Give Yelinak any mod, just make it different somehow

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  1. Barton The Mischievous

    Hmmm just visited your city, doing dirty Bristlebane worshipping halfling things.
    PS. Sorry about that thing with the well. Well, in the well I guess is more accurate. Later Hater (Evacs)
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  2. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    Essentially what relaxed true box is, is an incentive to roll a druid alt to powerlevel your second and future boxes.

    Really, it's just a joke. So many people seem to have lost their minds over this, I thought maybe a little humor, even weak humor, might help.
  3. Starshape Elder

    The something new/experimental this time round is the wild west that is Vaniki.

    Yelinak is fine as it is.
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  4. Mescar Lorekeeper

    Alot of boxers will start with 1 character in the group. Then when someone needs to leave, they find a replacement for them. <Another of thier toons> So on and so forth til that boxer has the camp. They just make it seem like everyone is playing only 1 character. This does happen. I will admit, some friends and I have done this. Will get eachother in a group, then start replaceing the rest with boxes. That way they get all their boxes leveled up in era.

    Personally, I 2 box at most on TLPs, since all I have are 2 computers. Would love to throw a third in there at times. Even if just a boombox bard with melody playing in the background. But find a couple of friends, make a group and fill it with boxes. Move toons in and out of group to keep them all within grouping range and you are set. Happens more then you may think.
  5. Tweakfour17 Augur

    It's like you don't understand why people are asking for relaxed truebox. Are you confused or just blinded by your disdain for boxers?
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  6. I Love Lamp Elder

    You will never be close to BiS like this before the next expansion rolls out. It may be fine for you in terms of fun or a personal goal, but its far from what any character is capable of achieving.

    How does playing less lead to faster burnout exactly? Are you sure people will play less because their character is stronger? I like having a geared character because outside of raids being stronger enables me to do more things.
  7. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I would call it more "fade out" not "burn out", when you have no real reason to log in is when you tend to go find new things to do and those take away your attention and makes it harder to get back into it.
  8. I Love Lamp Elder

    No one is saying people don't box, but from the 4 TLPs I have played I have never been in a raiding guild where more people box than not. And I don't mean brings a box toon to raid, I mean has a max level box toon that they play with outside of raid. If I had to guess, I would say 1 in 5 players or less actually 2 boxes
  9. I Love Lamp Elder

    Is raiding the only thing you play this game for? Don't you play outside of raid? Does having stronger characters not enable you to do more outside of raid?
  10. I Love Lamp Elder

    Last year there was no Phinigel/Coirnav/Mangler/Rizlona clone server, and they don't need to make another one. There are plenty of small things they could experiment with to make this year more fun. We don't need a 5th reboot of the same server. The reception to Mischief was what it was because it changed things up
  11. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I find plenty to do, I was just trying to explain his "too much loot = burn out" which to me "too much loot = fade away" *shrug*
  12. I Love Lamp Elder

    I guess I am not understanding how getting more loot makes someone get bored of playing. The only people who get full BiS toons in era have 90% RA in a batphone guild. You could double the loot drops from bosses and most of the casual guilds still won't have BiS characters in 8 weeks expansions (excluding kunark).
  13. Neuro Elder

    Less incentive to play. To give you an extreme example, how long would people play if every time you killed something it gave you a full level of xp and dropped a full set of BiS gear? You would get bored within 15 minutes, tops. More loot does not equal more fun. You have to balance the core gameplay loop. If you gain loot/xp too quickly, it gets boring and diminishes the accomplishment. If it takes too long to get upgrades, then you feel like you are wasting time on the tiniest of improvements.
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  14. I Love Lamp Elder

    I fully agree, but there is a big difference between buffing a 2% chance or exp/kill to a 3% chance or exp/kill, and your example. I know its hyperbole, but I don't see buffing a 2% drop/spawn to a 3% or 4% drop/spawn, or speeding up the spawn of some contested quest mob as the slippery slope that erodes fun from the game.
  15. error Augur

    Nah, I think 1 gimmick TLP + 1 standard TLP is a good compromise.
  16. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Sounds like you're bailing on servers early or you really don't know what your guildies are up to. Last time I checked my guild was about 60%+ with a registered raid box, so higher over all. We're hardly a guild that favors boxing compared to some of the others on our server. The people that stick around to the expansions where relaxed true box matters are much more heavily weighted to the boxing crowd.
  17. Womble New Member

    I second the sentiment expressed in this post. I am a refugee from Aradune after guild essentially broke up. My old comrades are reforming on this server and while I really don't have much enthusiasm for doing early era again, to raid with them I need to re-roll on this server. But please make it a bit more interesting in some way e.g.
    - increase raid loot drops, was always a bit sparse in the early days
    - add some of the QoL features of later expansions - guild lobby accessible from ec tunnel??
    - unlock some AAs early
    - reduce the amount of trash (or their HP) in a lot of the pre-pop raid zones. I don't think I can handle the tedium of grinding through vex thal again

    Anything really it all feels just soooooo vanilla.
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  18. I Love Lamp Elder

    What expansion do you think I quit during exactly that it is “early”? I have played past OoW in a batphone guild and I can tell you that half of the players were not boxing. This is even more true in the earlier expansions that generally have more players active. 60% of people boxing through PoP? Absolutely not. You must play in the only raiding guild that is a majority boxers on any server.
  19. Legends Elder

    I've said multiple times now I'm FOR relaxed truebox around the 70/75 era. I'm NOT for changing the rulesets of ongoing servers. Can your brain finally grasp this?
  20. Overcast451 Augur

    haha, I'm a big supporter OF Truebox. It's not at all that I have issues with people playing 6 accounts, it's just that in the early days of the server with a small 'world' (just classic for instance) - it's abused by RMT farmers. I box two accounts myself. Anymore feels like 'work' to me, personally.

    That being said - my gut reaction was 'what a bad idea!!' - but when I thought about it.. why not? Most of these TLPs lose people around GoD/OoW when new ones launch.

    That would be super helpful for those that stay to merge with live eventually.

    Heck, with that in mind, they should open it up fully at OoW on the standard TLP unlock timers. That's when the population typically takes a big hit. By then there are a multitude of places to hunt for everyone anyway.