GM Communication in Game needs to be CLEARLY identifiable to players.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by pm me elvish women, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. pm me elvish women New Member

    I think it's absolutely ABSURD that GMs are using /say to directly communicate with players. I also think it's absolutely ABSURD that a GM is indistinguishable from a regular player in any type of in-game interactions.

    1) Player say and NPC /say is no able to be filtered separately, and I know many players often play with /say in a separate window or tab that they're not checking. Due to how much /say spam regular mobs do if you're chain pulling, it's often something you filter to another location.

    2) GMs should have Distinguishable names, and a tell from a GM should clearly be a tell from a GM. GM names should be GMWoebot or GMSerl, or have some kind of unique characteristic.

    3) GM tells should force the "Highlight New Messages" option, and should also universally be sent to EVERY single chat tab and chat window the player has, as well as overriding the Tell Window option to force the communication into a separate UI element that only appears with GM communication.

    The intentional deception and use of /say to try and communicate with players is incredibly shady. Who ACTUALLY is looking at /say during regular play? Especially if they're pulling.

    I get that botting is a problem, I get that unattended play is an issue. But using /say to communicate with a player is absolutely ridiculous both for privacy and for efficacy reasons. It's completely unethical to try and deceive your players in this way.
  2. Laronk Augur

    I don't read say honestly there's so much spam in say I don't want it going to the windows I read.
    I've played quite a while without even reading my tell window because I'm focused on what I'm doing.
  3. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    GMs using /say and /tell are authorized methods to communicate with players. If you aren't at your keyboard to read these, then you probably deserve what you have coming.

    If you are boxing, simply set up an audio trigger on each box that warns you "Tell received on Soandso" or "GM Soandso is talking to you."

    Simple stuff, yet you complain like this is the first time you've ever played. :rolleyes:
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  4. Duder Augur

    Lol, the afk botters crying foul, gold.
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  5. pm me elvish women New Member

    I know you have a lot of pent up anger because you're in a guild that's incapable of clearing expansions, but no need to be rude on these forums. What I'm asking for isn't unreasonable, and has nothing to do with afk botting. I'm asking for GM communication to be more distinguishable from regular communication like it is in literally any other online game.
  6. pm me elvish women New Member

    Accusing me of afk botting is against the forum rules. Also, personally attacking me in literally every single thread I post without knowing who I am... shameful and petty. Seriously, get a life.
  7. Burpo the Clown New Member

    If you're doing something that got the attention of a gm, then perhaps you should be prepared to talk with them on their terms (as per their rules).
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  8. pm me elvish women New Member

    How exactly is asking for easier to distinguish GM communication "inciting controversy"? It's almost laughable that this is your go-to argument. If it doesn't effect you, why bother replying? Why bother replying if you aren't going to "constructively contribute" (a TOS Violation of Rule #2)? It seems like YOU are the one trying to incite controversy here, for literally no reason other than clearly you must have a crush on me to respond in a similar manner in all of my threads on this site.
  9. Duder Augur

    How is that a personal attack?

    No, any time I disagree with you, you seem to relate that to the guild I belong to and attack its progress. True pettiness.

    I reply to your terrible ideas because they're exactly that. Your terrible ideas do effect me, you are asking for changes in a game that make no sense to the game play and hold potential ruin within them soley on the basis that "every other game is this way". You want pay to win, I don't, I am allowed to say that without you making some dimwitted retort based on the guild I belong to. You want it to be easier for AFK botters to respond to GM's. I don't, I'm allowed to say that as well without you making *again*, some dimwitted retort based on my guild. Grow up.
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  10. Duder Augur

    Your only constructive arguments are towards ideas that Everquest does not employ, anytime some one disagrees with it, you start flailing anything you can find like a child. If you don't like the game, play another one.
  11. Smokezz Augur

    I would put money on them not using /say first. They'd most certainly send a tell to the person, maybe not all of them but especially the one seen PULLING MOBS. And if none of them reply resorts to /say to get a reply. And if the person still doesn't reply... welp, sorry the GM has done his job.
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  12. Khat_Nip Augur

    How many interactions should one person expect from a GM for this to be an issue?
    I think I've had exactly 2 in the past ~19 years; One because someone got their religious sensibilities offended because of a joke I told in General and the other was for an item reimbursement.
    Not once has a GM just arbitrarily tried contacting me through the course of normal gameplay in all that time.
  13. Yinla Augur

    All the times I have communicated with a GM they always start with this is GM..... That and the green names are a bit hard to miss....
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  14. AcemoneyFV Augur

    I hope they never read this thread. :rolleyes: Silly ideas all over lately.
  15. Nennius Augur

    Same here. It was quite obvious.
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  16. CatsPaws Augur

    They may be limited on what they can do.

    For example I used to hound the guides when they would run events because they would only announce it in POK or in General chat. I pointed out that if your not in the zone and if your only a free account then you don't see the announcement of a guide event in general chat since free accounts don't have access to general chat. So why not also put it in newplayerschat where the free account players are? The guides explained they did not have the ability to announce anything other than the way they were doing it, just the zone they were in and general chat. I guess guides no longer have the /broadcast command.

    Maybe if the GM's still have the /broadcast command they could put it out in big red print - asking if you are afk and thereby everyone would know someone messed up. Then we could laugh at the person in game instead of coming here to laugh.

    As for a blinking tell window? Many of us have turned that off. So that is not a viable solution.
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  17. code-zero Augur

    I get it, if there isn't some sort of specific GM flag for /say or /tell then how are you going to be able to set up a script to forward the communication to your discord server so that you can reply from your phone while your having a cold one and watching your team at the sport bar. How close was I?
  18. pm me elvish women New Member

    You act like this change wouldn't be able to be detected or bypassed by people with the desire to do so. What an ignorant reply. Try again.
  19. Zanarnar Augur

    OP, just filter tells and says to a window you will notice over the combat spam. If your not AFK while your character is still playing, you won't have any issue at all seeing their tell or say message.

    I tend to agree with everyone else here, I'd wager your just trying to find a way to automate an alert to yourself when a GM sends a tell or uses say to see if your playing while AFK. I can't think of any other reason you wouldn't see the message.. you know unless you didn't know about chat filters at all.

    If you don't know how to open new chat windows and filter different chat channels into them, reply back and I'll be happy to whip up a quick how to.
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  20. Laronk Augur

    As long as they're actually sending a tell I'm ok with what ever but there's so much say spam in game from monsters and such if you pull a bunch. Though I've never had one of these magical gm's visit me probably because I don't afk so people don't report me 0.o

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