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    I have done some tests with my crew. The exp was horrible bad compared to TBL zones. Measure it! Or you should have done it before the nerf. I was a bit late so had made the fun and ran around in TBL and GMM and killed and compared the xp gains. A rough estimation gives around 60% xp gain from GMM mission mobs compared to TBL end game mobs. The ONLY xp advantage was that the mobs are horrible easy and the named was a wuss. This nerf cannot be so extreme because it would kick this HA into nothingness - and I hope they didn't do that. Before nerf It was possible to pull a 10+ at once but with much care (as a grouper). Still the HA has been done with the crew mostly single to max of pulls of 4. More have been in parts critical sometimes. At least if the healer does not react asap and the tank is not kicking in his discs then a rezz was necessary but the group never completely wiped. Nevertheless to nerf this HA was not useful 10 months after its release. The whiners got their share and maxed their evolving items long ago. Hail the greedy ones and the ones who don't want to grant envious some casuals the same speed gain than them. Congratulations, Tappin! THIS was the most advantage of this HA. I have done the first level of the evolving gear in no time and the second half needed a bit longer. Sad that I had the chance only in this week because I missed the fun from the start. My toons are all maxed in TBL gear (I am solely grouper, no raider), so the addition of GMM is so low that it does not really affect gameplay and that little addon of DPS is only for the look and feel. The invisibles are partly worse in AC so the most important toons (tanks) don't need the items at all. Only the weapons are slighty better but not really a gamechanger.

    So while most are complaining about XP because they are swarming with their raid toons with all progression completion abilities and items the HA, all others who only are able to finish the merc/partisan progression but never get the advantage of the conquering/special achievements, not to speak about the raid achivement goodies, get now stripped for this advantage raising the evolving items in a faster pace.

    I will measure how the difference in xp is now. Hopefully if the mobs are stronger, the xp gain is higher - at least as high as in the TBL zones instead of sucking badly at the 60% mark.

    Congratulation to the hypocrates to be relatively silent and point into the wrong direction. The swarmers are maxed in AA and XP long ago, the only advantage for them was raising some alts and evolve their TBL chase loot. It aims - like always - into the area of the casuals and non-raiders....
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    This is another death knell for Everquest.

    TBL was horrible out of the gate for casual players. Only GMM kept them playing. Of course, the same players that took full advantage of GMM, and are now maxed, are the ones who whined and complained to get it nerfed for the players that didn't.

    The irony being this was the 20th Anniversary zone.
  4. Allayna Augur

    I was initially against this change to GMM because I anticipated an extremely heavy handed nerf to the exp, the mob difficulty to be drastically buffed and the evolving exp to get nerfed into the dirt. I was pleasantly surprised that was not the case.

    Seems fine. Xp per kill is still about 1% AA, still evolves chase loot, can still tank 6 with an SK with a 2H weapon out and 0 healer in RoS phlogiston gear. I also earned 15% evolving exp on a tier 2 item towards T3 in one missions run, prior to the patch it was either 11% or 14% iirc with 2 toons in group and 0 mercs.

    The mobs still die relatively quick because I load Legacy of Daggerspikes, Thornspike, Hungry Vines, Convergence of Spirits, Minature Horn of Unity, Wrath of the Wild and Surge of Ironvines from a druid and I have Illusion Benefit Greater Jann, Scourge Skin, Helot Skin, Illusionary Spikes XXIII, Drape of the Magmaforged and my own Minature Horn of Unity....all for the DS effects.

    Yes, the mission took far longer, 1hr 15 min just relying on SK dps and DS dps since that's how I did it before I wanted a fair comparison. Yes, occasionally I'd actually have to disc to survive, but I was 2H tanking 6 mobs.

    /GU Combined: A Bloodmoon darkfist in 2995s, 552.3m @184407 | #1 ShadowKnight 545.2m@182.0k (182.0k in 2995s) [98.71%] {HHH}

    /GU Combined: A Bloodmoon darkfist in 2995s, ShadowKnight 58065k AH

    /GU Tanking summary for: ShadowKnight | Total Melee | Damage: 57491002 | Avg hit: 6992 | Attempts: 17319 | Riposted: 4919/17319 [28.4%] | Parried: 690/12400 [5.56%] | Dodged: 212/11710 [1.81%] | Blocked: 19/11498 [0.17%] | Defended: 5840/17319 [33.72%] | Missed: 3257/11479 [28.37%] | Hits: 8222/11479 [71.63%] | Real Hits: 8222/8222 [100%]

    The SK still survives nicely due to basically 100% up-time of mortal coil and sk epic if I cannot get it to fire.

    26 MC procs over the course of the mission, there were 4 times I had to click epic because MC didn't fire or faded. So terribly inconvenient lmao.

    Anyway, the mission is of average difficulty now, still has a low risk level reward as the loot is still there at the end and a very nice aug and great evolving exp without all the punishing AEs of TBL. The added benefit is that it is an instance and that the developers took some of the feedback from this very thread and made the mobs path differently so they weren't all piled in places.

    The only disappointing part was the nerf to the exp at the chest pop, seemed unnecessary as those evolving gear, or attempting for the aug aren't completing the mission and that nerf ONLY hurt those who need the gear from the chest.

    On a side note - I haven't been able to test how riposte changes affected extremely low level mobs, but from what I hear, I'm glad my Tear of Alaris is maxed.

    Overall: 8/10. Not shabby Dev Team.
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  5. Karve_AB Journeyman

    It wasn't lost on me that NerfQuest is still alive and strong 20 years on, but really .. THAT zone, welcome back people! It's exactly like it was, still going strong and where whiners ftw, casuals get screwed again (x 20 lol).
  6. Teylana Elder

    Since the devs went and pulled the trigger, this thread is now pointless. Dreamweaver should just close it.
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    Says a 1%.
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  8. Tucoh Augur

    So what you're saying here is that SKs need to be nerfed for this GMM nerf to be complete? I agree.
  9. Spellfire Augur

    Allayna's unrelenting hatred for sk's makes me want to level my paladin to see how bad the class is :D.
  10. Tanise Elder

    From what I've seen SKs have needed a nerf for a while and Paladin need a bit of a bump.

    That said, overall the difficulty hasn't changed much. It's slightly rougher than it was. The clock works aren't broken and assisting as I'd been told. The second camp is now split up and should make pulling it without a pull class much easier.

    The exp per mob seems to have been dropped by around a quarter or so. Not bad but not huge. I haven't finished the stupidity that is end of empire so my evolving items dont evolve so I cannot comment on it.

    I wasnt in my normal group so I wont comment on length. It did take longer, but the group I was in wasnt opitimal.

    The chest exp was nerfed into the ground. Which is actually a good thing because now it makes more sense to just flip the mission if you are exping.

    It wasnt a huge nerf, just a failed one. What needed a nerd was the gear, it should have been under t3 tbl and it wasnt. But the window for nerfing the gear passed a week after release.

    I still dont see the point except to e flex and say look what we dev's can do. And at this point we should expect that.
  11. sojero One hit wonder

    They are just a hater, Paladins are not nearly as bad off as what they want you to think. Shoot just the other day one of the pally in my guild did a 560k or so burn on a 60 second mob. And one of the pally here showed their almost 400k dps parse on GMM as a total while solo. There is just a huge difference between a good pally and a not so good pally, and the not so good pallies want SK nerfed........
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    Lol, now you guys are stuck on Allayna posting a SK parse. What you seem to not understand is, those are his parses from his SK. To call that SK he plays a 1% is funny. Try not to look at the information posted, just at who posts it...that seems to work fine these days in FQ.
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  13. Lianeb Augur

    Get out of this thread you logic user
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  14. Bobokin Augur

    So you are saying, "Since the whiners got to speak, and were listened to by the devs, those of you who don't like the outcome don't need to be heard from."
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    No, I'm saying that the devs pulled the trigger they wanted to after months of knowing about the "problem" with out manning up or giving one flying (insert expletive for intercourse here) about who they were really affecting. Continuing to say anything at this point would be a waste of breathe because they have a habit of hunkering down and refusing to back off on a terrible decision once they've made it.

    Fact is, they've done it. Their pride won't let them undo it even if they do realize how wrong they were.
  16. Laronk Augur

    Doing 400k dps because you pulled 30 mobs and did lots of repo damage is not a stick to measure against. Also a one time ever super amazing burn of 560k dps also isn't the stick to measure against. Now if you're getting 500k parses of paladins all the time then paladins might even need a nerf.

    Are you trying to say that paladin dps is on par with SK dps. Maybe you can tell everyone the super secret sauce to good paladin dps then?
  17. sojero One hit wonder

    If they can pull 30 mobs and do 400k dps all the time solo as the one said they could, either in this thread or the pally thread, cant remember which, then yes they are doing fine there.

    The 560k parse was from this or last week, was just a recent one from memory, Don't know how often he usually does it, and I usually come in ahead of him, on the same mob that week i think i was 670k or something like that, we were in the same group and neither of us had any support.
  18. Laronk Augur

    Oh i misread, that he did it solo. I honestly doubt that's possible but good on him I guess
  19. Cleaver Augur

    An SK in ROS raid gear > SK in TBL Group gear the heroics, mod2s, focus's etc. Should we just see a magelo to see that this SK probably has all the best augs also ?
  20. svann Augur

    I guess it used to be better, but I got 97 aa yesterday from a full orc clear including chest (with lesson). Probably still better than other choices of xping.

    And this is with a bard tanking. Yes a raid bard, but still a bard.
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