GMM risk vs reward out of whack? mobs need tuning up

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  1. Natal Augur

    I don use CC at all on that HA, I tank them as they come.

    You have heard of something called the invested wurmslayer right? It works well because you are doing a lot of damage on these mass pulls with riposte, and you get the benefit of the permanent rune. Many of the mobs are half dead by the time it comes to kill them simply due to ripostes.

    I obviously have the usual over time buffs running like always. That does not change the fact that you can pull the entire wave on each step of the first HA and survive without too much effort. The biggest caution is avoiding AEs that you normally might use because there are often gnomework mobs in the area. And if you don't really want to mass tank, the mobs in quest start staggered out and walk to their destination, you can easily peel 4 or 5 off if you want to reduce the total number involved, and then each wave becomes even more trivial. If you want, you can also park your tank on the path leading to their destination and let them add over time if you are concerned about the delay for the mercs to get up to healing speed.

    Mass tanking mobs in the rest of TBL is far more difficult because (A) they hit way harder with much higher damage output, and (B) most have some sort of special ability that disrupts the fight through damage or some other means.

    A single mob in most of the rest of TBL can easily take you down if your healers are not on the ball. In GMM HAs on a single mob you barely even need a healer at all. There is simply no comparison between the difficulty levels involved.
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  2. Natal Augur

    It doesn't need to be a crunch, they start spread out on the path and then walk to the platform. If you go up the hill immediately after wave 1 you can catch them just standing at their spawn points, then you can select a number to take on initially, if you feel the mass on the platform is too many for you to handle. Keep in mind that they snare in that wave though, so you need to choose where you start from because once you have engaged one, it is probably going to snare you right away and you will not be able to chase the others. You need to kill 8 on that wave, and there are 9 altogether. One is far back enough on the platform that he wont add if you choose to pull there, but if you lack the resources to take them all on, you can reduce that number by taking some out before they get there. CCing with AE spells on the platform is tricky because of all of the gnomeworks wandering around, so if you fight all there you have to flat out tank them.
  3. SubEffect An Original Lord of Fizzle and Whiff

    Yup, I know all of that. As I mentioned, I use my ranger to bow pull a few off the high road and bring them down to split them out. I play somewhat recklessly when I'm by myself so sometimes I do this, sometimes I don't. I don't have any CC in my solo team (at least none that I use.. I could vinelash, etc. I just don't need or want to).

    The point was really that a properly geared tank can do it, but it's not trivial. No video required.
  4. Geko Elder

    I think it is perfect the way it is. This is a huge revenue builder for EQ - people who wouldnt normally go gold will go gold now because they have gear that is worth being gold for.
  5. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    This is the whole point. 6 pages of jabber-jawing later we have arrived.
  6. Inga Elder

    You have to kill at least 45 mobs to finish the mission while moving between steps and pulling. I don't think it is possible for average group geared players under an hour as molo.
    By the way, I have a 85 (non-Heroic) ranger, but I can't do the same thing. Can you tell me how you did?

    EoK HA On Behest of the Emperor is far easier than The Darkness Howls.

    So you are saying that you can do a mission which drops no armor you can use so easily. I cannot find any problem in it. If you want to test the mission, you had better use AA autogranted heroic toon at level 110 and full conflagrant gears.

    One of the big mistakes (not the biggest) in TBL is that they tuned T1 zone for RoS raid geared or TBL group geared balanced 6 players group. Any player without smoke trials flag right now has little chance to get gears better than conflagrant outside The Darkness Howls.

    If they tuned the mission for TBL raid geared tank, casual players will still have full conflagrant gears at best when they release the next expansion. So they have to tune the entry zone in next expansion with a conflagrant geared player and a merc if they don't want to repeat the same mistake.

    What I am afraid right now is that they may tune next expansion T1 zones with full GMM non-visibles and TBL visibles, which casuals won't be able to get. I think they had better add muhbis to GMM mission drop. If not, I hope they tune next expansion entry zone properly, using a toon with GMM non-visibles, conflagrant visibles and conflagrant charm.
  7. mele mayhem New Member

    i personally am loving gmm. I had been a little bored. Isn't anniversary stuff supposed to be a celebration? Why cant it be a little easier and be actually fun for those that arnt uber. We like having some fun at times too. Its a celebration not a trial just my two cents worth.
  8. Claudi Elder

    for God's sake leave GMM alone. You get 12 of 21 items there (charm doesnt count since you need TBL gear to get the stats) - so wth is the Problem?
  9. Flatchy Court Jester

    The problem is some people dont wanna see The Jeffersons, moving on up!
  10. Yendar Augur

  11. Parker Elder

    Great time at your age man!

    And leave GMM alone! At least till im done )
  12. Gozier New Member

    I'm a casual gold 108 enchanter with crappy (and I mean CRAPPY; as in one or 2 pieces are still lvl 95) gear and my son (the 110 rogue) and I can duo the zone with our mercs (what a pain in the ). Admittedly, we spent 3 hours our first time and I can't even remember how many times I died (curse the rogue and his escape!), but we completed the mission. We've done it at least 20 times now, and we've figured out how to effectively split the mobs before they get to the birdhouse, which is the hardest part of the mission. We can now finish in about an hour. I don't think they should change a thing. I am a returning player and I've found that EQ is not much like I remembered it to be. The GMM content has brought me back and put a big smile on my face. Finally, some content that I can do some old school crowd control!

    P.S. The one thing that has not changed; all the complaining about petty BS on the forums. Now, it's Daybreak's fault instead of Verant's...
  13. Tatanka Augur

    OK, so help me out. I tried once, and as a moloing druid, the mission was impossible to complete, due to the mobs all piled up for step 2 (that's what you're calling the birdhouse?). How do you split them up before they get there?
  14. Mazame Augur

    If you run up the hill to the path you can see them spawn and kill them on the path. They will still bunch up if u fight on the path but if you pick 1-3 and pull them down you can kill them while the other walk to the bird house. Once in the bird house you have 2 options.

    Use a merc to help off tank and burn them down. if you get in trouble evac and come back and repeat until they are dead.

    The other option would be to root them. they are root able and once you have them rooted you can then take them on one at a time.

    The other option would be to look in general. doing the mission moloing can be slow and it not like you need the best people to beat it so general would be a great place to meet new people. who know you might even find a good player that you will become friends with.
  15. Tygart Lorekeeper

    I love this post!
  16. Yendar Augur

    This is a perfect example of it being easier than most other content, now you can upgrade all your crappy slots and hopefully the tougher content will be more doable for you. The exp in GMM is pretty insane, so I'm sure you'll be getting to 110 and catching up on a ton of AA's also.
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  17. Gozier New Member

    My son and I do as follows: At the end of the first stage, we pull the last 2 up to the trail on the hillside and kill them there. When the 2nd stage mobs spawn on the hillside trail, he and the tank start on one, while I mez the rest. We usually end up with 3 or 4 mezzed and one in combat. (Unless there are a lot of resists, in which case, I die a terrible death if I can't get to my drunkard's stein quickly enough.) Once we get to the bird house, my son uses his tricksy roguish ways to set a mem blur trap that he uses to pull the mobs one by one (most of the time). Often, the annoying wandering clockwork guard aggro's with the trap, so we usually kill him when we get there. Keep in mind; he respawns.
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  18. Tumbler Lorekeeper

    In tbl you have full missions where as you can kill mobs and never tank anything. Yet this mission is too easy.


    So let's make the 4 best items in game from mobs that you don't need a tank for in a super easy mission. Then level up these items on light blue mobs. Then complain because this mission is too easy.

    The hardest part of the "chase" loot is VP access because of cactus and sky fire being almost impossible for average groupers.

    People saying this mission is too easy already flipped the mission 20 times to get their ac Aug.

    There is so much content in Tbl that an average person won't see because the beginning of the expansion is a . Make it past the smoke trials and the zone after that, then you are on easy street.

    It is just sad to know that this mission will get nerfed and it shouldn't. By the time it gets nerfed those calling for nerfs will have already done everything they need to with it, and will never do the mission again.

    The only time people do the cactus mission is when others beg others for help. Outside of that it doesn't get done. Listening to this crowd and nerfing these missions will just waste the development time needed to make it. Because after the nerf no one will do it.
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  19. Bamboompow Augur

    Sounds like business as usual to me......
  20. Natal Augur

    Fight fire is considerably harder than this HA. Not saying that Fight Fire is hard (before those with reading comprehension issues jump in), but it is an order of magnitude harder than this.
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