GMM risk vs reward out of whack? mobs need tuning up

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Gingadin, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Gingadin New Member

    Zone mobs are a joke and rewards are on par with muhbis gear from tbl?

    Am i wrong guys? Looks like a tune up in mob power is needed badly.

    Discuss please thx guys n gals.
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  2. Tutankamen Augur

    No, it's fine the way it is.
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  3. Bukktoof New Member

    Mobs in the static zone feel about right. Mobs in the instances are definitely on the easier side (if your tank is used to TBL or ROS and is geared for those mobs) but the gear ive seen isnt really on par with TBL stuff ... the gear has mid 6k hp's and mana which is great for casters .... but if you're a tank looking for AC and good weapon ratios .... umm you aint gonna find it in GMM.
  4. Yimin Augur

    This is perfect the way it is ! This allows those that don't play and raid 24-7 to get something !

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  5. Tutankamen Augur

    TBL is already too hard for most people that I play with, some people have quit over it. If GMM isn't to that level it offers some variation for another side of the player base besides 24/7 raiders.
  6. Sancus Augur

    I'm mainly disappointed by the lack of interesting/unique clickies/rewards. Those are what give anniversary content longevity, not normal gear with stats. I'm really enjoying the zone and its content, but having no reward for completing any of the content (Partisan, Hero, Hunter, or Scavenger) other than XP feels really lackluster.

    If they didn't have time to make a new/unique reward, perhaps they could add a meta achievement that grants you one Type 18 for completing all the group achievements and one Type 19 for completing the raids. Just some reward for playing through the content.
  7. Yimin Augur

    There is a reason I play two character ,one full raid geared and one full group gear and ach , this is perfect for group geared players , it does not need a tune up at all !

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  8. Spellfire Augur

    I was hoping to see something new as well.

    Perhaps it is a random rare drop from trash and nobody found one yet .... wishful thinking on my part I know ...
  9. Cailen Augur

    Throw the people we always sayin #gitgud too a bone, it doesn't need tuned up. The group gear for non raiders is perty nice stuff. But yah I've been duo'n with raid geared toons and have done 2 of the missions and almost done with partisan. The exp is perty good too. Maybe the group game peeps can gear up here and have an easier time in TBL zones.
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  10. Riou EQResource

    In it's current state it might take over FM and be a modern most packed zone 24/7 instead of the empty TBL zones :p
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  11. Forcallen Augur

    Was really hoping for a caster clicky version of this to drop!

    Darkened Journeyman's Walking Stick1HBID: 146330
    Slot: Primary, Secondary
    DMG: 153 Delay: 24 Ratio: 6.38
    AC:135HP:4320 + 5/tickMANA:4195+ 5/tickEND:4195ATK:31
    STA: 42 + 19STR: 42 + 19WIS: 42 + 48INT: 42 + 19DEX: 42 + 19AGI: 42 + 19CHA: 38 + 19
    Heal Amount: 47
    Spell Dmg: 47
    Clairvoyance: 62
    Proc Effect: Darkened Malosenia
    1: Increase Spell Damage Taken by 1% to 10% (Before Crit)
    2: Decrease Cold Resist by 135
    3: Decrease Magic Resist by 135
    4: Decrease Poison Resist by 135
    5: Decrease Fire Resist by 135
    Slot 1, type 4: empty
    Required level of 105.
    Class: All except NEC, WIZ, MAG, ENC
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I expected something a little more, nothing for the achieves at all is a bit of a downer, seems the only reward is from doing collects and thats the normal 12 AA or some exp.

    In the past everyone logging in has got a freebie of some description, I expected more from 20th Anniversary, maybe my expectations are too high, but this is or should be a big celebration.
  13. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Why that isn't a clicky, if they did anything it would be a proc that goes off based on you casting spells.
  14. Gingadin New Member

    Gear is equal to tradeskill mubhis gear level or close and the mobs are just too weak ...FACT.Mob power seems like stuff for a group of 95s to 100 should be killing...

    I'm just saying they need to be tuned up in power for the rewards given . thats all.
  15. Spellfire Augur

    Take your bot crew and go box fire raid trash.
  16. Cailen Augur

    Might want to actually read
    Gnome Memorial Mountain is a new open world zone full of quests, collections, and raids for
    level 95 and higher.

    so by what you're saying it's properly tuned
  17. Tucoh Augur

    Ran through a mission this morning and found it to be laughably easy. Like, as hard as TBM or EoK mobs. When I saw the mission dropped three pieces of gear that was competitive with the TBL TS gear I laughed even harder as the effort I put into gearing my crew in TBL just got massively demeaned.

    I don't really mind, it's a cool looking zone so far and anyone who wants to get geared up fully will probably need to do TBL anyway, but the entire zone is a huge loot pinata. I hope the folks who struggled with TBL are able to get some great gear here and then go beat TBL.
  18. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    One of the reasons people feel that the base zone is "easy" is the non-KoS aspect of the gnomeworks.

    They should keep it as it is. The zone is enjoyable (not stress inducing) and fun to explore around.
  19. Gingadin New Member

    The gear being muhbis level for killing lv 95 power mobs just aint right. thats all i was saying. im OK with t he mobs being weak if gear wasnt top non raid lv/chase gear stuff in the game.
  20. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    You're wrong.