GMM risk vs reward out of whack? mobs need tuning up

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  1. Natal Augur

    GMM is a permanent zone, it was released with the anniversary events, but is actually TBL content.
  2. Natal Augur

    He did not say he was doing it with an 85 ranger, he said he was leaving an 85 ranger at the zone it, basically to leach xp. His other main toons were moloing it.

    The EoK HAs (or any other normal HA for that matter) do not have chests. They give coin which in EoK could only be used for buying type 5 augs. People would only do that particular one for flagging (it is on the mercenary ach line) or to spawn the named in order to finish hunters. On Behest of the Emperor being easy to complete would be consistent with that since it intended for solo players or small groups of a few players. The GMM HAs on the other hand have chests with 3 end game group gear items. The risk v reward is completely different, so your argument is invalid. The GMM HAs should only be dropping Ifrit coin, like the Fight Fire mission does, as a reasonable risk v reward IMO. The same as earlier HAs. The proper place for an HA is on task/progression lines that are reasonably aimed at 1-3 players and they should have minor rewards to reflect that. If they are going to have a chest that drops group end game gear then they should be full missions and all the difficulty that goes with those.

    Muhbis are not that hard to get btw, you just need to run Wending Ways repeatedly. It can drop 0 - 2 muhbis in the chest. It is doable with a regular group, it just takes a while. The big issue with TBL missions from my point of view is not so much that they are hard (they should be for the gear they drop) but rather that it is inappropriate to be using them for flagging. Something like an HA is suitable for flagging, missions should be reserved for gear.
  3. Mazame Augur

    Release during the anniversary
    It is flagged as TBL "GMM is TBL SKU" according to Ngreth
    Yet /ach show it under Secrets of Faydwer

    Sounds like the zone has an identity issue.

    As for for how hard it is who cares.
    1st a number of ppl have post how the struggle with TBL. for those people this gives them a place to get 50% of their gear before they return to TBL to get the visables.

    2nd a number of people PL alts and friends anyways so what does it matter how some one get gear. Their is always a way for some people to get gear an easy way. I have even open my farming to general and TA people just so they can come get free gear or OOC stuff the was rotting that some one came and got for free. and that was well before GMM. point being group gear is easy to get at least with this zone how it is people can enjoy doing it them self rather then just mooching off raiders table scraps.

    I sure most of the ppl QQ about this being to easy is doing it in Raid gear.
    Group gear is not a symbol of your hard work or effort like raid gear is. Group gear lets the non raider explore the world on their own ability. so what if 1 zone is under tuned. If it really going to be the end of the world? it not even a full set of gear.

    3rd it only for 9 months. I would much rather the EQ team work on the next exp then spend time re tuning this one zone. In 9 months new zone will be out / new and better gear will be dropping and no one will care how hard GMM is or isn't. in fact I would guess that 90% of the people wont even be returning to it at that point.

    4th The only real reason I think people are pushing for it to be harder is not because care but because they want to exploit others. If it harder then they can come in with their raid gear toon and then sell off the loot to group gear ppl that can no longer do it because it was made harder.

    I mean for real if it easy and people are able to gear them self how would that effect you? unless your trying to profit of being the one to gear them. no real anniversary stuff was add this year. yes i know the cake quest that give nothing but a check mark. so let people have this zone it not like they will be living it in for ever.
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  4. bigpapa Augur


    GMM should not be open for anyone imo, if they want the good loots they would have to buy TBL expansion, and more $$$ for DB.
  5. Absor Developer

    Thematically its Secrets of Faydwer. Difficulty-wise its The Burning Lands. No issues here.
  6. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    GMM "as is" and alone will keep me interested\occupied for a few months. Granted I have low playtime and on FV with what feel are the best ruleset for for casuals, but still when was the last time a single zone was that engrossing?
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  7. Mazame Augur

    Heart of Fear I helped 72 people earn their purple weapon. I loved that zone / missions.
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  8. Tumbler Lorekeeper

    Because your looking at it through the eye's of a warrior/rogue. Take your shammy, find a necro and druid. Then tell me how hard the mission is. Leave the warrior at home.

    No mercs needed or wanted. You don't need the other 2 classes as you can solo the mission on your shammy (if you know how to play) however, totally easy. You can take all 6 at once, kill all 6 at once and move to the next 5. It takes less time to do ff than this mission, why? Because there is built in breaks in GMM. You have 3 sets in FF for spawns. you have 5 in GMM and have to move. You don't even have to move to the end guy in Fight fire. He'll port you there. You simply zone in and collect loot.

    I am totally fine with that mission being being easy as well. I am totally fine with this mission being easy.

    Here is the underlying issue. The content gets developed. Then it gets changed(like cactus) then it never gets used again. I read this thread and I see a lot of things like (for the health of the game, for the good of the game) You know what's not good for the game? Catcus; that mission was so easy for raiders they would do it every second it was up. They then got it nerfed into oblivion so that even if you could do it, you don't want to do it. It is such a horrible crappy mission now. What it is now is not good for EQ. What it is now is what you want to make GMM. Yet I am sure you don't want FF nerfed yet. Why? Because you have 3 outta 4 of the drops or your war has 4/4 but your other toons are lacking. Your still farming coin and augs from it, and don't want it nerfed yet.

    It is sad to meet people like you. Oh I don't have it yet, yeah Fight fire is loads of magnitudes harder than the GMM mission. Oh I have my GMM aug, yeah let's nerf that zone. The mission is easy, both of them. Not to mention the mission is tier 1 in TBL, it should be easy.

    The hardest missions in TBL = plane of smoke trials. Not all of them, but like the Ash one is rough and just not fun. I have never heard of 1 person say, wow that mission, I'm glad it is that hard. That mission was a lot of fun being like that. I hear a lot of people happy with GMM and all I see from the people like you is... We can't have those people happy, nerf it now!
  9. Yendar Augur

    Fight Fire isn't exactly difficult, but its not exactly easy either. having 4 linked mobs makes it pretty tough for non tanks/chanters in comparison to GMM. stop acting like anything in TBL is anywhere near similar to GMM it isn't. the mobs hit for way more. I can tank 3 mobs on my group geared monk more easily as 1 Fight fire or stratos trash mob and the hp differential on them is just as big.
  10. Tumbler Lorekeeper

    The mobs may be linked, but you don't have to do anything but root all 4. Then dot them down. You don't have to tank a single mob in that mission. I'm not acting. You say non tanks/chanters... there's bards, there's shammy, there's druids, there's rangers..

    Mage pet's can tank the mobs one at a time. Sure they are linked, but root fixes all that. Stop acting like it is hard at all. Who cares how hard a mob can hit, if it doesn't have to hit you at all?

    I am also okay with this? Because merc tanks are horrible. If merc tanks could tank, then I would agree that root was not an okay way to kill these. But since merc tanks can't tank, then I don't think it should be designed that only those that know top end warriors/sk's/pally should be the one's who get the loot.

    Fight fire is as easy as Gribbles Heroic missions. Sadly because of the layout of TBL(becaing harder up front) this mission is just about the extent that an average grouper will see of TBL.

    See what happens is the dev's design the content backwards. They desgin the starting zones first, and put in a lot of detail and a lot of work. The later zones they do later in the expansion. Because of this detail and devotion they spend to the front part of the expansions; it makes it more difficult than the latter parts. Not as much gets beta tested in the front parts of the expansion as they last parts. Everyone in beta zones in starts with step one and moves up. Not everyone even makes it to the end to beta test.

    Throughout EQ history the difficulty of content is normally stacked on the front part of the expansion. Fight fire would have been a perfect example of that, however, the being able to root it totaly negates the fact that the mobs are linked together. Having done the mission fight fire numerous times; having witnessed people advertising 5 task adds for fight fire. I can't believe that you can sit at your computer and honestly type that the mission is "harder" or hard at all.
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  11. Morthakia Augur

    I REALLY like how hard Trial of Ashes is. I’ve helped a whole bunch of people on my server beat this trial and it is a great feeling working together / being needed to help do the challenging content. More trials like this one would be great.

    Wending Ways? Now that one is tedious and complete garbage. I’ve never helped anyone get through it (few have asked, it isn’t difficult). Did it for the achievements and never returned.
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  12. Tumbler Lorekeeper

    Your the first person I have ever seen that has liked that mission. As for Wendy ways, can't tell you how many people I have helped in that to get both achievements. The difference is this, could those people do that mission without you?

    The people I have helped could probably do Wendy ways without me. However I still and would have helped them again and again.

    Can you say the same is true for your trial? Could those people do that task without you? If you gave up eq tomorrow, would those people still have a chance to get that mission done?
  13. Yendar Augur

    funny how the next post is a thread about fight fire advice because someone is struggling with it. if you have someone that can ae root, ae mez, or tank all 4 its not too difficult, if you don't it can get rough really quick.. and when you whipe its not an easy recover. comparing it to gribbles is just ridiculous, GMM is like gribbles. a whole bunch of easy mobs that you don't even HAVE TO CONSIDER ROOTING OR SPLITTING that's the point.

    I can solo fight fire easily on my chanter sure, but I can't beat it with any combination of my monk, mage or cleric without my chanter though. Maybe if my monk was raid geared I could tank all 4, maybe not. I know in GMM I can tank 5 mobs on him with earthforce, have 2 dead by the time it down and then tank the other 3 with an offensive disc up.
  14. Tumbler Lorekeeper

    I honestly think that the post on fight for being hard was more like this... I hope they don't need that mission, I haven't gotten all my stuff yet. I better make a thread stating how hard it is so that it doesn't get nerfed.

    Seeing you post this directly after that. I wonder if it was your alt posting that fight fire thread.

    Yes. Fight fire is as easy as gribbles.

    You also stated that you can solo fight for easy on your enchanter. Isn't that proving my point?

    Why should one class be able to solo the best gear in the game, but another mission gives loot that is sub par in comparison and it's too easy...
  15. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Thanks! I worked at it for a long time. I'm not done! I want to do at least a full marathon before I turn 45!
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  16. Yendar Augur

    Enchanter isn't the only class that can solo fight fire. SKs do it no problem. Theyre probably the 2 most OP classes in the game, not a surprise. And MOST classes can solo this GMM mission. Most classes cant solo fight fire, sure a mage pet can tank them, if he has someone to root the mobs. So he needs a ranger, shaman, or druid.. or enchanter/bard to mez. The mobs do way more damage as these GMM mobs.

    And im still missing 2 augs from the GMM mission and 2 pairs of shoulders from fight fire. I'm more than fan leaving them how they are. I'd prefer GMM difficulty not be increased because I plan on finishing leveling my items there.

    I'm just not gonna sit here and act like it isn't ALOT easier. That's why I'm basically WAITING to level my items until next patch when GMM is added to evolving exp.
  17. Morthakia Augur

    Not entirely sure I see the point to your question. No, most people couldn’t do the Ashes trial without my help (which is why they asked). The ones who asked for help with Wending Ways were also unable to do it. People don’t tend to ask for help if they don’t need it...
  18. svann Augur

    Boxxing it bard wiz I deftdance on the pull then ae mez.
  19. Dewey Augur

    The people who asked for your help with Ashes trial are limited on who they can associate with and ask for help. The people who asked for help on Wending ways can ask a slew of people to help them on it.
  20. Geko Elder

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