gloomingdeep lanterns

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  1. Spudz1990 New Member

    all the toons I made had this.. we suppose too?
  2. totalimmortal Elder

    I asked in game, dev said not a problem
  3. Ducreux Augur

    Same value as a 2g 8silver item off common vendors but you can't sell it. Not remotely worth the potential break of other stuff to fix it.
  4. Deadlyne Elder

    Yeah its just a light source. Light sources use to be valuable when humans were almost blind at night but not anymore.
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  5. Geroblue Augur

    Yeah, not all characters can see the in dark. Put it in an open inventory slot, not in a bag.
  6. SpamFactory Augur

    new characters used to start with "A Worn Candle" in their inventory which was a weaker light source than the lantern.

    when the tutorial launched in 2005 the candle was changed to the lantern. they did not create a new item and replace the candle, they changed the candle itself into the lantern (same item ID number).

    so my cleric made in 1999 who never destroyed his candle or newbie tunic has a gloomingdeep lantern even though he is much older than the tutorial itself.

    you can even see this in the item history on lucy

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