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  1. lancelove Augur

    The ultra rares - Since the expansion came out, I have not seen anyone auctioning one off, have not seen one link in guild or general, or seen one in my many grind sessions with any drop. Why is this?
  2. Sokki Augur

    Because they are Super Rare. They do drop, but I imagine the ones that have don't make it to the market as most people will probably equip them.
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  3. Smokezz Augur

    They're far more rare than EoK/RoS drops. To the point there is no point in hoping they drop. I know it's been said they drop at the same rate... but real world data says otherwise.
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  4. Thraine Augur

    droppable TBL rares seem like a myth to me. Are the evolving items the rares for this year? i sure haven't seen any evidence of any dropable rares and ive been grinding like crazy, and will continue till my evolving items are maxed.
  5. Aurastrider Augur

    I was just wondering about this as well. Mostly out of curiosity since I have not been in TBL yet and wont pay for what most would be asking. I have not seen any rares linked let alone for sale. I do play late night hours though but even then in EOK people were linking them all the time. Are there just not nearly as many people in TBL or is mob density to low or kill rate to slow or is something actually broken as some have suggested. What ever the case these seem to be even more rare than previous years rares.
  6. Skalde Elder

    Here on FV I have seen 0 and we have alot of TBL farmers lol. Definitely rarer than EOK rares to the point we don't think they even drop.
  7. Goodn Augur

    Same 3 items for Descending are in /buy window (which means they have dropped) that were there ~1 month ago - a neck, a range and a ring on Xegony. Even with the lack of weapons, you would have thought that an active server like Xegony would have had more than 3 types drop by now.

    I just checked on FV and only a neck (same one as Xegony) shows in /buy.

    I have the neck but I have no idea what I'd ask for it. I think I have seen someone advertise the ring once in /general, but it was a wts pst post.

    That said, the desirability is questionable. The drops are pretty close stat wise to the TBL group TS (focuses are raid of course) and the items have no luck (since they are just RoS copies with new names).
  8. Jadenpain Scholar

    On BB we have a super healthy population and there are 5 listed as buyer option. I was in group for one of them. A second was in guild Both were in fire group instance btw.
  9. Morthakia Augur

    Is it possible to put up a buyer line without actually having the item or a link to it? I don’t think people having a barter buyer up qualifies as the item dropping, only that it is coded into the game.

    I’m convinced that the TBL Descending Loot is either not dropping or a large magnitude more rate than EoK chase. No one on the Vox server has seen a single drop. We have a very open community of people that plan in TBL and chat in game + discord. Not a single drop has happened since the expansion was launched months ago. We’re talking easily hundreds of thousands of kills with nothing. I’ve resigned myself to the fact these items will not be available this expansion. Thankfully TBL group is so strong and the evolving chase loot exists otherwise I’d be really bummed out.
  10. Riou Augur

    Items in buyer mode only show up if they have ever dropped on the Server itself + after the buyer mode updates (after the zone resets or server patches afaik)

    If they seem more rare it's probably because not many people are killing in TBL compared to other expansions to flood out the items. In EoK you had frontier mountains alone with like 30-40+ people in the zone killing mobs 24/7 still to this day, i'd be surprised if any single TBL zone on average even has half of that :p and that was just a single EoK zone
  11. Duder Augur

    One also dropped in the Aaalishai Hero - Brass Palace on BB, i feel like they are only from static smoke and TBL heros
  12. Elyssanda Augur

    we had a belt drop, early December, shaman won it in our group, and sold it in General for 6Krono later..
  13. OldCa61 Elder

  14. Hickers Elder

    I'm on BB also, and the lack of items still puzzles me. Including your 2 examples, think that makes 6 examples I directly know of of these items dropping, and they have all dropped in instances (either pick zones or missions)

    To make matters worse, it seems that EOK rares are sharing this loot table. We ran a TBL hunter raid last weekend, span up a PoSmoke /pick, within 5 minutes a Golden Rogue's Hoop dropped off a trash mob. Witnessed this with my own eyes.

    Combine EOK rares diluting the chance, plus the possibility that they are only dropping in instanced zones, and that would easily explain why these items are not just 'ultra rare', but 'ultra ultra ultra rare' at the moment.
  15. Morthakia Augur

    I totally appreciate the difference between the abundance of EoK killing and the relatively lack of TBL killing. I’ve personally seen probably 15 - 20 EoK rares and not a single TBL rare (and I’ve spent about 3 months in both EoK/Ros vs TBL). If the issue is they only drop in TBL instances, then that could explain the difference. My sample size is too large in TBL static zones for EoK / TBL to have equivalent drop rates.
  16. Nniki Augur

    According to Ngreth, the EoK ultra rares table was added by accident, but it is separate and in addition to the TBL ultra rares and should not affect the chance of a TBL ultra rare.
  17. Dewey Augur

    The drops really aren't even that good. As a mellee dps class you can't get your cleave/fero. The items have no luck stat... So maybe a weapon would be cool, but honestly a guy linked a piece and I didn't even desire it.

    The group gear is so good, the raid gear from VP of last expansion is meh. So the chase loot is meh...
  18. Riou Augur

  19. Nniki Augur

  20. OldCa61 Elder

    1. OldCa61 said:
      Thanks for clarifying. Now you stated that their are no Descending Moon Weapons earlier. Question is what are the TBL rare weapons and do they have a name...i.e. Like Skybarrage, Skylance etc... Honestly, I have never even heard of a 'New" weapon in TBL as of yet ??? Appreciate the new expansion and look forward to Anniversary #20.

      The names of The Burning lands items are not consistent. THey have names based on the zone they are in, the NPC's that drop it, or someone's whim (I ask for help naming items) The exception are the tradeskilled items. The tradeskilled items are Secret Dawn (group) or Ascending Sun (raid)
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