GMM risk vs reward out of whack? mobs need tuning up

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  1. Ssdar Augur

    I want to preface the rest of this post by saying I do not think this zone should be changed at all.

    I do, however, think the risk vs reward is out of whack. As others have said GMM would be perfect for an expansion tier 1 zone, however it drops T4 level gear. The problem with this is it basically ruins the replay value of most of TBL. It's still worth going through the zones for progression, visibles and weapons, and type 18 augs and achievements for the more ambitious players, but leaves no reason for the more casual players to spend much time in any other zone besides GMM. It would have been great if the gear had been T1 or even a T2 level to get people a jump start, but still have a T3 and T4 worth going back to TBL for. Having the best gear all drop in one zone also just funnels the entire population into a single zone creating all the hassles that come with heavily populated zones.

    Now as I said at the beginning, I don't think this zone should be changed at all. It was released this way and the damage to the game would be far worse if the difficulty increased now, but I hope the devs can consider the difficulty levels we've seen in TBL/GMM in the future. GMM would be a perfect entry level expansion zone difficulty level, dropping equivalent risk gear. Current state TBL tuning would be perfect for the majority of an expansion's content, and TBL tuned as it was on release would make a great single end zone for those that want to push themselves for a bit more of a challenge.

    And one last time for the TL;DR people before I get flamed for these tuning thoughts:
    No, for the health of the game, please do not adjust the difficulty of GMM.
  2. Tucoh Augur

    This encapsulates how I feel as well, with one exception: I wish there was a tougher-than-TBL mission in GMM that gave meaningful content to players who have defeated TBL.
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  3. Ironnuts Journeyman

    GMM is great. I get tired of playing with my sphincter all scrunched up. After TBL it’s a good time to throw a bone to the fans up in the 700 level. The unwashed masses need a lil fun too.
  4. Gio-Cefalu Augur

    This pretty much sums it up for me.


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  5. Tygart Lorekeeper

    Thanks devs for GMM. Many old friends have returned and playing again. A huge thank you for adding in the heroic adventures. Some of us love these even if you give us just one or two each expac which was lacking during RoS and TBL. Those with hectic schedules and limited play time outside of raids thank you for the HAs.
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  6. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    I give TBL a /rude for being not-boxer friendly. So there...take that. And now for GMM to "re-energize" people who also had that impression from TBL...well, I think that is GREAT. Wonderful 20th EQ Annniv. Well played Daybreak!
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  7. Sobmre Augur

    Anyone remember that viral video of the guy crying saying leave Brittney alone ?

    Please watch that and replace the word Britney with gnome

    kk thanks
  8. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    GMM is more of a chase loot gimme. It's a way for everyone to who participates to get a few pieces of really nice gear. It's not a game-changer for casuals. It will allow them to maybe survive some of what TBL throws at them and begin winning progression.

    I don't feel GMM takes anything away from completing TBL. It's a tough expansion that rewarded finishers very well.
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  9. Nanan00 New Member

    TBL has just been way high risk for the reward, npc strikethrough rate is just insane and could be turned down to half of what it currently is and still be too high. Npc mitigation is also nuts in TBL, I see a 20% drop in dps on TBL T1 mobs from RoS T2 mobs while seeing a 160% increase in incoming damage from those mobs.

    That all said, GMM mobs do seem a bit weak but given the density at which they are packed in most areas and the high likelyhood you will end up with multiple adds well it seems ok.
  10. Claudi Elder

    It is 6-7 items per class that are dropping in GMM .....
  11. Monkman Augur

    For a lot of the reasons already posted I vote to leave GMM the way it is. Well done.
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  12. Whulfgar Augur

    Risk.. is small to nill.. for best in grp game slots.. even if only none vis slots people can't get mad at GMM.. it's to hard was the battle cry for TBL.. and now.. they can't say this at all..
  13. Cailen Augur

    OMG best in slot group gear!!!!!!!! it'll all be crap in 9 months
  14. Bigstomp Augur

    My poor neglected 3rd string alts are happy. They can handle the healing (not much needed) and gear up too!
  15. shiftie Augur

    20th year anniversary complete with a gear reset - makes sense
  16. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Sure does!
  17. Shadows Journeyman

    Some less difficult content has been desperately needed for the past two expansions, now. There are people literally quitting over this issue, or just not buying TBL for it (I know, because I'm one of them, and I'd count for five buys).

    Maybe some people's reaction to that would be "so let them quit", and that much is fine (not looking for sympathy here), but that translates into lost revenue, and that should be very concerning for everyone.
  18. Natal Augur

    The regular zone mobs are not too far off current content other than they dont have nasty spell effects. The HA mobs however are using regular HA scaling which makes them rather easier, that is what creates the low risk for reward ratio in the missions. On the other hand most pulls are multiples because of how close things are, and doing AE CC is risky because of the proximity on non kos mobs. They could up the dps output of the HA mobs, but they would also need to spread them out or it would go from being too easy to too hard. So it would require a bit of redesign I think. The HA chests should drop one item instead of three, and the HA lockouts should be 3 days like the rest of TBL instead of 3 hours IMO. I suspect the lockout timer is wrong on these.
  19. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Like the rest of TBL? Only Smoke trials have a 2.5 day lockout. The rest is all 6 hours.
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  20. arsenil Lorekeeper

    How about we just leave it like it is .. it's nice to have something everyone can do .. not just raid geared people .. it's a nice gimme for 20 years of game play for everyone