronos have inflated prices so much that I can't afford anything anymore without buying kronos to sell for PP.
    3. Realize that I can't get back into EQ without dropping several hundred dollars into the combination of Kronos ( for gear ) expansions and going gold.
    4. /ex

    GMM = a way to come back to the game. Daybreak would be foolish to do anything to this content ... It is the gear step up that autogrant did for AA for so many people.

    Be well all, I am done replying on this topic.