Gift of Laughter

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Estalia, Apr 1, 2021.

  1. Estalia New Member

    In the future, please make all buffs like Gift of Laughter something that you can click off. Some of us are on servers where our buffs are limited and it is annoying having to wait for a buff to expire that was placed on us randomly. Sometimes it is nice to be able to set what order buffs are in which is delayed by buffs we have no control over when they are cast on us and that cannot be clicked off.
  2. CatsPaws My posts are opinions and everyone has one.

    What is it called? That was put on you randomly?

    "Gift of Laughter" is the name of the quest and it is cast on only you and will wear off at midnight, it is not random. It is the reward for completing it. It is not a buff that you cast on others.

    I think perhaps you mean:
    Erollisi Day: Things Are Best with Friends where you cast love or hate on someone else.

    Like the Jester casting stuff on other players too.

    But most of these poof when you zone.

    I take it the server your talking about is a TLP? Don't know of any others that limit your buff slots via server.
  3. Estalia New Member

    It is a buff that is randomly placed on chars when they zone apparently. The buff does nothing, but cannot be clicked off. No reason for it to not be clicked off.
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  4. CatsPaws My posts are opinions and everyone has one.

    Well, it only happens once a year on April fools day. And it only happens to a character one time ever.

    So its over and done. Carry on.
  5. FrozenWater Augur

    Yeah, it is over and done. For that one character. But there are potentially endless other characters this can affect in the future. So the OP was good enough to submit a report, not because it will help him or her, but because they believe the behavior is incorrect and a fix may save others from similar grief in the future.

    This is like the third bug report thread I think I've seen you incorrectly make assumptions, then try to shut down. Completely needlessly might I add. Is .... is that your game? Find a better game and let people submit bug reports in peace for crying out loud.
  6. CatsPaws My posts are opinions and everyone has one.

    Wow, talk about personal attacks.

    But to correct your assumption I do not try to shut down any posts. I try and help inexperienced players to understand the game better. I see you just returned in Feb and I have tried to help you a couple times also.

    And in this case this is part of this quest. It is not a bug. The quest was built this way that you get this buff put on you MAYBE when you zone on one day of the year. There are tons of other quests that have buffs part of them also. On live servers. If someone is on a TLP or is not of a level to have more buff slots then they can drop a shadow buff cause its ok if your buffs are out of order which was OP complaint.

    I could understand it if op was talking about the Erollisi day quests where you cast that stupid spell on 10 fellow players or when someone activates the jester in the lobby so it will never go away and just keeps spamming his jokes and spells endlessly.

    On the other hand are you even aware of the other post regarding this quest where players have mentioned zoning many many times (over 20 or 30 in some cases) just trying to get this /ach?

    You have belittled me a couple times on these boards and I have almost responded to you but as I said above I try to help others not engage in disagreements. There is nothing in your response that is helpful to anyone but you.

    Did you know the boards have an ignore feature? In fact I am going to go use it now.
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  7. Estalia New Member

    I am sorry that it is more of a feature request instead of a bug. I understand how it works, and strongly disagree with having a "buff" that gives you NOTHING but you cannot remove it. I got it upon zoning into an instance where I was going to be dispelled and wanted to set my better toward the last buffs with my junk buffs in my early slots. It might not make a huge difference, but having a 1 in 15 chance of having your resist buff stripped on the first round is better than a 1 in 14 chance (Yes, I realize it does it random starting on the first buff and making its way thru the list till it get one).

    I personally don't care for ach stuff. I found it annoying when they added stuff to the game that said I had never done stuff before when I had.